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Favourite Childhood Books

My Dad was a big reader, and tried his best to get us to love them too, however it wasn’t until I reached adulthood did I find my real love of books.

I couldn’t pick just one favourite.

One of my favourites was The Hodgeheg by Dick King Smith, it is about a Hedgehog family’s adventures in crossing the road, anyone who knows me, will know I love hedgehogs.

Another is Alice In Wonderland

The adventures, the mysteries this book takes you. So many different characters, worlds within worlds, I personally think it is an incredibly unique book; it is probably why it is so well loved.

The Christmas Carol, I have no idea why I love this book so much, it fascinates me all the different film versions of the book too. I try and encourage my children to read this book, although Harry Potter and The Hobbit are heavily encouraged here too.

Books, are wonderful to get lost in, to take your mind off real life troubles.

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