Flash Fiction Friday – A Prologue

This is a prologue from a book, which I have almost finished; which will be part of a series.

The bright lights that had surrounded her for so long, became blurry, duller they didn’t make her blink as much.

Darker and darker her surroundings became until there was nothing but black, had she gone blind? Or was it just that black. She could feel herself falling, she couldn’t see where she was falling, how far she’d be falling or if she’d ever stop; she felt strangely calm. The silence was deafening.

She landed with a loud thud, it echoed, over and over.

Eye closed tight she laid on her back facing, what she assumed was up; afraid to open in fear of them hurting, she didn’t want any light to hurt them more. Her body stiffened something nudged and scratched deep in the middle of her back, it was uncomfortable she couldn’t quite reach around with her arm to feel what the discomfort or attempt to make it stop.

The scratching made her squirm and wiggle, in the hope that it would stop; a little stretching in her back and it was soon over; instead a tickling sensation replaced it, it wasn’t as uncomfortable.

She forced her eyes open, she could see a new dull light, and more natural than the one she remembered and was used to.

She blinked repeatedly, thankfully it didn’t take them long to adjust. She stood a short while, she had no idea where she had landed or how she would get out, if she ever would but she knew that everything was now different. Standing still concentrating, taking it all in the tickling sensation in her back begun again, making her lift off the ground slightly, it made her gasp. Peering over she shoulder, she noticed wings, yellow silky with five tiny diamonds attached to them, they fluttered gently, they were obviously brand new. She most certainly didn’t begin her journey with them, she couldn’t find instructions; she knew then she would have to be self-taught.

The beams that shone down around her, became wider the further forward she floated; every now and again she could feel herself lowering slightly, encouraging herself to make use of her precious new equipment. It became easier the further she went.

Pleased with herself she figured out the harder she fluttered the higher and slightly quicker she travelled. This felt fun.

The higher she rose, she began to be as high as the birds, they nodded as they passed her, slightly lowering herself she caught sight of the bees, she hoped she could become friends with them, but they looked too busy.

Up ahead she could see an array of colour, pinks of all different shades, bubbles she could see a name similar to her own on there, she wondered if they were destined for her. She chased and played with them for a short while, while they hovered in the calm breeze, until a sudden gust of wind sent them further away from her, causing her to somersault as they floated by. She tried to see where they were from, lowering herself a little, she didn’t want to get too close.

A dark cloud appeared just above her, rain began to fall; they felt heavy on her back, on her wings. She could feel herself getting heavy at the same time; her energy was beginning to fade too. She got closer and closer to the ground, but she couldn’t find the energy to fight it, to keep herself up.

Gently floating lower, until she hovered slightly over ground gently placing her feet on to the ground. Standing still she realised she had landed in what seemed like a garden, turning on the spot she found what looked like an old tree stump, it appeared to be vacant, she felt relieved that she could maybe rest her head for a short while, or at least until she figured out what her next plans would be.


She closed her eyes. Dreaming of new tomorrows.


Note from the Author: Thank you so much for joining me each Friday for these pieces of fiction. They’re different pieces, which I wasn’t intending to publish as part of this series but haven’t been feeling 100%. I love writing fiction, and have loads more to share. 

Thank you for reading my flash fiction. 

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