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My Cheerful List #9 – Bristol

Welcome back to My Cheerful List. In case you missed last week’s here is #8. A place for me to find something that has made me cheerful this past week.

This week we said Goodbye to October, and Hello to November. Today’s includes a trip to Bristol.


We’re not a huge fan of Halloween, it isn’t something we make a huge effort on; should the children request to then we will maybe join in. I did buy some cat ears to wear in work; and ended up being the only Midday Supervisor to do so! All good fun.

Wednesday Adventure

Met up with a friend and her little ones, where this week we took a visit to The Donkey Sanctuary. The littlest ones were apparently going through some rather hormonal surges…It was nice in a funny way that it wasn’t just my child having a tantrum. We’re lucky to have rain free days at the moment.


It’s My Birthday!

I turned 35 this week, I can honestly say I have been so spoilt. My husband always spoils me each year and Christmas too; this year is no exception. He is very good at gift ideas. It wasn’t just my husband and children who spoilt me; friends and in laws too. I love each and every single; I thought I would share my awesome gift list from my family and friends.

birthday presents

  • Moulin Rouge Film guide, this is one of my favourite films, only right to have a book to read about it too.
  • Three P!nk albums including the new one Beautiful Trauma – fantastic album.
  • Photo Paper
  • Camera Case
  • Reading light
  • Fantastic Beasts
  • Skull Candy Headphones
  • Note Pads
  • Lens for my phone
  • Tripod for my phone
  • Dark Crystal DVD – Can you remember that film?
  • Waterstones Voucher
  • Cash
  • Notebooks
  • Unicorn Puzzle
  • Unicorn Pen
  • Malteasers
  • Bottle of Prosecco
  • Unicorn Socks
  • Flowers
  • Lumiere Purse
  • Grey’s Anatomy Season 13

I had a wonderful lot of cards, hand made ones too. I really, really have been spoilt.



I’m never really sure what to do for my birthday to celebrate. I decided I’d like to go to Zaa Zaa Bizarre in Bristol, all the children love it there too; and it is cheap. My friend and her (grown up) children joined us. We spent the whole day in Bristol it was so lovely.  We visited the Milkshake bar – Shakeaway; highly recommend this place, they take your favourite chocolate bars, and make them into ice cream. I had one with Kinder Bueno and Forero Rocher in; it was amazing. Broadmead and Cabot Circus were the places we visited, spending a great deal of time in their huge Primark.

Zaa Zaa Bizarre in Bristol

It was perfect. Even brought some Christmas presents, and Harry Potter Baubles – so much for our themed Christmas this year; maybe it should be Harry Potter themed.


It has been a lovely week, it didn’t escape without panic. But I am okay. I bloody hate this anxiety shit, but right now there really has been some incredibly cheerful moments.

Blog work is on the up, new study and awareness thigs coming up. I just need to smash the feeling of drowning out of my system. ..

How has your week been?

I hope it has been okay for you.


The Red Head Diaries


My Cheerful List #8

Welcome to My Cheerful List Week Eight. (Here is last week’s)I feel in hard times it is nice to try and find something that had made you smile in some way during the week. Even if it is only something very small.

Cheerful Half Term Week

We have been reasonably lucky with the weather this week. Although we didn’t do a great deal. I took the younger girls out for a McDonald’s Lunch, although the restaurant was busy, so we ate in the car. We paid a visit to The Range, as I wanted to get some advent candles I had seen advertised somewhere.


We always buy Melody an advent candle, usually one of the pillar types, but they take forever to burn down to the next day. So we thought we would give these ago. Worth a try.

Baby Lolly had the most epic of meltdowns – no pictures for that pleasurable experience. She has to be going through some hormonal crap right now, for the level of tantrum she had in Mothercare, lots of tuts I could hear, very much ignored! Little sausage. All because I wouldn’t let her her have the bracelets in which she had covered BOTH arms with, then she needed the pushchair that’s left randomly placed. No! So screaming, flailing arms commenced. Good job I bloody love her.


National Trust

We took a trip to Montecute House here in Somerset. It was such a lovely Autumnal Day. it was even almost warm. We had a lovely walk, the children burned off some energy; they said they really enjoyed themselves.



We brought Pumpkins this week, only at our local Aldi, the children had fun choosing them from the large cardboard box.

We don’t really do all the Halloween stuff, as our own little family; we’re not that bothered. I know the older two do things with their Dad, that’s great. But it isn’t for us. I have my own reasons. If any of them wanted to join in with the Halloween things then may be, but for now whilst the littlest girls, aren’t too bothered, and the older two have Halloween away from me this year. It isn’t something we’re worried about. They do like pumpkin carving though!


Lovely evening with friends at the end of the week. I just wish the half terms were longer. Not long now until the Christmas one. I can’t wait!

There is a new post this week on Melody and Me. Pop over and have a look if you haven’t seen it.

How has your week been? What has made you cheerful?

I’m trying to decide whether to make this a linky link. Let me know what you think?

I’ve felt a lot better this week, still bloody tired though.

My Cheerful List #7


I’ve really struggled this week. Unfortunately the Butterfly Awards really set me back a little with emotions, which I have explained here. I lost all writing motivation, I’ve gotten behind with posts I’ve just not been in a cheerful enough mood. Anxiety has really played a big part in my week.
I’m really lucky that I have my husband to release to, it has been the thoughts that parenting after a loss is actually really bloody difficult. I wish that I could blank and ignore things, but I can’t.

Irrational Panic.

I was miles away, barely any signal or WiFi. I’d been made aware of a situation, but I felt helpless. For a while I couldn’t physically speak to my children, cross ringing, poor signal; I knew they weren’t hurt or involved but I needed to speak to them.
It was horrible. I soon managed to speak to my friend, who’d said she had managed to take them to their destination. They were OK but tearful.
It’s played on me, that I wasn’t there for them for this moment to hug them, to reassure them. I’ve felt like I failed them. I’m grateful to my friend and the Majorettes to keeping them safe, but as a Mum I felt like I let them down.

I can’t explain

In a weird way (I can’t explain why, but I know that people who ‘know’ will understand) it took me back to the final 24 hours of our daughter’s life, we left her happy, she was OK and safe. Then we still lost her.
I’m not a control freak, but being so far away from them I just felt like I was out of control as a parent.
I’m very nervous about leaving them due to the above reasons.
But I’m thankful, very thankful that they were cared for and safe.
I know people will think I’m weird, but that for me is how my anxiety effects me sometimes. I bloody hate it.

It makes me feel selfish too. 


The situation brings me to praising the community in which the Majorettes and Carnival clubs are. To show our support to the very special family involved we decided to change our social media pictures to that of a sunflower with love. It went viral, it wasn’t something we ever imagined. Lovely to see people-strangers some of them come together. I’m proud that my children are part of such an amazing community, I feel privileged to be a committee member.

Cheerful List

I’ve managed to increase my hours at work which has made me really happy, so 4 out of 5 shifts, plus relief cleaning; it has been lovely to spend more time within the work force.


The weird weather we have had this week, the named storms ending the week but earlier on we we very lucky to have been able to see a RED sun. It was amazing to see, the skies were yellow, unfortunately my camera phone didn’t pick it up as well as I had hoped for; but it was stunning

No Friday antics this week…Need to use our imaginations I reckon!!

Final Carnival of the Season, it was lovely I could be there this week. It was lovely seeing everyone come together, wearing sunflowers, offering kind gestures.

My light up shoes were actually COMFORTABLE!!! Definitely something to be cheerful about.



I hope you have managed to find something cheerful, just a tiny thing.

One Day at A Time.

Much Love.



Part Six

My Cheerful List #6

Not a lot happened this week, I am sure my updates are getting duller.

Cheerful Number Six

Carnival week begin in our town this week, with the Fairground arriving too. I am shocked by how much the prices have raised. I remember (Gosh I will sound old) when cheap night at the fair was actually cheap. Rides were no more than £1. My eldest wanted to go with her friend so I took just her, my son didn’t want to go; I wasn’t going to force him.  The cheap rides are now £2.50-£3.00; which is a fair amount if you or your child wants to go on more than just one ride.

Still she had a wonderful time.


There was an advert on social media about a Friday 13th Flash Day at a tattoo studio in the next town. Where they had set designs for £13 each.  I hadn’t had a tattoo for ages, I do love them I just can’t afford them, the best part was for all monies raised would go to charity – RSPCA, BiBiC and the one which swayed me – Towards Tomorrow Together. After majorette training myself, friend and two of her children (adults), raced to Taunton in the hope we’d get there before closing – we made it. Arriving at around 8pm, there was a room full of waiting people for their tattoos; with a few more turning up after us. One of my friend’s children unfortunately didn’t have the time, due to work.


But we were able to have ours done at about 12.30am. It was the most surreal experience to have a tattoo at that time of the night, but it was amazing; I am so please we stayed and had them done – only problem now, is that I want more. Soon maybe; thank you Indelible Ink

Butterfly Awards


Butterfly Awards arrived, we spent the night away; I was able to meet another fellow loss Mum who I had been speaking to since the beginning of her journey . I didn’t take home an award, but I wasn’t expecting to either. It was very nice to be away with my husband for the night, a very rare opportunity. The night set off some emotions I had forgotten I had, you can find out here how our evening went.

If you missed it here is #5

Thanks for reading My Cheerful List, what has made you cheerful this week?

My Cheerful List #5

Welcome to week five of my cheerful list. Where I find some things during the past week which has made me cheerful.


It has been quite busy, and I’ve not been entirely sure where this week has gone.Stepping forward with my blog work, I have some exciting things coming up, I am a little nervous about getting things done right to make the right impression, but it is nice and I am learning so much in the process. Blogging is (as I am finding out), is so much more than writing, point and shoot and getting attention. And there isn’t a lot of free things floating about; which isn’t what I am here for. I love writing and I just want to be read.

Full Days

Mini started full days this week, and they have been tough on her, yet she is still a shit sleeper… still waking to come into our bed, and no whilst she still needs us we won’t be placing her back…plus she screams rather loudly, do not want the whole house hold awake!


Lining myself up for an interview for extra work within my work setting, few extra hours in the hope that eventually hubby and I can role swap and he can be at home more. Mentally I need to keep busy, when I don’t do a lot my mind wanders, I over think then I am a wreck for days; it is not good.


Christmas shopping in Sidmouth with a friend, we have done this annually for the past few years, it is lovely. We have a nosey around the charity shops. My children (I think) are finished, apart from “main” presents. I have NEVER been this organised before. I have shopped throughout the year this year, have really enjoyed doing so, with the help of two easy to use apps (Play Store).


An evening out with friends. When I initially agreed to go and watch a show, I thought it would be a show to see my friend’s daughter in one of hers….NO! It was in deed to go and see Puppetry of the Penis. The show took place at The Octagon Theatre in Yeovil here in Somerset. I was a little unsure, but they are hilarious. These two guys, who literally make puppets out of their penises. Moving them in ways you have never seen, or imagined possible. Even without their penises these guys are hilarious, and are for audiences of both men and women, both were there in the audience. After the past few weeks I am so glad I went, nice to have a giggle. Then a McDonald’s afterwards.



Carnival night. The children had their next carnival in Ilminster in Somerset; they always love this one as a fair few of their friends go to watch. Their favourite is Chard, which is the following week. Best of all they came joint 1st! Amazing achievement.



I hope you have had a lovely week?

If you missed last week’s here is number four


My Cheerful List #1

I’m aiming to share a cheerful post each Sunday, with positive things from my week, whether it a big or a small thing.


We hit a couple of ‘firsts’ this week. It was the first week back at school for them all, although one only did two days, and another did half days.

First day of Primary School for the 4 year old, although only half days these next few weeks; she has certainly needed the start. So far she has loved every moment. I’ve been a little apprehensive, I now have to share her with teachers. Although I’ve already children at school, this time is so different. Co-parenting the older two and having only half the school runs it is hard to build up relationships with other parents. I’m not expecting to meet lots of new parents; I am shy when it comes to face to face meetings. But it will be lovely to feel part of the school run mum life.


Mini has rarely had any time away from us, at least not on a daily basis; she’s never been on days out with other people without us (apart from when a friend took her off our hands when I had Hyperemesis), so for this big (for Mama) leap to happen now, it has made me feel quite emotional this week.

I have been really struggling this week; for which I am so grateful to have such a wonderfully supportive husband. You’ve only had to say boo to me and I would have cried. I’m not really going to talk mental health here. This is my “happy” post.


Carnival season has begun, we had our first last night (9th September). They looked absolutely amazing. They have worked really hard too. Couldn’t be more prouder of my biggest and my boy. Mini, I think has seen what she is missing out on. This time last year she was a majorette; she had competed at 3 years old, she did the carnivals last year; but due to her lack of sleeping, she gets really grumpy at certain times of the day, which at the time included competition days; she would refuse to go onto the arena, so enough was enough. I felt embarrassed (although her trainer said there was no need to), she was becoming a little hard work; we decided to pull her out, at least until she begins to sleep at night, and settle into school.



This week in my blogging world; I’ve been a little overwhelmed by the switch; it stressed me out somewhat, which in term a great piece of writer’s block hit me around the head, I lost momentum. However due to the Duchess announcing her third pregnancy – her third Hyperemesis pregnancy it lead me to reviving old post, working with the charity PSS, and bagging myself an interview with a journalist for a magazine. Raising awareness for Hyperemesis is so important, and really should not be left to only when someone of importance gets it. It isn’t how it works. Normal, everyday people suffer, we suffer terribly.

Then there is the Butterfly Awards voting links have now gone live. It is such an honour to be part of such an amazing event, but very scary. I question myself a lot about whether I am really good enough. I have a lot of self doubt. But really I shouldn’t.

Something I definitely need to work on.

Hope your week has been good.


The Red Head Diaries