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ten things to do before I'm 40

My Wish List Ten Things To Do Before I Reach 40

I hit 35 this year; I have finished having babies, now I get the pleasure of watching them grow. My 30th birthday I was newly grieving, suffering with Hyperemesis, anxiety in pregnancy; hoping hard that the baby I was carrying would get to live. Here’s my before 40 wish list.

We don’t have a high income, so I can’t see much of the list being ticked off, but I like lists and well; you just never know.


Wish One

See someone in concert. I would really love to see P!nk, I think she really is awesome her music has gotten me through some tough times, and also been the soundtrack to some fun times too. I know how desperate my daughter is currently wanting to see Little Mix at the moment, so it would well be them before P!nk. At least one would be nice.


Wish Two

Be free from anxiety and depression. It has really hit me hard this year. It is currently knocking me on my arse. Where really I would like to kick the two in the arse; maybe even rid it altogether. They are hideous things to fight. I want to be happy.


Wish Three

Publish another book; either traditionally (doubtful) or Indie Publish. I’ve so many planned, two that I have started out of a series I am putting together, and half way through a thriller, which is kind of out of my comfort zone – this one in particular I would like to finish, as I started it in 2010; it isn’t even a long story. Fear is maybe holding me back. I love writing so much, but I also procrastinate a lot. There is also a book planned out in my head within my niche.

I have to complete this one.


Wish Four

See more of the United Kingdom. I am not one for actively wanting to travel abroad; there is so much heritage here I would like to see first, many of which really fascinates me. I’d love to visit Scotland, take a trip Harry Potter World. I would love to see many more National Trust properties, I think they’re wonderful. Visiting Liverpool and Peterborough to see some special friends, after the times they have visited me. I would love to complete at least one thing from this section.


Wish Five

To arrange (and do) meeting some of my online friends. I have made some amazing friends through Babycentre over the years; some since 2011…I think it is about time we met face to face.


Wish Six

Renew our wedding vows at a place we originally wanted to take our marriage vows at. But we’re a solid unit, we have been through hell; we are incredibly close. I think I’d worry that by renewing we would jinx and spoil what we already have.


Wish Seven

Confidence building; learn to care less about what others think of me. I think this has had a huge impact on my attempt at healing from section two; particularly at the moment. I need to like myself, maybe love myself. Learn that sometimes when shit happens it isn’t because I deserve it, or because it is my fault. Bad things happen, relationships, friendships fade, it isn’t always on me. I have a terrible habit of blaming myself for everything, for lost friendships. It hurts me, no one else. Just me. I am ruining my own life, my own self esteem by continuing this train of thought. I deserve to be happy; my islands (Inside Out) need to remain lit. I know a friend who will be pleased with this number.


Wish Eight

Decorate our house, so it is Instagram friendly LOL! I love our house; the area in which we live but we have had babies, financial issues (always boils down to this), health crap. It is time to give our house some love; make it our home.


Wish Nine

Finish the bloody garden! Each year we start off really well, then we either get really nice weather where we want to go out make memories, our weekends are tied up with the children’s hobbies or the weather is really crap, making it difficult to get out there. Again no money and time plays a factor, man power too. I’ve only got to see a spider run across my foot and I am gone; poor husband has to fight with the garden. That and a very clingy toddler; we find ourselves back to square one. Always an excuse.


Wish Ten

Get down and stay at a healthy weight. I am fed up with being a size 18-20/22; round and plump. But I guess it comes back to the vicious circle that dislikes myself, then comfort eating, poor confidence. CRAP excuses I know, but it needs to change and I am already making a start, if you’re following me on Instagram you’ll see. I want to be the Grandparent that takes their grandchildren out for the day, see my children get married. Then I need to get healthy, and happy.


Then I can think long and hard about what to do before I hit 50!


What is your wish list before a milestone age?


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