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International Cat Day – Narla and Porridge

International Cat Day

4 AM


It is time to wake the humans. It feels like days since we have seen any humans.


4.30 AM

They have left us. Why have they left us?

“Meow, meow”

I wonder if I took a walk they would notice that I wasn’t there.

6 AM

The door of the big house finally opens. As always Porridge just has to push in. I don’t know where she spends her nights; she really annoys me – most of the time.

6.10 AM

Why do they insist on giving me these biscuits?

I’m off…

6.15 AM

Okay, I am hungry I will just have to eat them. But one day I will just stand my ground and not eat them. One day I will teach them; for now, I am hungry.

6.20 AM

That Porridge is always trying to eat ALL the food, she makes me so cross; she has lived here longer than me. However, I do like to remind her who I boss from time to time. These scatty younger ones get on my nerves sometimes.

6.30 AM

Oh, I think the tiny humans are awake. They are so noisy sometimes. But now that they are awake, it means I can go to bed.

Their beds are so unbelievably comfortable.

8.30 AM

I think I should go and take a wander, the house appears slightly quieter, everyone must have left. Good!

I’m going to check out my bowl. Still the biscuits; they’re okay but I much prefer the meat. It’s time to get some fresh air. I love this neighbourhood; most of the others are friendly enough. Not many socialise with me very often. I like that, I like that they all usually keep themselves to themselves I don’t like the drama.

9.30 AM

I’m going to make my way back to the house, I am tired I could do with a nap; feeling too tired to walk the stairs I’ll just nap on the sofa – or at least until someone moves me.

2 PM

Well, I guess I had better venture out, go to the toilet the humans get mad if I attempt to toilet somewhere in the house. I have seen them shout at Porridge, not fun. She is a pain at times though.

3 PM

The weather has cooled a little; I think I am going to sunbathe. My humans tell people I am lazy, but also tell people how adorable I am, that I already know.

3.30 PM

The tiny humans are home, the smallest one is very for cuddles; I don’t mind sometimes but she does get a little rough. Porridge doesn’t like it so much, she’s a funny one she doesn’t seem to love the tiny humans as much as me – which is great for me as I get more cuddles!

I loved it when they were babies, there was a smell of milk and warmth everywhere, snuggling into the Mama were my favourite times of the day.


4 PM

It’s time for another nap. It is actually fairly exhausting being a cat.

4.15 PM

Urgh. Porridge always has to try and annoy me, all of the time. I don’t agree with violence, but when she brushes past me when I am trying to get the humans’ attention, just grates on me.

So I swipe her, not enough to cause her pain, but enough for her to get out of my face. I don’t know why she does it. Stupid cat.

5 PM

The humans are about to have their dinner, I wonder what they are having. I need to remind them that I have to eat too.

5.10 PM

I may as well go outside for a bit, it’ll be a while I am sure before I can get some dinner. I do need to get to the bowl before Porridge, although we do eat the same amount, she has his habit of putting her mouth all over my food before eating her own, when I attempt the same to her she hisses. She doesn’t like the taste of her own medicine.

6.30 PM

It’s getting a little darker and quieter out here; I wish they would hurry up and give us dinner. I’m on the neighbourhood watch. We get the odd stranger in our midst; they need to be kept an eye on.

7 PM

Finally, meat time and I am first in – for once. She’s not far behind, my turn to grumble at her. I like her sometimes, she isn’t all that bad; just annoying.

7.15 PM

Off I go into the night; I like my evenings out and about,  I do sleep in the house when it is super cold though. I can hear the humans telling Porridge she should go out too, she tried to push her luck every single night, I wonder when she will learn?

9 PM

There’s a ginger Tom cat always hovering, he can keep away from me (and Porridge); he’s always so overly friendly. I don’t even know where he is from. I wish he would just return there.

11 PM

I have found myself a place to rest my head in the wooden Wendy house; I can hear most things from here. No idea where Porridge goes, never far – I do care about her, believe it or not.

 1 AM

It’s time for another check of the neighbourhood. It is reasonably quiet here, not many humans or strange cat visitors. I’m glad really. I don’t like wandering too far from the house. I am a home cat.

3.30 AM

There’s something on the ground, maybe if I can catch it I can take it home, my humans will be so pleased. It’s a mouse! A mouse, I cannot wait to see their faces. I’ll have to leave it on the ground for now, while I try to get their attention; Porridge had better not pretend it is her gift!

It’s time to wake them up. It’s been days since we have seen them.

3.45 AM



International Cat Day

International Cat Day is a great way to celebrate our furry friends. They really are wonderful creatures, lots of fun and make the best companions

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