Under Construction Fourteen

Anxious week following our scan last week.
Having had Four IUGR babies in the past, being told your baby’s weight had dropped off it’s line a little…you tend to worry a lot; especially when two of your babies had been in NICU and one hadn’t come home.
So the seven days in between, led to wakeful nights, worried on what the next scan appointment would bring.
Would there be a scenario, where we’d be given a 10 day warning?
Would we have more worrying, or worse – bad news?
Over and over in my head, of course these things only happen at night!
Hyperemesis ramping up several gears.
Movements reducing one day, normal the next, constant worry.
This baby is certainly keeping me on my toes.
Scan day, vomiting, headache no sleep…of course a normal day for me really, but only made worse by worrying about the appointment.
Walked into the scan room to find that it wouldn’t be growth as it would be too close from the previous one. So they checked cord and waters.
Which thanks to the aspirin doing the job of keeping pre-eclampsia at bay, cord hasn’t cork screwed in on development.
Everything looked normal..
Going into consultant,
she was able to prescribe me some decent antacids, which I am hoping will help this HG.
SPD confirmed…*sigh* I had been trying to ignore it.
When there are so many other issues on my list, feel almost embarrassed that SPD has moved itself in too. Still, physio referral in…if the HG allows!!
Onto the scan discussion, she didn’t see any reason to be worrying at this stage, the previous consultant was being over cautious. Which is good in one way, but bad for the anxieties.
Huge relief, especially to know that the IUGR treatment is helping.
Being genuinely high risk, knowing I have a great team working on getting this baby to the finish line safely, the continuity of having weekly midwife, and now fortnightly consultant, who knows what they’re doing does help with the nerves.
Some may like this fuss, the idea of extra scans etc.
Me?…I just wanna curl up in a dark corner with of course a large dose of sedation!
So that was our appointment.
I have touched upon lack of bonding, no excitement of pink or blue attire..
The end goal being our ONLY focus.
Any way as we’re now onto single figure count down, it is time.
Although we have one focus, we’re going to end up with an almost naked bed-less baby!
Hubby has a planned day off this week, so we’re going to attempt to focus on getting at least one item off our “to get list”….and maybe a cloth nappy too.
Spending a good few days searching on line, changing my mind, it will be a challenge
that we WILL complete!
We need bump nicknames too…it likes music, we thought funky chicken, but think it is too long!

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