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international friendship day

International Friendship Day

Today is the International Day of Friendship. It is a day to celebrate friends and how valuable they are.

Not That Easy

I have never found it easy to make friends, when I do I often find it hard to keep that friendship going. My trust has been broken on a few occasions, which isn’t easy to repair, which in turn makes me appear socially awkward. Placing myself away from the rest of the crowd, which makes me feel lonely and the walls in which I build get higher – a form of protection maybe.

Even at school, I found it hard, when “friends” turned and made the final years of school hell; it isn’t something you ever forget, something that has made trusting anyone difficult.


Importance of Friendship

Not everyone has a normal relationship with blood relatives, maybe there are no blood relatives at all; making friendships the next best thing. They can be an extension of family and occasionally can be a lot closer than family too.

Having great friendships can also be brilliant therapy, where you can laugh together and cry together too; if you find the right ones you know that whatever life throws at you don’t ever let them go.


My Village

It has been a long time since I have really felt comfortable in how my friendships are, they all come from different things I do, they are all equally valuable, and are a huge part of my life. Friends through my children’s hobbies, friends from work. Reacquainted school friends, and those you meet through your children’s friendships. Even online friendships are incredibly important to me too; find out why here.


I have learned that over time people do come and go, life moves in different directions, some friendships last the move, while others become a tale to be told. Friendships develop us as people can change the way we see other. The love of friendship is sometimes all you ever need.

I am lucky to have found mine.