Under Construction Four – Hyperemesis

Feel like an incredibly lucky lady, received our first baby gift.
It is extremely cute!


Had a down day again this week, the HG has been such a hard thing to live with, I guess there is only so much people can take.
I’ve had a few down days, but it’s incredibly hard to show emotion, that when I do that makes me sick too. With the new meds, I was expecting an instant cure, a miracle.
But that was wishful thinking.
Of course they’ve done something, I was able to cry and I wasn’t sick.
Watching the world be so blase about the whole HG and your pregnancy worries, it fast becomes a lonely place to be.

Hyperemesis is isolating

Having a pregnancy that is so high risk, even without the HG is daunting. A supportive ear is hard to find.
It’s consuming.The only reason we ended up announcing, something I wasn’t massively keen on, a difficult decision when you’ve had a baby die after birth. But of course the HG is isolating, feeling guilty for only relying on two friends
(My school run helper and my tots mama), I hate putting on people. But I know they’ve said they didn’t mind. That’s real friendship.



As I mentioned last time (I think) I get nervous in buying things, especially as I see anything before 26 weeks too early.
But you see I am a cloth bottom addict, and there was a very good boxing day sale for nappies and wraps, I took a scary plunge, they arrived a week or so ago.
They look tiny compared to my daughter’s nappies.
They’re nothing fancy to look at but they’re practical.

The one thing I haven’t minded is buying is my best bit of new jewellery, my count the kicks bracelet, a little early but its there ready and waiting.

Highly recommend them to mum-to-be.
Great for piece of mind. For a fantastic charity.


15 weeks.

After 9 weeks of being sick and finally a short sharp dose of steroids…I think I have turned a corner!
Here’s hoping!
Really looking forward to feeling the baby more regularly, this next stage is so much waiting and hoping, at times can make me anxious.
I’m lucky that I have midwife popping in, and having a little listen weekly.

15+4 and the HG pops by, a break would be nice.
I did manage to leave the house for toddler group.
Really has knocked me on to my ass, I am impatient to get better as and do things.
Long for a normal fuss free pregnancy, bringing to the first hint of protein.
I hope this isn’t a sign.
Baby heart is beautiful, can’t wait to feel it better.
It found my bladder last night.

Support group

Had some great news about a group we’re hoping to set up in the area, it’s something that of course is so important to us, to do for bereaved parents.
Gives me something to focus on in the run up to our special little girl’s birthday and the horrible 5 week long limbo land.

To remain calm is utmost importance.

In the words of Christina Yang..
“Somebody, sedate me!!!”

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