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Fisher Price Woes

My Son begun his Thomas the Tank Engine collection from a very early age, from Brio, to Trackmaster and also the Take Along Series too. But very soon become apparent that the Take Along/Take N Play were to become a favourite in our house. Over the years we’ve accumulated a fair few trains and the play sets.
They’re now also fast becoming loved by our toddler daughter too.
Only this year, we’ve just purchased Knapford Station Playset and Take n Play Stackers. The station featuring Thomas and The Stackers featuring Dart.
Was very confused to find the difference in sizes of the engines he has had a while, to the two new engines he received for his birthday two days ago.


They have shrunk!
Dart is considerably a lot thinner, the quality of the engines have also decreased too.
With Thomas’ buffers aren’t even painted.
They look cheap.
Yet I am still paying roughly the same price as I always have done.


It is incredibly disappointing for someone to have collected the trains through out,
only for the design to change, and by quite a bit.


Find also Dart with the new Magnet design cannot shunt, due to having “opposite” reaction to another magnet, yet the older version is ok to use either way.
So, Fisher Price.
We are incredibly disappointed in your latest Thomas Series.
How long will it be until Thomas the Tank Engine Take Along, becomes
Thomas the Tank Micro Machines?
Judging by my son’s new set, I think this will be soon.
Stop with the Cheap Replicas.
We miss our bigger better quality trains.

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