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    When I was a child I collected erasers, I had a large collection with many different shapes and sizes.

    I wouldn’t really say I collected anything now as an adult, however Mr Red would somewhat disagree.

    Bags, not designer handbags; there’s no Gucci, Chanel or Burberry (I have just Googled the names), I do have a few handbags, but it is nothing compared to my rather large reusable shopping bag collection.

    I’d say I have about 30, but upon asking the mister, it would be closer to 100.

    I have all sorts of character ones, from Finding Dory to Frozen, mostly from Tesco. I have Canvas ones which are Harry Potter, Trolls and Alice in Wonderland from Poundland and Primark. I have no idea why I have so many, but I use the vast majority of them. Canvas ones occasionally replace my handbags; they fit more crap in them. They’re ideal for swimming too.

    I don’t just have ones with characters on, I have the generic supermarket ones as well as ones which raise money for charity, like Count the Kicks and BHF (which is a daffodil one).

    It probably is a little excessive, but I don’t care. I like them; I’ll continue to purchase them.

    The photo I have included is of course not the whole collection, but if I were to get them all out, the two littlest people would no doubt spread them around the house.

    These really are a very, very few of my collection.

    Why do I like them so much?

    I have no idea if I am honest, but I do know it isn’t a strange collection to have.

    Will I stop?


    I do have another collection, which is shared on another day…

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