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January 2018 Favourites

The first month of 2018 is over, it has been a slow, wet and miserable one; with lots of thoughts to the Spring and the Summer! They seem so far away. Here are my January favourites.

In Sickness and In Health

We have certainly pushed these vows quite hard this month; poorly stomachs, anxieties; my husband continually suffering from his leg ulcer and a bout of tonsillitis in the mix too! It has not been a fun start to the year. I really hope it will only get better. I don’t have the patience to be poorly.

New Diet

I made the decision to cut meat from my diet; I used to be a vegetarian but when I was pregnant I craved real meaty spaghetti bolognese; so I ended up returning to eating meat. I have never really been a big meat eater; would rarely venture aware from Chicken. So I decided to remove it altogether. Initially it was just for January but as we have reached the end, I now think this will be a new permanent thing. I don’t miss it at all! I hope by switching to a healthier lifestyle I will feel better and continue that way too.

Favourite Vegetarian Food This Month

Linda McCartney’s Meat-Free Roast; served as a roast with veg, very yummy!

Snacks would be celery and houmous.

Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t all been lettuce leaves and tomatoes, but a calorie counted in WHITE KitKat had to be allowed somewhere!


January Weigh-In

With the new diet in mind, of course being under the weather, plus taking on extra hours, it has all been a contributing factor to losing a little bit. I am not a big fan of the big companies where you pay for the privilege to lose weight, so I calorie count, introduce smaller portions, cut out the crap and drink more water – or at least drink less caffeine too.

This month I have lost 3.5kg which is: 7.7lb.

I am happy with that; it is a loss and not a gain.


Birthday Boys.

Who thought it would be a good idea to have a birthday in January?! Well, both my husband and my son’s birthdays are in January! I kind of feel sorry for them having it so close to Christmas; I know they’re not comparable to those who do have them in December, but it is still too close!

My boy’s birthday was the first out of the two. The up-side to having the January birthdays is if you missed something at Christmas, you can use their birthday as a back-up! His birthday haul included Minecraft Stories Xbox 360 game. Am I the only one who simply does not get Minecraft? Even less the part where they watch other people on YouTube do it?! Maybe I am just getting old.

A dressing gown, books and a stunt scooter; which he absolutely loves so far!

We took him and a friend out for Bowling; they had a brilliant time.

Five days later, it was my husband’s turn. Check out his haul here – plus his weight-loss journey; he is doing amazingly.


January’s Blog Posts – My favourites.

I am trying desperately to find my mojo again, so attempting to continue to blog regularly AND keep up with it.

This month I started Flash Fiction Friday; which has so far gone really well. I have also shared a couple of one-off pieces too.

Take a look!

The Fall of Terra

National Kiss a Ginger Day

Working Mum vs Stay at Home Mum


I also have written on my other blog too

Please Bear With Me.


I hope the start of 2018 been a decent start for you all.

Thank you for reading and sticking around.

Don’t forget My Cheerful List runs every Sunday and Flash Fiction each Friday.

Where I Get My Story-Telling Inspiration.

To celebrate the Big Idea Competition, and to include a little more about how I came to take my love for writing further; I wanted to let you in on where I get my inspiration from.
From as long as I can remember I have always used writing as a form of escapism, somewhere I could run away and hide, while not leaving the room.
If ever I felt any kind of strong emotion, I’d take a pen and write, nothing would ever make sense it would be just words on paper, leading to nothing more, than me becoming calmer.
In 2012 our third baby was born at 26 weeks, for Mother’s Day that year my husband’s present to me was personalised journals. Either to begin writing a story to just write, so I thought I would do something constructive, and write our daughter’s story, her journey in NICU, so maybe one day give to her at 18, or use to embarrass her as a young teen in love…
Only she didn’t make it, and at a month old, I turned the writing into a form of pain relief, somewhere to release, when it felt the whole world around me had absolutely no idea, my thoughts and feelings just flew out onto the paper. Months went by and I continued the journey, into the discovery of my next pregnancy; with struggling with illness and huge anxieties through fear, writing once again became a huge escapism.
It was almost like talking it out to someone without being judged or a pity look and nod.
Once the baby was born safely, my attention turned more to her, I have continued to write but not as thoroughly.
Christmas 2013 I began writing a Naughty Reindeer Blog, a story about our Reindeer who had been sent by Father Christmas, to look after the children in the month of December.
My Children loved him. I will be continuing his adventures this year too, they are very excited.
Which led me to think maybe I could give them an imaginary land where they could adventure with their sister, but not as a human being. They completely know and understand what death is, but to be able to keep their sister’s memory alive in a mystical way.
What better way than to of course writes them all into a story together.
Worlds apart but always together.
So I owe my inspirations to my family, my family who will sing and dance to Disney films, and long for the magical happy ending.