Under Construction Two – Hyperemesis

My Hyperemesis Gravardium Journey

Living with (surviving) Hyperemesis

It took a few weeks for it to move in and make it self at home. I discovered my positive pregnancy test Friday 24th October, was having a morning out with my friend, so was easy to put it to the bottom of my mind. The days went by and I had a bad feeling I wasn’t being sick, I felt normal. I even managed to celebrate my birthday with my friend and her family. I just knew it wasn’t going to be happy news.
By 7th November I was beginning to feel a little nauseous, I felt maybe the need for sickness bands would be required. I’d already confided in my friend, so I could buy them without question.
The nausea became progressively worse over the week leading me to require help from the GP, only the medication would make me sleepy,so I chose to try them at the weekend.


It was something I quickly regretted it, making me feel worse than I did the day before.
Avonomine was a no go.
I was fast becoming sicker, I could barely move, even sitting made me vomit. It was incredibly overwhelminging.
13th November I felt very unwell and was sad I couldn’t go out to meet my friend, but felt lucky she insisted on visiting, barely unable to stand she did her best to cheer me up.
The next day John took our youngest shopping with him, so I could go back to bed, only that was a disaster, I couldn’t get out again, we knew we had to contact the GP.
Something had to be done, I felt like death.
Unsure of what to do with me the GP contacted the antenatal ward.
With a response for me to go in.
The journey was awful, made feel awful, my eldest went to majorettes, my children had no idea about the pregnancy.
Hyperemesis had taken hold.

First Hospital Visit

I arrive at the reception, barely able to stand, the midwives led me to a bed.
Once again the memories of being back in the ward came flooding back. Nightmares.
I laid in the bed fearful to move, desperately holding onto my vomit, scared of being heard being sick. Fear of being sick.
Very soon I was put on fast flow fluids, with antiemetic going in too.
Finally after 6 litres of fluid I began to feel like a whole new woman, still nauseous but I could stand. Ketones had gone from 4+ to 1 no wonder I felt so rotten.
The midwife suggested I stay over night, but she knew how anxious I felt, so insisted I returned the next morning for my medication, to phone them instead of GP which felt like a relief in itself.

Morning After

Returning home, I managed some fries and some sleep.
The next morning, we returned to get my medication and to be told I would be able to get a scan too, to rule out a molar pregnancy or a twin one, no I felt scared.
I would hear in a few days.
Spending the weekend with a light relief, a break.
But of course it didn’t last long, the sickness returned, not as intense but just as miserable.
We returned for the scan, I turned away from the screen, to be told baby had a lovely heartbeat, relief was lovely, but I knew an 8 week scan didn’t mean a baby at the end.
With my spare ordantestron, I was able to do a little Christmas shopping. Wore me out but was nice.
That was the final day out I had for 17 days, aside from a friend doing school run and another visiting once a week, it was fast becoming a lonely, lonely place.
I was losing count how many times I was vomiting, I could barely look at a computer screen so couldn’t rely on my online friends again.

12 Week Scan

The 17th day meant it was time for my 12 week scan, another uncomfortable journey.
A short wait for the scanning room, I was called in, facing away from the screen, until it was OK to look, there it was, our bouncing waving baby.
I couldn’t show emotion, even that makes me sick!!!!
With weekly midwife visit and hearing the heart beat at the last one, makes this awful trimester a thing of the past.
Hoping the hg fades soon, but for now.
I am feeling Blooming Awful.
Dreaming of a sick free, normal pregnancy…
to be continued…..

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