Why Do I Blog?

Sometimes I have absolutely no idea why. More often or not I am not even sure if they’re ever being read.


I began my internet blogging journey five years ago writing about the start of my pregnancy after the loss of Melody. I’d already written using pen and paper Melody’s pregnancy, birth and life. I had spent so much time behind a computer screen speaking to people on forums and Facebook groups, it felt at the time like an extension, or at least something to compliment what I was already in discussions about.

Having a pregnancy after the loss of an infant was terrifying, coupled with HG made everything so isolating, which left me alone. Due to the pregnancy being so close to the loss of Melody my words of terror during pregnancy actually turned into words about the grief for her.

October 2012 I took part in my very first grief project (Capture Your Grief); it was here I fell in love with the idea of documenting my relationship with grief, living with it. I knew then it was something I needed to do, whether it was read by people, which was a different matter, if the posts were read then even better. For me it meant that I was hopefully helping someone, whether they had their own grief, or just struggled to understand mine.

For a long time I focused solely on this blog, it became my niche, I felt confident about talking about her, it has helped me so much.


I made a decision to share family life too, as a way of making memories, and I guess to compliment Melody and Me in a way that parenting after loss is very, very different to that of how parenting was before.

I love, love writing, and most of the time it is probably crap, sometimes I try to be funny…I’m not.

I just would like to be read, the blogging community is huge, and to be a small part of that is great, I do know I have a lot more to learn and a lot of confidence building.

Some things will be changing (again – sorry) over the next couple of months, but that is simply because I really am learning on the job, which is what I hope this will become one day.


Thank you for sticking by my month of prompts; although I did schedule some of them ahead of the days, I have enjoyed taking part.

I hope you have enjoyed reading them, and getting to know your author that little bit more.

Maybe I will do another soon.


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I do have some very exciting news coming in the Next 24 hours for both of these blogs. I am just hoping I have made the right decision… Eek!

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