The Little Sister…..18 months….

Eighteen months ago today our little ‘rainbow’ was born, screaming, and incredibly hungry.
She showed us all smiles and a different kind of happy,
show her older siblings that wishes can come true
Although as time has passed by she actually isn’t a rainbow,
but indeed a wonderful addition to a family who is and will always be missing a pair of feet.
A storm that will lessen in severity, but will never leave, rainbows come after a storm.
It has been an incredible ride, of parenting incredibly differently.
Attachment parenting, and baby led weaning, a whole new but wonderful world.
A world where she’s not growing “too fast” but in deed growing.
Growing into a Disney Princess-loving little girl.
Who likes dancing and singing. Loves her brother and sister dearly, and has learnt that “kisses to Melody” makes her giggle.


She’s crazy and headstrong, and can take up a whole double bed..
She doesn’t sleep for long, day or night, but although I am exhausted,
we would not have it any other way.
Happy 18 months lady bug…
thank you for staying, making your siblings laugh once more



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