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My Cheerful List #13

Welcome back to my Cheerful List. Each Sunday I share with you things that have made me cheerful during this past week. In times where life can feel overwhelming, it is nice to try and find something, even if it is one thing that has made us Cheerful. Week thirteen!


The week once again begun with sickness, but thankfully not for long with a swift return to work. It certainly has been a long couple of weeks.

To be honest there hasn’t really been a lot to report this week; the various bugs has left me fairly tired, and not much energy to do a lot.


Being cooped up for days, lead me to needing to get out walking the school run again, definitely helps bring the energy levels up. I don’t drive when it is icy; I am not a huge fan of driving, so I will be walking a lot more.



I have never had any real confidence; it is always been something that has bothered me. So I popped a status on my personal Facebook page; just as a release.

What’s on my mind? I wish I had more confidence. Setting up Little Daffodils and being committee for Majorettes have helped greatly. I’ve never really found making friends easy. I often find myself standing away from the crowd, at school or other social situations. I’m not rude, or at least I try not to be. I guess I’m awkward, to the point where I felt I wanted to change Kelsi’s choice of school, I thought it would be easier. I’m glad I didn’t because I wouldn’t have met the Mums I now have. I am not really sure what I’m saying to be honest. “I’m not crazy, my reality is just different from yours.” that’s the truth. I am actually nice. If a Mum has her face in her phone or stood away from the crowd it’s not because she’s rude, it’s most likely nerves. No particular reason to post this, just an outlet rather than on my blog. Why the hell are school runs such a mountain? . Anxieties are a bastard, but am grateful for the Mums who make it better. !”


Something I wasn’t expecting happened – friends, new and old replied how they too felt the same as I did. It was almost like a huge weight taken from me, I am not alone in the way I have been feeling. I am glad I opened up.


School Play

This week I was my son perform in his Year five play – Oliver Twist – NOT the musical, there was no watered down version – Bill Sykes really DID kill Nancy. My son played the part of Bill Sykes (along with two other boys); Most of the characters were played by more than one child, and Oliver was played by both boys and girls. They all worked so hard on it. He loved every moment; with even a decision to what he would like to do AFTER secondary school. A very proud Mama!

school play



Cheerful Days – Christmas

Work filled the week days, but as I said before; my energy levels are terribly low just now. Saturday we had our annual day out at a National Trust Property. We usually go with friends but sadly due to personal circumstances they were unable to join us – we really missed them though.

The theme at the house this year was Wind in The Willows, as always it was brilliant; which I will share more in the Christmas Series this week.

Tea Time

Afterwards we paid a visit to Exeter, and the children were AMAZING! So well behaved; it was a real pleasure to be out with them. Sometimes it can get very stressful; I am not perfect – far from it. But our outing was just lovely. It really was perfect.

Thank you for reading. Not long until Christmas.


cheerful christmas

My Cheerful List #12

Welcome back to my Cheerful List. Each Sunday I share with you things that have made me cheerful during this past week. In times where life can feel overwhelming, it is nice to try and find something, even if it is one thing that has made us Cheerful.


There are so many bugs going round at the moment, after I updated you last week, it started again. We had been symptom free for about 48 hours, only for it to return; we weren’t the only ones. Finally feeling well again with school and work return midweek; it has been incredibly draining.


Unfortunately as I come to post this, Mini and I have somehow been effected by food poisoning; not sure what. But here we go again! I better lose weight next week!


Final Majorette Event of the Year

Christmas lights switch on happened this week in Crewkerne; my children always enjoy this one; however my son wasn’t feeling particularly well, so he had to sit it out. The troupe leads Father Christmas through the main street, where he switches on the lights including their huge Christmas tree; which is always lovely.

light up shoesCrewkerne Christmas Tree


Christmas Decorating

This week we have decided to pop our decorations up – I know it is the end of November, but we have in recent years done this; only a week before December anyway! The children loved it. Baby was excited, but definitely a little confused by our new corner piece.

Christmas Tree

Christmas is coming! I’ve almost completed Christmas Shopping.


Cheerful Evening Out

My older two’s God Mother invited us to her Disco/Karaoke party. It was fun; we didn’t stay long; but was nice to have been invited out. My son had an amazing time singing his favourite Bon Jovi song in front of an audience.


I really hope next week will be without sickness fueled updates. It’ll be December! Find our list of books for Bookmas!

My Cheerful List #11

Welcome back to my Cheerful List. Each Sunday I share with you things that have made me cheerful during this past week. In times where life can feel overwhelming, it is nice to try and find something, even if it is one thing, that has made us Cheerful. In case you missed it here is #10.


Unfortunately, sickness has hit us. With Mini missing Thursday and Friday due to vomiting; Friday night baby’s vomiting begun.
Unfortunately I am an emetiphobe. As well as a fear of Spiders, being sick and seeing sick leaves me in fear too. It’s horrible, I feel a little useless when it comes to being a mum!
Of course baby only wanted Mama.
It has been a very long few days.

Forde Abbey

Before the bug hit, we managed a trip out to a local house and garden.
Although I’ve lived here most of my life, I don’t recall ever going. During November it has been low cost opening, with Wednesdays being free.

Forde abbey
Forde Abbey was a hit. Baby wasn’t overly cooperative, wasn’t in the mood for listening, but she did seem to love it.
Mummy slid down a hill, managing to get mud EVERYWHERE! Was okay initially but think I’ve maybe knocked something in my arm.
I couldn’t grip to get up.
Only me.
Would still go again,their fountain was beautiful.

Definitely worth a visit. I hope to return in the Summer; although the Autumn colours are every bit as beautiful.

Forde Abbey


Friendship. Cheerful times.


A friend and I took a visit to a new Aldi store in the next town, although it was almost 7pm when new arrived the shop was really busy, definitely a much anticipated store opening. I think I prefer the one I usually go to. But it is handy to know there is one there. It is always good fun going out with this one.


The husband and I managed a couple of hours away – together no tiny humans! Meeting with friends it was lovely to just be out, we could definitely do with more of those! Love this guy.




Few written pieces involving her this week. Children’s Grief Awareness Week, World Prematurity Day. I decided to talk about her on my personal Facebook page, I don’t very often these days, because I worry too much about what friends and family think –  I shouldn’t because she is our daughter. It was nice to get lovely feedback, and encouragement.

It isn’t attention seeking, which is what I worry about people thinking; and certainly isn’t the sort of attention I would like. I am just a Mum talking about ALL of her children.


What has made your week, cheerful? Even if it is something small, it always worth celebrating.

My Cheerful List #10

Welcome back to My Cheerful List, number ten already! Did you see week nine? It is a chance to share with you what has made me cheerful during the last week, whether it is big or small. In a world where life can seem overwhelming at times, it can be hard to find things which have made you cheerful.

This is my week.


Winter Colds

They have appeared to have moved in this week. With Mini having a nasty cough; enough to have a day away from school. I am not keen on keeping them off; but she really wasn’t feeling particularly well. A day a way- although having to go to her Grandparents whilst I worked did her some good. Whilst Baby ended up with it too, unfortunately it always seems to affect her chest in a different way, making her struggle to breathe, and wheezy. With a trip to the Doctors to be told it is viral wheezing, with a view that maybe in the future she could need an inhaler. Absolutely hate it when they’re poorly.



I have almost completed my Christmas Shopping, and have now begun the wrapping. There are some items still to buy, but not a lot. I cannot believe it is just next month. There are just 49 days left of 2017. Where is the time going?



Visited her this week. I was in the area and felt the need to visit. Took her some artificial flowers, which I swore I would never give her; but here I am having left her some in the hope they will last and look prettier during the time when I’m not feeling particularly brave about visiting. I feel guilty when I don’t; you know in the way where you miss out on a school play or something. I know people don’t understand why I feel guilty; because – well she is dead and has been for five and a half years I probably “should be over it by now”. But as much as she isn’t here, I still want to parent her, she is still my child. I do not believe she is everywhere; I guess this is the part I struggle with. But I am okay with that. Because it isn’t a particularly hard struggle. It is just me, the way I feel. I felt her life leave her. I did over the Summer feel her, it was wonderful. It is definitely changing.



Cheerful Journey

We finally got around to watching a carnival this year. I think our last one was about two years ago. We went to watch North Petherton; it was amazing. Completely different to the circuit the children do with majorettes. It is a lot bigger, with more extravagance in the floats; with no majorettes.

It pissed down. It was that fine wet rain (if you have ever seen Peter Kay you will understand), the stuff that soaks you through; even my bra was wet after having a t-shirt, thick fleece and a waterproof coat on. But it was absolutely worth it. The journey there, where my lovely friend drove; I witnessed my older two (I only took the older two to watch), laugh together for the first time in a long time, where they weren’t bickering. Proper full on belly laughs; for a good 10 minutes. It was a simply due to seeing a slightly older passenger in another car nodding her head along to (possibly) some music – not in spite I must add –she was having a great time, she reminded me a little of Flat Eric; Do you remember him?

It certainly tickled them a lot. It was wonderful to see, and definitely a “had to be there moment”.



The carnival itself, was amazing; I am so pleased we went, the floats were amazing. I cannot believe we have never been to this one before. We’re going to take the little ones I think next year. If you’re on my Facebook Page; I did go live with a couple of the floats. If you’re on my Page please take a look. The clubs all work so hard, and the details that goes into making them look perfect. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to get them moving.

It is a unique experience, and is definitely worth a visit. There’s still a few more to go this season, if you haven’t been go…Here are a couple, due to the rain, I chose to just use my phone, so most didn’t come out very well.


With the carnival theme; it brings a great way to make friends. Meeting these guys through Majorettes, I hope lifelong friends. So many people do moan about carnivals and in particular majorettes; but it is friendships I’m so glad I have them in my life.


What has made you cheerful this week? My husband has made a new blog – why not pop over and take a look.

Hope you have a lovely week.

Tomorrow I share my 12 year old daughter’s Christmas Wish List, be sure to check it out!

The Red Head Diaries

My Cheerful List #4

I’m quite enjoying getting this post together each week, although I am only on week 4, this may change. If you missed My Cheerful List last week here is #3

Work Things

This week I’ve been able to agree to extra hours at work. It is only over the lunchtime period but I really do love my job. It is a busy couple of hours, with no time to take a breath almost, but it’s lovely. So I’ll be able to do Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Fridays.

Which meant I have had to put Baby Lolly into a nursery setting, it is a huge thing for me to do, as I’m not overly keen on trusting people I don’t know to have them.
We popped into visit one on the Monday, and then the Wednesday, she loved it. The Thursday she started, she’s oy going in for a couple of hours a week, I’m not ready for more, plus we can’t really afford to do more.
She did look sad when I left I had a couple of tears in the car, but once I returned after work the playgroup gave me a sheet of photos of the activities she really enjoyed, and she truly did.

Cheerful Learning

Mini has come home and learned more letters “Maisie Mountain Mountain” and “Ssss”. It’s lovely to see her develop beyond what we can teach. She’s doing great at school, and will begin full time this coming week. She had a progress meeting at school ahead of her switching to full time, they are really pleased with her; she has made lots of new friends and plays nicely as well as taking a liking to learning.




Had our third Carnival – Wellington, it rained, it was fun and best of all they came SECOND! I am so proud of the children. My son was really getting into it last night, shaking his hips putting loads of effort.
I’m planning on doing a “night in the life of a youth group Mum”. But ironically we get so busy there’s not always a lot time to do a lot else. As we have three (two for me) carnivals left, I best get cracking.


I am participating in two Blog Projects this month.

One is an annual one I have joined in since 2012 and involves talking about our darling girl, raising much needed awareness for the baby loss community. Here is my Day One.

The Second is a new one on me Blogtober. I’ll add the link to this shortly.


Have a good week, what has made your cheerful list this week?


The Red Head Diaries


My Cheerful List #3

Here we are again, week three of My cheerful List. (Here is #2).

Mini is still doing endless amounts of half days at the school; as much as I don’t want her to go full time yet (quite selfishly), it’ll be nice to have a full day to do things with Baby; however I am hoping to do an extra couple of shifts at work.


One to One

Went along to the musical playgroup – Moo Music again this week; baby is really beginning to get to grips with it, she seems to enjoy it. She loves the cakes afterwards when we pop into town. It was a lovely warm day.

Did meet up with a friend and her daughter in the afternoon, once Mini had finished school, which was lovely, it is always nice to have some adult interaction.


Sleeping through the night.

Mini has always been a terrible over night sleeper, however for two nights we celebrated the fact that she slept through…only for it to be very short lived, the celebration probably was a little too soon, currently as I write she is still not sleeping over night. We have tried EVERYTHING possible, she’ll go to sleep fine, (occasionally fights bed time but not often), it is the staying there, and sleeping.  We are really hoping that when she goes all day to school that it might work…I doubt it though.


Day Job

Short one, but an opportunity has arisen for me to up my hours, only by three hours a week, but it is something. We tried to look into child care, but due to Mr working “just enough” hours with rates of pay, we don’t get child care subsidized, plus I don’t feel comfortable leaving her in a setting just yet…unless something really amazing crops up then I may consider it. But I am excited.


Cheerful Saturday

Carnival Season kicked off once more for the majorettes, it was a stressful 24 hours, but all turned out well in the end, where the troupe won first place in their category. They really deserved it too. A lot of hard work goes in to running a youth group (maybe I should do a day in the life of…), the trainers work really hard to get them out looking good, but with 22 years experience, they’re a bit of a dab hand at it.


My children love it, we’ve been part of it for five years now. It was the one thing I remember wanting to be part of something new after Melody had died; at the time the team knew nothing of our story and we could be normal; of course eventually they have gotten to know and understand Melody’s story. I won’t lie there have been times where I almost felt like enough is enough, but I feel attached; sentimental I guess.

I have made some lovely friends.


Hotel Booking

We finally got around to booking our hotel room for The Butterfly Awards. A ceremony to which I have been shortlisted for an award for blogging my journey about the loss of our daughter. If you’re interested, here is my profile.


Five Pence Sweets

Didn’t know these still existed. Very small moment I know. But they were 5p! I purchased myself some Black Jacks! One of my favourite sweets. Although I do remember when they were 1p!

What were your favourite “penny” sweets?


What has made you cheerful this week? I hope you have managed to find something.


Have a good week.


The Red Head Diaries

My Cheerful List #2

Thank you for joining week two of My Cheerful List. (Here is last week’s #1)

First full week of school begun this week; although Mini is still doing half days until the first week of October, it has been lovely to return to some kind of routine. However beginning reception has brought the obligatory cold fest. One chesty four year old and a two year old who is following suit; added vitamins from now on in. Mini is thankfully in good spirits, with a very noisy chest.

I have been feeling bloody awful this week, but amongst the feeling grotty I have managed to find a few cheerful things.

Moo Music

Beginning Baby Red’s Moo Music Journey. I’ve never been to a structured play group before; it has been almost a year since we left the toddler group I once loved. We both really enjoyed it; she most certainly did. Lots of singing, some signing, even dancing although Baby Red spent a lot of her time running around giggling in an endless circle. It was our first one to one outing too, which was lovely. It’ll be nice when we have longer in the day to do more things.



Completing my first week in the Darebee Planking and Push- Up challenges. I’m already struggling with them; I’m only on 1 minute and 20 seconds! It is for 30 days, only 1500 to go…


Going out with a friend; we went to a baby and toddler sale in Wellington; we go to them quite regularly in different places. Both being of bigger families the sales really help with keeping things like clothing costs down, whilst I guess recycling. I am a huge fan of eBay and car boot sales, charity shops too. This trip wasn’t as arm filling as usual, but I did buy some bits for Baby Red. Trying to get a decent photo of her in it wasn’t the easiest.

Drink and cake with said friend. Once we had finished at the sale we popped in and had cake and milkshake; which was lovely. I haven’t really been with company lately. It was nice to get out.

BLM Secret Sisters

There is an organisation on Facebook which pairs up parents who have lost a baby. For three months we are essentially pen pals; but with a difference. We don’t write to each other, the people organising it, gives me an address where I write to one mum, a different mum writes to me; all done in secret until the third month where we reveal our names and stories.

At the end we send gifts with a budget of £20, and during the 3 months you can send little gifts with your cards too, I received my first one for this round this week.


How has your week been?

Have you managed to find something cheerful in your week?

Thank you for reading


The Red Head Diaries