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Pet Peeves

I am sure there are a few I have hiding away in there somewhere, but here are a couple at the fore front of my mind.

When people make assumptions, without researching, or asking questions.

People who pull out onto Roundabouts, filling them so nobody can pass including emergency services. WAIT!

People who put others down, or not celebrate the good things people do, belittling great achievements.

But also people who only speak, when something good in your life is happening, but when there is dark clouds, the very same people are nowhere to be seen.

The way society see children as disposable, they can be easily replaced.

People who fail to take responsibility for their children, (not about anyone in particular..before the judgement pants are being worn)… There are so many people, who would do any thing for our children, would give anything to not have one who died….Just saying.

People who have issues with gay relationships – every single human deserves love, to love freely.

People who have issues with race, we are all the same.



There is probably a whole list I could share, but right now I am stuck.

Do you have any? Big or small.

What really pisses you off?


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