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Aldi School Uniform Event

Today Aldi’s very popular Back to School event began today.

I love their special events, they’re able to give such fantastic deals on so many every day items, this of course includes their Back to School event.

I’d brought some items last year, particularly the Polo Shirts, they lasted really well, washing them didn’t wear them out in a away you’d expect for something so cheap.

With our third child entering primary school in September, I have needed to get fresh new clothes for her.

I was unfortunately not able to get for my older children, as the clothes only cater up to 10-11.

But I am pleased with what I did get for Mini.

Although there wasn’t a great deal left, I came away with items at fantastic prices, which having multiple children (two of whom need full new uniforms),  will save us some money.

So, we had to get 4-5/5-6 sizing, by the time we had arrived to Aldi (11ish)  there wasn’t a great deal left, had to really dig deep to find specific sizes.

My Haul


There were also jogging bottoms, school shoes, trousers, school jumpers, cardigans, school bags, and some stationery.

My haul is made up of a black pleated skirt, grey tights, two packets of polo shirts, p.e shorts and daps (plimsolls to other areas..).

Black Pleated Skirt and Tights.

Black Skirt is designed with a permanent pleat, and an adjustable waist. Fabric made from Teflon Ecolite, which is a “renewable sourced” finish. It feels light enough for the Summer months, but warm enough to continue into the colder parts of the year.

This is a single pack (5-6 years). Priced at just £1.25.

Next is grey tights (5-6 years),part of a pack of 3,priced at £3.99.

P.E shorts and Plimsolls.

P.E shorts size 4-5 years, there’s quite a jump for sizes with these, but look generous sizing so I brought a size down rather than 6-7. These come in a pack of two. Priced at £2.79.

Plimsolls (daps, I’ve always called them daps, which is it for you?). Anyway, these are handy for reception as they do their P.E sessions in the hall, there’s a choice of bare foot or daps. At the price of just £1.79, they’re ideal for P.E bags or spares for watery accidents.
Polo Shirts.

These come as a part of a packet of two. I brought them for Boy Red last year, he used his a lot, not just for school but he’d use these for Majorette Training too. They washed really well, and still going strong, but are now small due to an epic growth spurt he’s had this past year.

These are size 4-5 as again the sizing seems good.

The “girl” version has this pretty little finish on the collar.

I brought two packs of these at £1.25 a pack.

I’m really pleased with what I managed to pick up for Mini today, and all for a bargain price of £12.32.

All the items I did see were great prices too, including shoes at just £6.99.

If you’re planning a visit for the event, then do it soon. Stock is selling quickly and limited. Even if you buy a little in advance for the price it is worth it.

My local Aldi is Honiton.

Thank you for reading.

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