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Cardboard Sandwiches

Was the discussion I had with my now husband when we first met. We’d been chatting online,on the phone,spoke in passing but had never met.
But in August 2009 we finally came face to face as he set off to North Devon on the bus,and I was making my way to work.
I was nervous. I knew he was a chef,I at the time worked for the NHS,so the first thing that appeared in my head was to ramble (as I do), about how the canteen sandwiches tasted like cardboard. I wasted the precious first 10 minutes, the first impressions wasted on cardboard sandwiches.
Under the guildhall we had our first brief kiss.
As I drove away,I assumed that would be our final meeting,our final kiss.
By the time I’d reached work 30 minutes away,I’d already received messages to tell me he couldn’t wait to meet again.
I’d not completely messed it up then!

Here we are today, five years of marriage.
We’ve been through the unimaginable.
We’ve been through the happiest too.
This past 18 months also being particularly trying.
Aside from my two older children, I cannot remember life without him. Moulded together into a perfect shape since 2009.
I didn’t think anyone would want me before I met him.
I’m so glad I did.
Three beautiful girls together,of course my biggies,makes us complete even if we are minus one.
Five years today we spoke our vows.
Today it still feels like only yesterday since we said them.
I struggle to look at our wedding and blessing photos.

But then when I wake up to these little touches every single morning, our memories are yet to be made.

He really is the perfect gentleman.
I am so unbelievably lucky that this man is my husband,father of my girls,stepdad to my gorgeous biggies.
Thank you for these 5 years of marriage.
Here’s to the rest of our lives.
Happy Anniversary

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