blogging burn out

Fighting The Blogging Burn Out. A Break

Blogging Burn Out

Not entirely sure what to name this post, but burnt out was exactly how I was feeling. So I took a break. I needed to step away from blogging for a while; it made me tired and I began to hate it. That’s definitely not what I wanted; I found myself still trying to keep up with all the other bloggers out there, it was hard not to compare myself, whereas before I threw myself into the real blogging world I was literally in my own little bubble. That was how I liked it, and how I am now going to be.
So a few months ago, I took time away from this blog and my niche blog (Melody and Me). At the time it really was the best thing. Things have been hectic since I last spoke to you all.


When I began my break my poor husband had landed himself in hospital with his leg, which was initially thought to be cellulitis, but ended up being Sepsis. It was an incredibly worrying time and was since informed he was close to losing his leg. He is now currently awaiting an operation but is home and keen for the letter.
Sepsis scares me, it can take anyone at any time, since our daughter passed away from it; Sepsis has always played on my mind. It’s crap, and still needs a lot of awareness both in the general public and professionally. I selfishly really struggled with his hospital stay, I am not very trusting when it comes to medical things, watching him be so poorly, made me feel not only very helpless but incredibly anxious too.


Which brings me to the power of friendship, the importance of having people in your life who can help pick you up.
With an endless supply of love, babysitting, chocolates and Pimms, these people really helped rally around us, giving us both a chance to talk to someone.
It meant so much.  My beautiful friend from afar paid a visit too, which was so lovely, I do wish we could see each other more often.


I’ve upped my hours in my work life, which has meant that there is less time for writing; however, I am in a job which I have come to really love, working with a lovely bunch, who were also supportive when my lovely husband was poorly.
I’m hoping to eventually further the career one day.

Weight Loss

So, I have been trying hard to get rid of a lot of weight. It has been slow, and I lose than gain. It has been frustrating at times but I am enjoying learning to eat properly.

I had hit a stone during these last couple of months, but then I became poorly after a bug bite, so ended up with excess fluid, and temporarily monitoring my blood pressure. The fluid excess resulted in slight weight gain, so I put a couple of pounds back on.

But no I am back on track, I will be sharing what I can, and how I am attempting my weight loss, having gone back to a 16lb loss this week with losing 3.5lb at this week’s weigh-in; it feels good to be back on track to becoming healthier.

My husband has inspired me to continue this weight loss journey, check out his blog (Shave the Wookiee) for hints and tips of losing weight and getting in the right direction of getting fit and healthy.


As you may well be aware, my children take part in a majorette troupe, they have recently taken part in annual competitions, every other Sunday for a few months. They love it and I am proud to watch them grow in the years they have done it.


Making Memories

We have spent more time as a family, more time for friends too. Life shouldn’t be just about work or working towards better things; which is what I felt like I was doing with the blogs. Life flies by incredibly quickly.


Tommy’s Campaign

If you have read and remembered I was invited to be a part of the new Tommy’s Campaign, during July the campaign was released, I feel incredibly proud to be part of this. There is more information here and I have included some pieces in my own blog Melody and Me.


The Red Head Diaries – Fighting Blogging Burn-Out

Well, I have considered changing the name, but I have no idea to what, if I am quite honest it was such a pain in the arse a year ago to switch over, I will stick with The Red Head Diaries – I do still have red hair!

I probably won’t return to doing My Cheerful Posts, that’s not to say I won’t but it just an added pressure to get something done, when I prefer a more informal approach. However, if anyone knows of fun “Linkys” to join, point me in their direction.

Flash Fiction

There are a  couple of pieces ready to be shared. My aim at the moment is to concentrate more on writing fiction than writing family life; although both will play heavily here.

I just want to enjoy writing again like I once did. To have the people who regularly read my work continue to do so.

I have missed it, and I am glad I took the break.

There is nobody more unique than you.





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