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Rainy Day Activity Ideas

There’s nothing quite like a bout of a contagious disease to stop all plans for days out or things away from the home. Or days and days on end of wet and miserable weather; where every soft play is packed or too expensive for all your children.

Our Easter Break has been hit with awful weather and a round of Chicken Pox. Neither has been welcomed with open arms. She has been in relatively good spirits, spiked temperatures but still continued to smile. We don’t agree with taking them in busy public places whilst having something like Chicken Pox; so we have had a good few days spent at home as a family.

With the recent snow, and terrible weather we have all the time; we have gotten used to just spending time at home doing other activities.

Here are some of our rainy day favourites.


DVD Days

We have a huge selection, especially children’s ones. We don’t have a TV license.  I won’t go into the ins and outs of that right now – but we just don’t watch “normal” television; we’re okay with this.

These are some of the films which our children are loving right now (we go in circles of favourites, do you?)


Paddington Bear 2


The Nightmare before Christmas (We also have had Arthur Christmas on the 1st day of Spring!)


Hotel Transylvania – 1 and 2

Cars Trilogy

Beauty and the Beast

Pete’s Dragon


Edible Art

So not much in the way of art; but rainy days wouldn’t be the same if there wasn’t some kind of cake making exercise.

Rice Krispie and Corn Flake chocolate treats. They always love these simple things, even the two year old can have a go, and mostly it is just an adult supervisory role; they can do most themselves. We often do this after the main Easter event, as it is an easy way to get rid of any uneaten Easter eggs. As parents we only buy 1-2 for them each, so any extra which don’t get eaten gets melted and turned to cakes or decoration! Nothing wasted.


Crafting and Construction

Lego is a firm favourite in our house for both adults and the children. We have lots of the sets that are readily available, but also my husband still has a large selection of Lego from his own childhood. Funnily enough it is quite a relaxing activity.

Drawing and colouring in books are another new activity which the five year old has fallen in love with, she received a few for her birthday and will regularly sit quietly and just colour in.


Role Play and Make Believe

Sylvanian families, Thomas the Tank Engine, toy kitchen and dolls prams are a massive hit and a great way to keep them occupied on these “cabin fever” days. They’re incredibly good at making stories with their little characters and would play for hours; I find it fascinating to watch as their stories and voices unfold.


Board Games

The traditional form or time passing, we still love.

My daughter was given a Friends Trivia Card game which is currently her favourite (as is the TV series box set).

Monopoly Empire – It is a fairly easy and quite short in comparison to the more traditional Monopoly games.

Card Games. “Pooh Head.” Is a bit of a favourite, not sure on the official name of this game!



When all else fails, and they’re all board gamed, and DVD worn out there is always the option of the Xbox or Kindle. Although for us it is the older two who play these more than the younger ones, the five year old has a “hand-me-down” one but plays it probably every six months; she isn’t interested. The two year old – she’s too young.



We are all very much looking forward to having no more bugs, and warmer weather.

But even if it continues to rain, and all the Pox has disappeared – there’s always muddy puddles!!

rainy day activities

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