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My Cheerful List #5

Welcome to week five of my cheerful list. Where I find some things during the past week which has made me cheerful.


It has been quite busy, and I’ve not been entirely sure where this week has gone.Stepping forward with my blog work, I have some exciting things coming up, I am a little nervous about getting things done right to make the right impression, but it is nice and I am learning so much in the process. Blogging is (as I am finding out), is so much more than writing, point and shoot and getting attention. And there isn’t a lot of free things floating about; which isn’t what I am here for. I love writing and I just want to be read.

Full Days

Mini started full days this week, and they have been tough on her, yet she is still a shit sleeper… still waking to come into our bed, and no whilst she still needs us we won’t be placing her back…plus she screams rather loudly, do not want the whole house hold awake!


Lining myself up for an interview for extra work within my work setting, few extra hours in the hope that eventually hubby and I can role swap and he can be at home more. Mentally I need to keep busy, when I don’t do a lot my mind wanders, I over think then I am a wreck for days; it is not good.


Christmas shopping in Sidmouth with a friend, we have done this annually for the past few years, it is lovely. We have a nosey around the charity shops. My children (I think) are finished, apart from “main” presents. I have NEVER been this organised before. I have shopped throughout the year this year, have really enjoyed doing so, with the help of two easy to use apps (Play Store).


An evening out with friends. When I initially agreed to go and watch a show, I thought it would be a show to see my friend’s daughter in one of hers….NO! It was in deed to go and see Puppetry of the Penis. The show took place at The Octagon Theatre in Yeovil here in Somerset. I was a little unsure, but they are hilarious. These two guys, who literally make puppets out of their penises. Moving them in ways you have never seen, or imagined possible. Even without their penises these guys are hilarious, and are for audiences of both men and women, both were there in the audience. After the past few weeks I am so glad I went, nice to have a giggle. Then a McDonald’s afterwards.



Carnival night. The children had their next carnival in Ilminster in Somerset; they always love this one as a fair few of their friends go to watch. Their favourite is Chard, which is the following week. Best of all they came joint 1st! Amazing achievement.



I hope you have had a lovely week?

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