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December Favourites. Christmas Themed.

Welcome to this December round up. We’ve reached the end of 2017; I have no idea where the month has gone. It has sped through very quickly.

Looking back it has been relatively busy; which is probably why it feels like it went so quickly.

Ralph the Reindeer

For the past few years we have had a special Christmas Team to make December fun, and help with the excitement. The children love the reindeer the most; well better than the elf or the Penguin. To be honest we haven’t been particularly active with him this year, a little disappointed with myself for not keeping up with him; but we have been busy.

 cheerful christmas

Nights Out

It isn’t something I do a lot of these days; I have low confidence and I just love being at home with my little family; even when they do drive me nuts some times. But this month I ended up on THREE nights out, one with the Majorettes’ Committee, which was such a giggle – including Naughty Secret Santa; which ended in me receiving The Puppetry of the Penis DVD. Another night was with Mums from Reception Classes; I don’t normally go out with people I barely know; but I am pleased I did as it was a lovely evening.


Finally work’s Christmas outing, again another brilliant night out; where we have all agreed we need to do it more often!

School Performances

My son was included in the multiple school choir concert, which was lovely. He really enjoys performing. This month also saw Little Red’s first Nativity; it was all very sweet they were all so good performing.

Festive Trip

We took our annual trip to Killerton House; where they had themed their decorations on Wind in the Willows, throughout December the children loved it!

We then took a trip into Exeter for lunch and some shopping. The children were all beautifully behaved.  It was really nice to spend the day as a family.


Cinema Trip

A long with a friend and her little one, we took a trip to the cinema to see Paddington Bear 2 it was a lovely treat for the girls, the film was really good.

December Inset Day

Little Red and Baby were invited to go to Little’s friend’s house, where other girls were there too, they had a brilliant time, dressing up, giggles and lunch. It has been lovely making new friends.

Majorette Christmas Party

End of the year Majorette Christmas party which was nice, fun to have a dancing partner too.


Christmas Fairy

As an offer from the Charity in which I volunteer, there was an opportunity for Santa to visit children’s homes who have lost a sibling. As Little Red isn’t keen on Santa, we requested a Fairy instead, they loved it, each of them receiving a gift, it was a very special half an hour.


Melody’s Christmas – random acts of kindness

Each year I say to myself that visiting her will get easier, that decorating her will be an “Okay” tradition. But it isn’t 5th one since we lost her, and still as painful as the first one. It really will never be okay that she is in a cemetery away from the warmth of her loving family. Yet it isn’t something we will stop; at least not for now.

Christmas decorated headstone

We usually buy her gifts, garden ornaments or candles, but couldn’t find anything we liked; I am reasonably fussy on what we do get for her. So this year we decided to do random acts of kindness. There are three I won’t reveal, it was nice watching from afar on how much the recipient enjoyed our offering. We candy bombed cars, and benches, even our local café too, that was fun! Finally we donated books to the school in Melody’s memory; the school really loved them. Books and stories are so important to our world.

Secret Santa

A few years ago as there are a few of us in the house; and it can get busy and low funded; we decided to start a Secret Santa – although whilst the youngest two can’t really read or shop alone it isn’t quite as secret as you or I would imagine. Names do go into a hat; we have a budget, and then shop for our selected person. They love it and have asked to do it every year, will be nice when it is fully secret. I was given a notebook, pencils and a diary.

Christmas Part One

This year our Christmas Day is celebrated on Boxing Day. The girls here at home have had small gifts from Santa, but the fairies will deliver Christmas Day night, ready for our Christmas. It always weird when they’re not around for Christmas, we usually go away but this year decided to stay at home, watching Christmas films including Wallace and Gromit (okay not entirely Christmas, but I remember it being on at Christmas), we had pizza for lunch.

Christingle Church

This year we also went to the Christingle Service, wrote Melody’s name on a star for the memory tree, it was lovely going with friends.


Christmas Part Two

10:30 Boxing Day Morning our Christmas finally begun! The children returned, it was absolutely wonderful, piles of presents, which I had collected over the year (spreading it over the year is so much easier. I cannot wait to restart). I’d brought my older two the Instax Cameras, which they love, Little Red also has a camera and Baby Red a Rainbow Tea Set.

They all seemed to love every minute.


I received an action camera, kindle (I can once again play Township!!), loads of books to read! (I know the irony of having a new Kindle AND new books).

My Mum in Law came to lunch where we had a Fry-up (well, grill-up), that was lovely; followed by my Father in Law visiting in the evening, with my sisters in law too. It was a wonderful time.

I really hope you all had wonderful December.