Under Construction… Sixteen

Weeks are becoming a little more slower,
the anxieties are getting heavier.
Upside we have had some positive post through the door…
A carrier that I haven’t used before so am quite excited, we went for this one as we’re once again predicted a dinky dot, and this one unlike the one I used before starts at a smaller weight, so we can use it a lot sooner.
Also nappies too, cloth stash is ever increasing, some really cute teeny tiny ones!
And nesting has begun.
There was the positivity…
Brief visit to the ward brought to light an irritated uterus, probably brought on by being sick so much.
Reduced movements, but of course baby woke up once on the monitor.
So feeling sore and uncomfortable.
Have been offered extra monitoring.
* *
I don’t know if I am strong enough to fight any more, my nerves are shot.
The HG has worn me down, the nerves through fear have chiselled at my thoughts.
Scared that I will miss that window of lowered movements.
fear that something will go wrong again.
I hate this, I really want to enjoy my final ever weeks of pregnancy, of course I know that won’t happen completely.
I am really struggling
I have to keep going.
* * *

Milestone, one of the last.
If baby is born now
(which of course it won’t)
Nobody will touch its eyes! Won’t need that horrid, horrid eye test.

* * * *

Scan day.
No picture today as baby was being shy.
Baby growing along its lower line, so they’re happy.
I’m relieved.
Really not long to go.
46 Days To Go,
so not many scans or appointments to go.
As from above, it was a tearful session. But consultant, John and the lead midwife over there were so, understanding of the Hyperemesis dragging me down and of course the fear of losing the baby,

Was given these today though to help with the nutritional deficiencies

Reminds me of when I worked in care! Have to try and sip one of these throughout the day.
We’ll see…
It has been a tough few weeks this update,
but I need to try and enjoy these final weeks, as they really are my final weeks of ever being pregnant.


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