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Rainbow-Baby. Blame It The Boogie


My Rainbow-Baby Birth Announcement

(albeit a little late!)
Arriving at the hospital for 7 am 15/3/2013, it had originally been 8 am but I’d had a slight pre-eclampsia scare 2 days before, so they wanted me in to do a blood test before my section. (which actually didn’t happen).
I’d been starved from midnight, so I was HUNGRY!! The joy of being Nil By Mouth.
I was booked in as first on the list, so I was hoping we wouldn’t have to wait too long!!
We were placed in the same room I had been in before and after Melody’s birth, it felt surprisingly peaceful being in there; though there was a feeling of terror, calm also washed over me. It was the strangest of feelings.
My consultant soon graced us with his presence, explained that there was an emergency so he would try his best to get us in next.
Time for the clock watching; guestimating how long we would be waiting and wondering how many more emergencies there would be.

Eagerly waiting

When I had my little boy there had been 18 emergencies that day we were very nearly sent home. Anyway, my husband and I chilled while midwives pottered in and out, filling in paperwork, explaining what would be happening.
Very soon the time came for someone to arrive to give us our 30-minute warning; where I would be gowned up and John also kitted out! We had heard that our consultant had gone to assist with the final part of the section that was taking place. We jokingly had images of him standing in the corner impatiently tapping his foot, wanting them to hurry up so he could quickly get me out the way!

Soon our escorts came for us.

We slowly walked to the operating theatre; I’d been suffering from SPD and was in absolute agony, I could barely lift my feet to walk. So to be honest I was looking forward to being numbed just to relieve the pain of that for a while. We walked into the bright theatre; the very same theatre as I’d been in for Melody, only this time the atmosphere was lighter. There were several people there, but really not as many as when we’d had Melody.
I was told to sit on the gurney, feet onto a chair. While other people in blue began prepping (or attacking) me with needles! Two people were attempting to get a cannula in; after two attempts and a pool of blood later one was in! That’s going to bruise!
Then I had a couple of people poking and prodding my back while trying to keep my mind off the uncomfortable sensation our Midwife moved her attention to my feet, fascinated by my slightly webbed toes! And no I can’t swim!!


The Spinal and Epidural (CSE) took an age to get in. I was having both this time as I’d felt the knitting back together last time; it felt quite uncomfortable this time, like having electric shocks go down my leg which was a strange feeling. Our consultant entered the theatre wearing a red nose sticker on his scrub cap! We’d jokingly asked him to wear a Red Nose as it was Red Nose Day; he was a little reluctant, but he ended up having the department AND his wife nag him to join in! Anything to put a bit of humour into our own tense thoughts.
 After about 20/30 minutes I was helped to be laid down, legs began to feel a little heavy. I laid on the table, while John was told to sit closer to me, which was what I wanted so I could reach his hand ha! The bottom half of my gown was placed on a pole with another pole and sheet which was also placed to separate my head (and hubby) from my pregnant bump.
Our lovely anaesthetist started to test my sensation with ice cubes, it didn’t take long for me to be numb from the chest down. She sat the head end with us, while she chatted with us then she informed us that the operation had begun.
Who knew?!
Moments later we could hear our consultant say,  “Oh hello you!” We knew he’d reached our Rainbow-baby….
11:59 am Friday 15th March 2013 Our Rainbow-baby was born screaming!
Lots of mummy’s tears flowed, the relief to hear her cry was amazing….I was very much desperate to have her in my arms. Melody’s doctor had agreed to come in for the birth so she was doing her birth checks. She was then handed to me, although I couldn’t hold her for long as my BP cuff was on my forearm and I had cannulas in the other arm.
 If you hadn’t guessed it she was born to Jackson 5 – Blame it on the Boogie, we’d forgotten to do a CD! I had some lovely ideas of a playlist, featuring The Foo Fighters’ Hero. But I was then knitted to Love Train…my little boy’s favourite song!
They handed her to her daddy, while I was being finished with the closing I was then transferred to my hospital bed. We were very soon back in recovery where I was having regular observations done. Our new daughter took an instant liking to latching, she was desperate to have a go in Theatre but I was too tangled!
 A brief moment of humour when you watch a midwife putting on Anti-embolism stockings on some random person’s legs when you realise the foam looking “fake” legs are in fact my own! They looked like they were boneless legs!! Weird.
Her brother and sister were able to meet her on the same day; no wires or see-through boxes to get in their way. It was such a perfect moment.
 The rainbow pregnancy journey has ended. And now a new beginning. The fear doesn’t automatically disappear.Every time I look at her I get the fear we won’t be allowed to keep her.
The fear we’ll get to 5 weeks and it’ll all be over again… But for now, I am so, so happy to be sat here breastfeeding my little rainbow. Very relieved to have her here.
Now to learn to smile again