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I cannot believe when I write my next monthly entry we’ll already be days in to the Summer Holidays, this year is whizzing by incredibly quickly. Flying through the longest day with a heatwave, which lasted a good few days. I had read somewhere, we’ve had the hottest June since 1995, however ‘they’ do say this often.

1995, does seem like such a long time ago, June of that year I was in year seven (first year of secondary), and probably counting down the days for the Summer holidays. This year it is the turn of my eldest daughter.

This time last year we (mostly me no doubt), were nervous about the transition from Primary School to Secondary School, looking back we needn’t have worried. More of that next month.

With the weeks moving by, it has been hard to keep up and remember, looking back through the photos, I don’t quite believe where the time has gone.

As I was saying earlier, we have been incredibly lucky with the weather this month, which meant there were more things to do. We were able to spend time in the garden, we’re still in the midst of giving it a makeover, but it isn’t something we can afford to do in one hit, so it really is one step at a time.

Garden Fun

Paddling Pools, Pop up tents and tunnels, we (I mean Mr Red), even built the wooden play house. We had purchased it, roughly two years ago at a bargain price of £31 (down from £60), we just haven’t had the time, space or really the decent weather to put it up.

The littlest girls love it, although Boy Red has had his fair share of fun it in it too. We’d brought it from our local Asda store in Taunton, where my husband had to abandon us in the store to take it home, where he was then caught in traffic, the usual accidents along the way and the way back. It was very worth it.


The children found it amusing.

Family Outing

The beginning of June took us on an adventure to Haynes Motor Museum situated in Sparkford, Near Yeovil in Somerset. We were given the opportunity to visit thanks to my Mother In Law, who was very lucky to have won the tickets at a Charity Barn Dance back in February, so she invited us to help her use her ticket.

There were many, many types of cars, classic, vintage, sporty, tiny ones too.

My son was in his element looking at all of the cars, for me seeing the vintage types brought back many, many childhood memories. My Dad owned a vintage – Jowett, he’d take it to Steam Rallies during the Summer. He began the process of a new restoration but he died before he completed it. My brother took on the role, although I no longer have communications with him, I know he had restored it somewhat.



Yellow Car!

Do you ever play this game?

Can be fun providing the punches aren’t too hard…

There was a lovely outdoor area for the children to play, safe with Coupe Cars, scooters and small pedal Go-Karts, there were some small motorized ones in the play area too.




Children’s Hobby

The children had Majorette things going on over the month, open evenings, competitions, there was even a Bingo too. My Son very proudly got second prize medal for twirling, he’s not always had the confidence to twirl, but somehow that day he nailed it, with a fantastic outcome.

We made the decision to take Mini out of Majorettes, she was enjoying it, but various factors came into it including her not sleeping made the decision right. May be one day she’ll rejoin, but I didn’t want to push her into something that she would hate.

We all know when it gets to that point, and it just makes life uncomfortable, life is too short for things like that.




With the weather being the way it has, there have been lots of opportunities for outdoor play, visits to parks, National Trust Properties and the beach. Paid a visit to Nine Springs in Yeovil, French Weir in Taunton, both very lovely clean parks. The children loved them, although we couldn’t stay at Nine Springs for too long due to the heat, the soft tarmac beneath our feet was super hot, definitely worth a visit to them both.




Birthday Girl

June saw us celebrate our youngest daughter’s second birthday. The years have flown by, hard to imagine that she is now two. When my last child was two, I was pregnant with her. Baby Lolly was wonderfully spoilt for her birthday, I think she had a pleasant day.


We celebrated at the weekend at a carnival, where the older two displayed, we enjoyed a picnic with friends before, and a couple of Pimms after the carnival, which was lovely.




The Longest Day

As the month rolled by the temperatures went up, although lovely it was also quite intense. I know us Brits have a habit of moaning about the weather, I guess we wouldn’t be Brits if we didn’t, I also know that there are hotter places on the Earth than what we had during our heatwave, but if we’re not used to it, then we’re okay to be a little surprised by it.

The best thing, was that for a moment it stopped the talking about politics. Another thing which is never right…But I am certainly not talking about that here…

During the day we visited the woods, open air –  fresh air but not in the heat, lots of shade for our rather fair babies.


The evening was still just as warm, so we took ourselves off to Seaton for chippy tea. It is such a lovely beach, and it wasn’t a surprise to see it quite busy, even in the evening, swimmers, paddlers the BBQ pros, they were all out making memories, yet we were all in the same place.

I love how that works, how locations have many meanings and thoughts behind them. Some filled with hate, some with love.




Big school News.

Sports Day madness for my boy, I think it was the first year in a while where the Sports Day was on the first set date, although even then there were talks of cancelling due to the heat, but by the time the day came, it had cooled a little. Followed by his Summer Concert, which Mr Red went to see, he said it was fantastic –  that I can believe.

Mini has been having her “big” school visits, we’ve been to see the lay out with her, she wasn’t keen on trying the food, so September will be interesting . She seems to be very excited about the whole thing. She certainly needs it, she loves learning, and is very bossy. They will certainly know she has arrived.

The biggest had a Year 7 subject evening, it was fantastic. There were a few subjects where she lacks confidence in them, things like Drama and French. But that’s okay. All the teachers were very pleased with her. Maths, they’d like her to go up a set, she is very good at it, it would seem. She does need a little more confidence, but she is flying through her Maths lessons, the set that she has been in has given her a chance to grow and learn, which is fantastic. Music, I learn that she has a natural talent for music, which really surprised me, it is a subject she seems to really love, and should she choose it as a GCSE subject she is likely to do really well. English, the students were given a task, where they had to pick a charity of their choice and write a letter requesting (I think) funds for the charity, it was to include information and a bit of a story. She chose to write about her little sister, and the charity in which I volunteer for. It really was her choice, she was a little nervous about asking, I could tell, she was hinting about what I do, and about the charity, so it was completely down to her. I have always been honest with them, open as much as we can be. Never want to push anything onto her, so it was a lovely gesture for her to pick it. A lot of her other friends had chosen well known bigger charities. I found out at the subject evening, that she has been awarded an honorary award for bravery, because of the nature of the charity, and the story behind it, of course how awesome she is at putting the piece together.

I am so incredibly proud of her, of them all.

It hasn’t been easy, but there have also been the easiest best times too, I’m so glad these tiny humans are growing into decent humans.


Visited this one a couple of times in between shifts at work.

DSC_1526I wish I had something new to report.

She was given these beautiful flowers by the lovely florist in town.

Nothing will change here.


Thank you for reading my June Blog.

Looking forward to the next month.



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