Dream Job

Everything I thought I wanted to be changed when I met my husband. I’ve said before I had always loved writing, but I never took it seriously; that was until I met my husband who has the same love.
Before we met I thought the next step would be a nursing career, I’d worked in care for such a long time, it was the next natural progression, it was difficult due to child care, so I paused my course with full intention of starting again one day; I loved my job at the hospital. Then I lost my job, I worked in agency for a while after I remarried. But as my pregnancy with Melody progressed I was too ill to carry on. Once again I planned to return after my maternity, I was looking forward to it.
Then she died.

Every single thing from before changed. From very early on in our grief journey I decided I would never want to work in the care profession again.

I tinkered about working from home, odd writing jobs here and there, I began writing for a hobby and the blog dedicated to Melody, found a new love for blogging and writing in a separate blog too.

So I guess my absolute dream job would to be a full time writer.

I am incredibly grateful to have such a supportive husband and actually I do have a few supportive friends and family too.

All else fails, I really love my day job, I am a midday supervisor – Dinner Lady –I never in a million years thought it would be something I would love, but I really, really do.


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