Where I Get My Story-Telling Inspiration.

To celebrate the Big Idea Competition, and to include a little more about how I came to take my love for writing further; I wanted to let you in on where I get my inspiration from.
From as long as I can remember I have always used writing as a form of escapism, somewhere I could run away and hide, while not leaving the room.
If ever I felt any kind of strong emotion, I’d take a pen and write, nothing would ever make sense it would be just words on paper, leading to nothing more, than me becoming calmer.
In 2012 our third baby was born at 26 weeks, for Mother’s Day that year my husband’s present to me was personalised journals. Either to begin writing a story to just write, so I thought I would do something constructive, and write our daughter’s story, her journey in NICU, so maybe one day give to her at 18, or use to embarrass her as a young teen in love…
Only she didn’t make it, and at a month old, I turned the writing into a form of pain relief, somewhere to release, when it felt the whole world around me had absolutely no idea, my thoughts and feelings just flew out onto the paper. Months went by and I continued the journey, into the discovery of my next pregnancy; with struggling with illness and huge anxieties through fear, writing once again became a huge escapism.
It was almost like talking it out to someone without being judged or a pity look and nod.
Once the baby was born safely, my attention turned more to her, I have continued to write but not as thoroughly.
Christmas 2013 I began writing a Naughty Reindeer Blog, a story about our Reindeer who had been sent by Father Christmas, to look after the children in the month of December.
My Children loved him. I will be continuing his adventures this year too, they are very excited.
Which led me to think maybe I could give them an imaginary land where they could adventure with their sister, but not as a human being. They completely know and understand what death is, but to be able to keep their sister’s memory alive in a mystical way.
What better way than to of course writes them all into a story together.
Worlds apart but always together.
So I owe my inspirations to my family, my family who will sing and dance to Disney films, and long for the magical happy ending.

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