October Favourites

Another Month over, we’re fast moving forward to reach the end of 2017. October Was no different, in what felt like a really fast month.

Here are some of my favourite bits from October.


We had carnivals galore, the children love doing them; I love them being a part of such a fantastic community. There is a real community spirit when it comes to carnival; not just majorettes but all across the board.


The troupe took home an assortment of first and second place prizes; which they are super proud about. It is my daughter’s 5th year and son’s 4th. I am glad they have found something they love.

light up shoes



Every year for about three years now a friend and I with our youngest children, even before the babies were born have paid a visit to Sidmouth in Devon to do a little Christmas Shopping, it is often surreal, as it is normally lovely weather, so rather than Hot Chocolate, we sit on the beach and eat fish and chips. This year we took just the two youngest. It was lovely, albeit if they weren’t keen on cooperating (general theme with these two year old toddlers).

Sidmouth in October


I love trying new things, changes of scenery and just having a jolly good time. About a year or so ago a made a new friend through the majorettes; have made a few through the years; we have this crazy ability of talking utter crap for hours, and still not run out of things to say…. Earlier this year I was invited to watch one of her daughter’s in a show at her college, and said I’d be up for seeing more.

One evening I get a call asking if I wanted to go and see a show, I pretty much jumped at the chance, it is always a giggle… Then she said “But I haven’t told you what it is.” I replied, “Ah it’s okay I’m sure it’ll be great.”  To then find that it had nothing to do with her daughter, that I had just agreed to watch – Puppetry of The Penis. Yes it is a thing, and no there are no puppets of the Kermit kind. They really do make puppets out of their…um – Yeah!

It was hilarious, would definitely recommend going to watch them.



sorting hat tattoo

Same company as before – I had an advert pop up in my news feed about a Charity event which was in aid of three charities. BiBiC Centre, RSPCA and the one which caught my eye Towards Tomorrow Together. For £13 for a small amount of set designs, I thought why not; this friend her other daughter and son came down to be tattooed. Unfortunately the studio was incredibly busy and her son was unable to at that point. We stayed and was eventually tattooed at half past midnight. I love, love being tattooed; and haven’t been able to recently due to not being able to afford it. We’ll be doing it again at the next Flash Day!


Butterfly Awards

I had been nominated and shortlisted for a Butterfly Award, an event which celebrates the people who are effected by baby loss, either as parents, health care professionals or as organisations. I was able to meet another Mum who I have spent years talking to through the loss of our babies. She as well as my husband really helped me that night; I am very grateful.


Butterfly Awards

It was very difficult towards the end of the night, but it was lovely that we got to be away for the night and be a couple; which is really rare.


October Randoms

Mini was able to try on my wedding dress and was completely gutted that it wouldn’t fit her. She looked lovely in it. She is such a princess, and I suspect will have a huge princess wedding when she gets married. One of her favourite things is playing dress up.

little girl wearing her mums wedding dress

Fairground visit with the eldest, she wanted to meet her friend and I wasn’t too keen on letting her go without me. It did make me feel old, took me back to some lovely memories. She had an amazing time.

We also saw an incredibly strange colour sky, which included a Red Sun. Amazing.


Half Term

October half term was quiet, we spent a lot of the time just chilling at home; it was mini’s first official half term and she was shattered, so we chose not to do too much with them. We were lucky that we had dry days, so we took ourselves out to Montecute House near Yeovil and had a walk around, it was really lovely, the Autumn leaves everywhere makes everything seem so pretty.

National Trust


I also took part in my first Blogtober, here is a recap of Day One 


Thank you for reading.

Another month done.


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