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Since our daughter died and I’m not afraid to talk about our journey, the social media interaction has become less and less…well so has face to face communication too.

The unfollow button. The button you use,because you can’t quite cut the apron strings. But you don’t really want to see what is being said.
The supposedly unnoticeable unfriending. Which actually turns social media in to anti social media.
It is more obvious than being “culled” when the communication dwindles to almost nothing, you grab your torches and lanterns to find these lost souls,only to find they’re still within reach but really no longer have interest in what you have to say.
Just a number. Bumping into them in the street, even the short sharp “hi” has been fazed out.

Why do we keep such people within tapping distance?
Often share our deepest thoughts with,but receive nothing back.
Keeping people who cannot even be bothered to hit the like button to show you still exist to them.
Why are we so scared to permanently delete from our friends lists. To let almost strangers linger in our midst.

What are we hopeful for?
Hopeful that the 3000 friends will rally around,support and comfort, sadly we all know that doesn’t happen.
It is almost like a false sense of security. Friends who you think have your back,the friends who unfollow are most likely the ones you need to protect your back from.

Social media can end up being the most wonderful, supportive place.
But it can also be the most loneliest.

Before you unfollow and give your friends false feeling of friendship,ask yourself exactly why do you still want to be friends and not hear about their life,their day?

Because if you can’t handle everything about them,then maybe there’s no friendship after all.



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