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flash fiction

Flash Fiction – Clowns

flash fiction clowns


He sat down at the table, head in his hands. Jake wanted to quit yesterday, but if he did he’d have no job, then he’d lose his home. He knew no other job role. He’d done this line of work for so long, he now felt stuck. He couldn’t re-train, not now.

Jake used to work the party shift, but with new laws surrounding hours, he had to do nights occasionally so that the others could take the right amount of break in between night shifts. This was his seventh night shift; he already hated it. Jake hoped this shift change would only be temporary, he knew the others weren’t fans of the party shifts; it just didn’t make any sense making each worker do the shift they hated the most.

It wasn’t as if he slept or rested well in between the shifts, fear and dread overwhelmed him in the hours where he waited to return to work. He was tired, too tired to fight his own corner.

He sat at his work desk, looked at all his tools which lay in front of him. Pills which always sat to the side, he picked them up, shook them. He’d never contemplated taking them so much as he did recently. Ending his pain; not yet – but he knew there was more to life than what lay ahead of him.

Putting the pills back onto the desk, he moved his head to face the mirror in front of him, hating what he’d become.

“I have to do this.” He said to his reflection.

He picked up his make-up brushes and began to paint his face. No tears could fall now he was almost ready.

Sliding his feet into his big black boots; fastening the final few buttons on his jacket. Jake collects his keys and heads to his shift.

Clocking in via his GPS watch he took his place.


In his unusual grainy voice, he begins.

“I’m watching you…”


flash fiction

International Cat Day – Narla and Porridge

International Cat Day

4 AM


It is time to wake the humans. It feels like days since we have seen any humans.


4.30 AM

They have left us. Why have they left us?

“Meow, meow”

I wonder if I took a walk they would notice that I wasn’t there.

6 AM

The door of the big house finally opens. As always Porridge just has to push in. I don’t know where she spends her nights; she really annoys me – most of the time.

6.10 AM

Why do they insist on giving me these biscuits?

I’m off…

6.15 AM

Okay, I am hungry I will just have to eat them. But one day I will just stand my ground and not eat them. One day I will teach them; for now, I am hungry.

6.20 AM

That Porridge is always trying to eat ALL the food, she makes me so cross; she has lived here longer than me. However, I do like to remind her who I boss from time to time. These scatty younger ones get on my nerves sometimes.

6.30 AM

Oh, I think the tiny humans are awake. They are so noisy sometimes. But now that they are awake, it means I can go to bed.

Their beds are so unbelievably comfortable.

8.30 AM

I think I should go and take a wander, the house appears slightly quieter, everyone must have left. Good!

I’m going to check out my bowl. Still the biscuits; they’re okay but I much prefer the meat. It’s time to get some fresh air. I love this neighbourhood; most of the others are friendly enough. Not many socialise with me very often. I like that, I like that they all usually keep themselves to themselves I don’t like the drama.

9.30 AM

I’m going to make my way back to the house, I am tired I could do with a nap; feeling too tired to walk the stairs I’ll just nap on the sofa – or at least until someone moves me.

2 PM

Well, I guess I had better venture out, go to the toilet the humans get mad if I attempt to toilet somewhere in the house. I have seen them shout at Porridge, not fun. She is a pain at times though.

3 PM

The weather has cooled a little; I think I am going to sunbathe. My humans tell people I am lazy, but also tell people how adorable I am, that I already know.

3.30 PM

The tiny humans are home, the smallest one is very for cuddles; I don’t mind sometimes but she does get a little rough. Porridge doesn’t like it so much, she’s a funny one she doesn’t seem to love the tiny humans as much as me – which is great for me as I get more cuddles!

I loved it when they were babies, there was a smell of milk and warmth everywhere, snuggling into the Mama were my favourite times of the day.


4 PM

It’s time for another nap. It is actually fairly exhausting being a cat.

4.15 PM

Urgh. Porridge always has to try and annoy me, all of the time. I don’t agree with violence, but when she brushes past me when I am trying to get the humans’ attention, just grates on me.

So I swipe her, not enough to cause her pain, but enough for her to get out of my face. I don’t know why she does it. Stupid cat.

5 PM

The humans are about to have their dinner, I wonder what they are having. I need to remind them that I have to eat too.

5.10 PM

I may as well go outside for a bit, it’ll be a while I am sure before I can get some dinner. I do need to get to the bowl before Porridge, although we do eat the same amount, she has his habit of putting her mouth all over my food before eating her own, when I attempt the same to her she hisses. She doesn’t like the taste of her own medicine.

6.30 PM

It’s getting a little darker and quieter out here; I wish they would hurry up and give us dinner. I’m on the neighbourhood watch. We get the odd stranger in our midst; they need to be kept an eye on.

7 PM

Finally, meat time and I am first in – for once. She’s not far behind, my turn to grumble at her. I like her sometimes, she isn’t all that bad; just annoying.

7.15 PM

Off I go into the night; I like my evenings out and about,  I do sleep in the house when it is super cold though. I can hear the humans telling Porridge she should go out too, she tried to push her luck every single night, I wonder when she will learn?

9 PM

There’s a ginger Tom cat always hovering, he can keep away from me (and Porridge); he’s always so overly friendly. I don’t even know where he is from. I wish he would just return there.

11 PM

I have found myself a place to rest my head in the wooden Wendy house; I can hear most things from here. No idea where Porridge goes, never far – I do care about her, believe it or not.

 1 AM

It’s time for another check of the neighbourhood. It is reasonably quiet here, not many humans or strange cat visitors. I’m glad really. I don’t like wandering too far from the house. I am a home cat.

3.30 AM

There’s something on the ground, maybe if I can catch it I can take it home, my humans will be so pleased. It’s a mouse! A mouse, I cannot wait to see their faces. I’ll have to leave it on the ground for now, while I try to get their attention; Porridge had better not pretend it is her gift!

It’s time to wake them up. It’s been days since we have seen them.

3.45 AM



International Cat Day

International Cat Day is a great way to celebrate our furry friends. They really are wonderful creatures, lots of fun and make the best companions

blogging burn out

Fighting The Blogging Burn Out. A Break

Blogging Burn Out

Not entirely sure what to name this post, but burnt out was exactly how I was feeling. So I took a break. I needed to step away from blogging for a while; it made me tired and I began to hate it. That’s definitely not what I wanted; I found myself still trying to keep up with all the other bloggers out there, it was hard not to compare myself, whereas before I threw myself into the real blogging world I was literally in my own little bubble. That was how I liked it, and how I am now going to be.
So a few months ago, I took time away from this blog and my niche blog (Melody and Me). At the time it really was the best thing. Things have been hectic since I last spoke to you all.


When I began my break my poor husband had landed himself in hospital with his leg, which was initially thought to be cellulitis, but ended up being Sepsis. It was an incredibly worrying time and was since informed he was close to losing his leg. He is now currently awaiting an operation but is home and keen for the letter.
Sepsis scares me, it can take anyone at any time, since our daughter passed away from it; Sepsis has always played on my mind. It’s crap, and still needs a lot of awareness both in the general public and professionally. I selfishly really struggled with his hospital stay, I am not very trusting when it comes to medical things, watching him be so poorly, made me feel not only very helpless but incredibly anxious too.


Which brings me to the power of friendship, the importance of having people in your life who can help pick you up.
With an endless supply of love, babysitting, chocolates and Pimms, these people really helped rally around us, giving us both a chance to talk to someone.
It meant so much.  My beautiful friend from afar paid a visit too, which was so lovely, I do wish we could see each other more often.


I’ve upped my hours in my work life, which has meant that there is less time for writing; however, I am in a job which I have come to really love, working with a lovely bunch, who were also supportive when my lovely husband was poorly.
I’m hoping to eventually further the career one day.

Weight Loss

So, I have been trying hard to get rid of a lot of weight. It has been slow, and I lose than gain. It has been frustrating at times but I am enjoying learning to eat properly.

I had hit a stone during these last couple of months, but then I became poorly after a bug bite, so ended up with excess fluid, and temporarily monitoring my blood pressure. The fluid excess resulted in slight weight gain, so I put a couple of pounds back on.

But no I am back on track, I will be sharing what I can, and how I am attempting my weight loss, having gone back to a 16lb loss this week with losing 3.5lb at this week’s weigh-in; it feels good to be back on track to becoming healthier.

My husband has inspired me to continue this weight loss journey, check out his blog (Shave the Wookiee) for hints and tips of losing weight and getting in the right direction of getting fit and healthy.


As you may well be aware, my children take part in a majorette troupe, they have recently taken part in annual competitions, every other Sunday for a few months. They love it and I am proud to watch them grow in the years they have done it.


Making Memories

We have spent more time as a family, more time for friends too. Life shouldn’t be just about work or working towards better things; which is what I felt like I was doing with the blogs. Life flies by incredibly quickly.


Tommy’s Campaign

If you have read and remembered I was invited to be a part of the new Tommy’s Campaign, during July the campaign was released, I feel incredibly proud to be part of this. There is more information here and I have included some pieces in my own blog Melody and Me.


The Red Head Diaries – Fighting Blogging Burn-Out

Well, I have considered changing the name, but I have no idea to what, if I am quite honest it was such a pain in the arse a year ago to switch over, I will stick with The Red Head Diaries – I do still have red hair!

I probably won’t return to doing My Cheerful Posts, that’s not to say I won’t but it just an added pressure to get something done, when I prefer a more informal approach. However, if anyone knows of fun “Linkys” to join, point me in their direction.

Flash Fiction

There are a  couple of pieces ready to be shared. My aim at the moment is to concentrate more on writing fiction than writing family life; although both will play heavily here.

I just want to enjoy writing again like I once did. To have the people who regularly read my work continue to do so.

I have missed it, and I am glad I took the break.

There is nobody more unique than you.





locked in

Locked In

The Screams echoed through the corridors.

Not again Grace thought; as she turned to find where the screams had come from; a figure walked towards her. A baby in the woman’s arms. The woman was distraught. Grace knew better than to try and comfort her; at least not straight away. The woman brushed passed Grace gently, careful not to hurt each other’s’ babies.

Grace held hers too.  She couldn’t put her down, she didn’t want to. Grace carried on walking to as far as the corridor would take her, before turning back to return to her room. She wanted to give the woman space to breath for a moment. This was all new to the woman. Grace paused to take a look at her baby; she still couldn’t believe she had made someone so perfectly beautiful. She knew she wasn’t meant to be wandering around with her, but she couldn’t put her down.

Reaching the woman’s room she could see her talking to her baby, taking in all of his features; kissing his head. She looked up and noticed Grace, but said nothing.

“Hopefully you won’t be waiting too long; they should be here for you soon. Your baby is beautiful.” The woman – Alison, turned with a confused face and looked straight at Grace, no expression. “He’s perfect.” She replied, turning to face her new baby again.

Grace took a deep breath and carried on walking back to her room in silence. Sitting on the empty bed, looking at the empty cot; wanting to put her baby down, but couldn’t – her arms ached.

She pressed the buzzer and waited. Someone came, looked at Grace straight in the eye and switched off the buzzer, walked away. This annoyed Grace, so she pressed it again, then pressed the one in the bed next to her; she repeated this until all the bed buzzers were ringing. She quickly left the room, so she wouldn’t get caught.

Standing in the corridor, she could see Alison leaving with her baby; she was jealous of her. She wanted to leave. But before she could think too much, another scream could be heard, the begging cries to stay. This time, nobody entered the corridor. Grace knew exactly what that meant.

She’d been there nine years, she knew when the screams came but the corridor remained empty, that mother had survived, but her baby didn’t.

Grace knew, because like Alison she stayed with her baby. Unlike Alison she was stuck. Grace could never leave, eternally locked in.

majorette wins

My Cheerful List #35

Week 35 begins with the baby loss support group I run once a month in my local area – Little Daffodils. A remembrance candle lighting service has been arranged for October with one of the local churches. We have done one before, it was really lovely.


Midweek Outing

We found ourselves at Soft Play again, the weather wasn’t great, so it was another indoor outing, and the little ones like that particular one, as it is easy for them to do by themselves.

We had a quick trip to the shops and then a spot of lunch. The children always enjoy these outings, as do I!



I managed to get some fiction work written last week. Three pieces in two days; these have been scheduled for the weeks ahead. The Wind Walkers are this week’s instalment. I am hoping I can keep this up, as I really do love writing, I just get so tired lately that I don’t find the energy to even be awake, let alone write. I hope you enjoy it.



We have managed to get some bits of the garden done this weekend. We can only do a bit at a time, due to finances, slow but hopefully it won’t take long to get it completed now. We have brambles at the end in our daughter’s memory garden, but the roots are in our neighbours’ garden, but we do need to be ruthless if we want our garden to be pretty. We also going to gravel the bedding borders, we’re not great at gardening, so can put pot plants there instead!



Having a tidier garden meant for an impromptu BBQ. We, as a family had put one on our food planner; then friends said they would be making a delivery, so they ended up joining us and another friend who I’d not seen for ages, it was lovely.

Majorette Wins

Another competition week is done, it was an incredibly hot one! But all the children seemed to have a wonderful time, and did so well! The troupe came away with nine trophies, plus medals for individual games at lunchtime, one of my daughters came away with a medal for individual marching, she came third. And she won best mascot for her Pom routine!


I am incredibly proud of all them for doing this hobby, my eldest daughter smiled throughout her routine, and my son really gave it his all. I can’t wait for the next lot!


Have a lovely week, I hope the weather holds out for a few weeks now, we’ll see.


My Cheerful List #33 Winning!

Week 33 of My Cheerful List. I was just reading through previous weeks; and in those weeks loads of things have happened. Ups and downs, busy lives; happy and sad times. The fourth month of the year is almost done, where is the time going?



We have finally seen some lovely weather this week; it has been a very long time coming. Was working, but I did manage to get our huge pile of washing finished and dried. I don’t think it is set to last sadly though.


Little Outing

We’d planned to go to a local soft-play, but as the weather was amazing, and not knowing how long it would last, we took to the park instead. We met with a little boy and his mum, who will be going to school with our youngest. They played so lovely together, had lunch and just enjoyed the sunshine.


Back on the Wagon

So, I have taken to moving my ass back on the wagon and begun getting healthy again. Counting calories, has always been a winner for me, it is the willpower to stick to it that I find hard. I love learning about what I out in my mouth and when I am in the right frame of mind, I am more hesitant to putting crap in my mouth.

I am a comfort eater, so I do need to keep my spirits up so I can keep my weight low. As well as turning to healthier eating, I have upped the exercise regime, not as much as my husband – I am in awe of his willpower to keep going, he has done amazingly. He will admit he has had a slower week this week, but it has been a week of shit sleepers – worse than usual!

Anyway, I went out with two friends, and we walked, I think I worked out to be about 6 miles altogether. We chatted, giggled it was free! It didn’t feel like we had been walking for a couple of hours, so we’re going to go out again.



Competition Day, it was a long one and we were about 2 hours away from home. But the children had such a wonderful time. It is always an adventure when we travel a little further afield; it brings smiles and certainly makes memories.

The children’s troupe took home seven trophies, and our very own red brought two of them herself by winning, best tiny tot Pom mascot, and best overall mascot. We’re all very proud of her, she is of herself too.

Looking forward to the next one.

I hope you have all had a good week.




My Cheerful List #32 Finding Friendship

Welcome back to My Cheerful Post. A place to share cheerful moments which have made us smile during the week. In times where it seems impossible, it can be helpful to find something, no matter how small that moment is. Here is week 32

Summer Term

First week back from the Easter Break, we have done virtually nothing. It has been nice to be back to a routine, but it has only just made me regret not doing a lot over the Easter break – of course the chicken pox put a stop to doing a great deal, but by not doing something always gives me some kind of “mummy guilt.” It has been lovely being back to work, as always it feels like I’ve never been away.


Midweek Plans

This week, although still very damp underfoot the rain held off enough to take a walk around one of our local National Trust properties. I love having a membership, especially during the nicer weather; the children love visiting them too. I really hope the warmer weather will be here soon.


Charity Things

We have received the videos to the interview we had last month; I feel incredibly proud to be a part of something so amazing. I find it strange to know that I did have a small part on this, when I really don’t have the confidence or self-esteem to do these sorts of things. I have also almost completed the first stage of a little package I have wanted to put together for a while, but I don’t know why – same with writing my novels – but I get so far, then fear kicks on and then I stop moving forward. I just pause anything I am doing; then regret it!

I don’t know why I do this, I need to stop letting fear waste my time, especially when I see others with similar ideas! Anyway I am hoping that the first little project will be up and running by the end of May, June at the latest.


Saturday Fun

My five year old had a birthday party; she was able to spend time with some of her closest friends. I asked her if she has a best friend; she replied “no”. For a second I felt a little bit of sadness, when she continued and said “they’re all my best friends, mummy.” I think finding friendships is always a big worry when you’re a parent; I do worry for her sometimes when she isn’t always part for the crowd. But I do think she has found her tribe.

I am glad; while she has found hers… four of us left our daughters to party while we had our own little party.

I say party, what I mean is child-free lunch. Where we could chat, drink AND eat; without stopping 25,000 times. I, too think I may have found mine.


Have a lovely week – I hear it is going to be a warm one!


My Cheerful List # 31. Birthday Celebration

Welcome back to My Cheerful Post. A place to share cheerful moments which have made us smile during the week. In times where it seems impossible, it can be helpful to find something, no matter how small that moment is. Here is week 31


Week Two of the Easter Holidays, we still didn’t end up doing a lot. I wish the weather would pick up even a bout of blue skies, enough to dry washing on more than just the one day. It seems to be taking forever for it to arrive. We were still dealing with the aftermath of Chicken Pox from the previous week; I am relieved that it was done quickly. I just hope our youngest will be okay.


Birthday Treat

I took my eldest out shopping for a few hours, let her go and pick some clothes. She’s not the easiest to buy clothes for. She really enjoyed herself, and managed a decent Primark haul. It was of course, an early birthday treat; so she also had lunch too.


Meeting with friends

The five year old met up with her friend along with my older two and myself; we decided on swimming for a couple of hours. I can’t swim, but don’t mind the water. I was hoping it was going to help with my body pains, having a flare up of arthritis at the moment, it isn’t very comfortable. But I’ll be okay.


Breakfast Morning

It was the majorette fundraising big breakfast this week, it was quiet but it was fun as always. They’re a good bunch to be around. I met a woman who is also going to help complete a project I am putting together with Little Daffodils. I have wanted to do this for over a year now, but wanted this last item – because I can’t crochet! I am excited!


Birthday Party

We celebrated my eldest daughter’s birthday by having a joint disco. She had an amazing time with her friends, so lovely to see her having such a great time. In fact all her siblings had a wonderful time; the two year old didn’t stop!

Thirteenth Birthday

This brings me to her 13th birthday. I cannot believe I have a teenager – although judging by some of her strops you’d think she was already one. Born a tiny 4lb 8oz, hard to think at just 13 she is now taller than me, and laughs at the fact! She was incredibly spoilt, and deserves to be too. I am so glad she is growing, but my gosh it is scary how quickly it all goes.


Majorette Competition

The children had their first competition of the season today (a great way to celebrate a 13th birthday). They had a brilliant day, with the troupe taking home 10 trophies including my son who brought home best mascot medal. I am so incredibly proud of them all. Our five year old even competed in both of her sections too, last year she only did half of the competitions, the year before she did a couple; I am hoping she will continue as she loves it so much.


Other things

My anxiety levels have taken a little tumble this past week, as well as having a pain flare-up. I haven’t really cried or really struggle with Melody’s anniversary this year, but it has beaten me a little. We’re finding out so many things that were missed surrounding her death and after, it is incredibly difficult to process anything about it.  I’m worried for my husband and his legs. I like to keep busy, so busy that I can’t think too much about these things, and then when it gets quiet I do – then the flood gates open, makes me feel silly. This happened at the competition, I was grateful to have a shoulder to cry on. I am okay now. It’ll all pass.

birthday celebrations

monthly favourites

February Favourites.

In a blink of the eye, February was gone. It really was; it is one of our most dreaded months and is slow moving. But it went by super quickly.

The weather has been wet, and bitterly cold; definitely nothing to be excited about. Thought Snow is expected, we’ll see.


Different Things

February saw me and a friend on a regular afternoon out, minus the children. We went to a new to you sale; which I usually a success – purchasing pre-loved clothing at low cost; it is always so nice to get out and be people as well as being mums. There was also the majorette bingo, always lots of fun; we’re a really good team – can set up and put away within minutes. It is the best way to be.

February also is the month of Love, where we enjoy Valentine’s Day. I am not a huge fan, and shopping for it brings me triggers to the time I became poorly before Melody was born. I try and make the best of the day, my husband always knows how to spoil me – I am very lucky.



There’s a lovely project knocking around the UK, where you paint rocks and then hide them for people to find and then re-hide. Through the group I run – Little Daffodils we placed roughly 40 ish rocks around our local town. Not sure if they have been found, but the children loved hiding them.


February Half Term

It was a much awaited week off, we were hit with colds again, but we had reasonable weather – well enough to be able to leave the house. We met with friends several times; the littlest was sick one day so we were unable to meet with one lot of friends. We took a couple of trips to our local nature reserve; we hadn’t been for a while. It was lovely, as always.

Heading to the end of the half term we went to a local theme park – Crealy, they had a half price offer on, so took the chance and went, meeting with friends too. We all had a lovely time, chilly but fun. The children are desperate to go again.


Melody’s Birthday

The end of February saw our little girl’s birthday. I honestly thought the years would make it easier, but really it only makes it more obvious that we have a missing little girl, who should have been six.

I always found the run up difficult, and I have been lucky enough to have a supportive family and a friend from afar to keep me going through these weeks. We went out for two “celebratory” meals; we both worked too for the first time, we usually book it off – but for me, it helped to keep me focused and breathing.


February Weigh-In

I haven’t lost much this month, but more than I had imagined if I am honest – but a loss is a loss. I’ve still focusing on counting calories. I have upped the walking and have taken to just dancing it out. Exercise really does make you feel a little happier. It has been a little difficult for me to maintain anything this month with the above event – but I shouldn’t really excuse myself.

This month I have lost 2.4lb

I plan to work a lot harder through March, more exercise, less car.

Being Vegetarian

I am still maintaining a vegetarian diet, which I am really pleased with, and really haven’t missed meat, with the calorie counting it does make me a lot more mindful about what I am putting in my mouth.

Favourite Vegetarian food: Quorn Garlic and Mushroom Escalope. Sweet Potato fries have become a firm favourite too.

Favourite Naughty Food: That would have to be the new Cadbury’s Mint Crisp Chocolate bar- so, naughty but so yummy.


Best Written work in February

Here are my most popular pieces.

Not Just For Girls. Boys Can’t Dance.

Don’t Touch Me – Part of my Flash Fiction Series.

Then She Was Six over on the other blog I run, Melody and Me


My Cheerful list currently goes live each Sunday. And the Flash Fiction is still Friday, due to illness and unexpected extra work I have not been able to do as many as I had hoped, but I am working hard behind the scenes to get some ready.

The fiction is currently my favourite part of my website – it would seem others agree too, so thank you if you have been reading them.



I thought I would share some of my photos each month which do not feature any humans. Here are my favourites.


Chard Reservoir


Moon, taken in Chard


Have a good March!

my cheerful list

My Cheerful List #25

Welcome back to My Cheerful List. A chance to share with you something which has made me cheerful during the week, whether it be large or small, it is important to find something good even when it feels impossible. Thank you for joining me! We have reached week 25!

Back to School and Work

After a lovely week off it was back to routine, longing for the next set of holidays, five weeks and counting until the next. We managed to return to that routine swiftly; it has been a relatively quiet one.


Midweek Adventure

We met up with a friend as we do most Wednesdays, have done for a few years now – it is always lovely. This week we took the children to a soft play, we haven’t been for ages so it was nice for them to have a change of scenery, which they seemed to love every minute. We then had a wander around the shops and lunch it was lovely as always.


The Run Up

It is of course that lead up to our daughter’s un-birthday; a day of birth with no birthday person to celebrate it with. I really hate this part; it is difficult and really unpredictable. I can’t tell you how I will feel from one year to the next or from day to another. It is heavy and downright shit. Tomorrow should have been a little girl’s 6th birthday. I have had tears one day this week, moments where I was unsure of whether I would be able to compose myself for work or to breathe, but work grounded me, it gave me no time to think or let it consume me. I know it’ll be okay…but I also know it is perfectly okay not to be too.



We had planned a visit to the beach; but it is super cold out there, so imagined it would have been even colder by the sea, so we took a walk into town via seeing our little girl at the cemetery – we’re not sure we’re able to visit on her birthday due to work, and my older two are at their dad’s, but they wanted to visit her too. We walked rather than take the car, although very bitterly cold it was nice and dry.

A few weeks ago I decided to try decorating and hiding some rocks within our town, I had heard about it from a fellow blogger on her Facebook Page (Whinge Whinge Wine), and thought I would give it ago with a couple. Well today we took 35/40 rocks which we had all decorated and scattered them around several places – the children loved it and thought it was great fun.



Spending the rest of the weekend chilled, as I said before the run up is always so shit, and difficult. It is incredibly lonely at times; people don’t understand about our inability to just “move on”. I guess they are lucky.

I hope you have managed to find something to make you cheerful this week.

Here is my favourite post this week. Not Just for Girls.