Under Construction Five – Hyperemesis


Over the past few days the Hyperemesis had been getting progressively worse, so with the advice of my midwife, it was off to the Antenatal Ward. Again.
Very much hoping I would be able to have the steroids I’d had last week, they helped immensely. Then they wore off.
Bloods were taken, then it was the wait.
Bloods were OK, although my CRP was slightly raised, my consultant popped in and I explained a pain, when she explained it could be a cyst.
Very much hoping it won’t hurt baby if it is.
Steroids prescribed, homeward bound.
I hope they help!!

16 weeks

And the sickness is still taking hold, turned up a notch, I’m hoping its because there’s a growth spurt; even so, my waist band is shrinking, and it’s making me nervous.
Of course I need to loose some, I’ve a lot of excess baggage shall we say; but as I have small babies anyway, it’s making me incredibly nervous; will this baby be OK?
Will the sickness ever go away?
I’m on the steroids, and people who are not around me or see how bad I am, expect them to be the magic pills, the permanent cure, I’ll wake up normal and be better.
It doesn’t work that way, just less sickness and nausea will do me fine.
Hyperemesis rarely stops in pregnancy, but this is when I do wish for that!!
The Hyperemesis really has taught me a lot this time, the difference between genuine support,
and ones who now only want to know because I am pregnant.
It was known that I have been poorly since well before Christmas, but to the outside world it was random  -illnesses, like vertigo. It didn’t matter now.
But every one wants to know now there’s a baby reason.Humans are strange.
Silver lining.

Well the snow didn’t settle but it’s certainly very windy and wet!
Beginning to feel the anxieties, I feel incredibly relieved to have weekly midwife support, but the days in between are becoming increasingly longer.
Looking forward to finally getting regular movements, maybe I’ll relax a little.
But then, maybe I won’t.

Weekly midwife visit was lovely, nice to hear the baby, to give me some very much needed reassurance, it’s beginning to get hard.

Bonding Scan

So 16+4
I took my medication at what seemed to have been a good time.
For today we had a bonding scan,

My nerves cannot cope with the weeks waiting in between the 12 week scan and the 20 week scan.
Once the 20 week scan arrives we’ll be having 2-3 weekly scans, so maybe my nerves will be calmer.
Only a little.
It was a lovely experience, but baby was not playing ball.
It was sulking, and hiding into my placenta, hands on face, then hands between legs.
Far too cosy!
These were the semi decent photos we managed.

It didn’t even play ball for a 3d. But to be fair we were there for reassurance.
We did get a sneak peak of baby’s gender too. Again that wasn’t the intention.
But we’re having
A Baby!!
We’re keeping it schtum!
The health of baby is the only thing that matters and that it comes home.

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