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I have a tail…

OK,not really a tail.
But for any babywearers out there,they’ll understand probably a bit more…

I have a weight issue, an issue that is nobody’s fault but my own.

I love cake, cream teas and chocolate. Size 22 and I hate it, hate shopping, no confidence to embrace it, so end up looking and feeling frumpy.
Living in jeans and maternity leggings, in the hope the leggings aren’t too thin to see my back side and thighs through…believe me it is not a good look.
When I was pregnant with our newest baby, I lost so much weight through being sick, I was determined to use that as a reset, to continue lowering the weight.
Well, I put it back on, not all but most of it.

It is embarrassing. Breastfeeding, trying desperately not to grab the first Cadbury’s bar I come to,” boost my feeding” calories. But really, they’re just bars of added weight,that doesn’t do anything.
Then our baby begun having allergies, to dairy to begin with. The yummy dairy free goodies I’ve found have a lot of fat in them. Nice,but not good on my ever tightening jeans! Doesn’t help that local to me,shops only have a small selection of each “free from” goodies.
Then of course I had to go gluten free for baby too. So my diet has been slowly changing shape…quite literally.
I,myself have noticed a difference becoming gluten free,less bloated for a start.

Anyway, the weight has taken an age to come off,especially as I’ve no willpower. My husband and I decided we’d tackle it together, restart our My fitness Pal apps,I purchased the 30 day shred from Aldi.

Day 1 Taught me to be better prepared in the bra front,the children sure had a giggle with that one.

Day 10 You’re never prepared for stage two. Stage two is there for some kind of torture,to see just how far you’ll get to breaking…everything.

Am on day 17 today, so just after half way. Jillian Michaels certainly knows how to kick your ass/abs with having never met you!!

20 minute work out sessions every day,which is actually just over 20 to include warm up and cool down.
Not only have I managed to set aside this time daily,but I’ve earned a “badass breastfeeding” status, feeding your clingy baby whilst doing a segment of abs must warrant some kind of prize.

OK,so I’ll update further when I’ve completed this first stage of new fitness…5kg gone in 35 days
But as per title,I have tails!!
Tying off my Natibaby Woven baby carrier,I didn’t really notice,but seeing my shadow I saw something dangling, thinking it was my coat…but no it’s longer tails from my carrier knot,slightly longer tails I’ve never had.

Crazy thing to he excited about,and I’ve not noticed my weight loss,until I noticed my new woven tail today.

Do I recommend the 30 day shred? So far,yes!

No photo,the world is absolutely not ready for that just yet.


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