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Death of Empathy….Stop The Blame.

As we wake to the news of another tragic death of a young child, it saddens me that not only is it the death of a child and of course animals,but it brings the death of empathy.
Parents,non-parents sat behind computer screens doing nothing but blaming the parents. Forgetting what it is like to have a wayward adventurous young child.

When a child dies the parents,now bereaved parents have to live with the death of their child for the rest of their lives. Living every single day,going through their heads of guilt why’s.
When did we becoming an uncaring society?
A society that is quick to blame the victims, rather than offer a caring, sympathetic ear.
Everyone is very quick to judge, to pass comment. Children are disposable.
Whenever a child dies, there is always a finger pointing to the parents, for me it was,”maybe it was because mum was overweight.”
Or “didn’t matter she died she was only premature.” When actually, it was neither of those.
Parent blaming,rather than the bigger picture.
All life is an equal. If a man walks in and murders a child,he should be put down, capital punishment.
Yet an accident such as with a gorilla, or the now alligators,it’s the parents fault, the child’s fault.

We come back to the saying, “it’ll never happen to me.” But it can,it does happen to anyone.
So,please stop the perfect parent, behind a screen, non-parents passing judgement.
Stop blaming, start caring.
There is now a new set of parents,who’ve had to join is shitty club,they need love not hate.
They need sympathy not abuse.

As not long from now they have to watch a tiny coffin with their precious child, be buried or cremated, never kiss,smell cuddle their child again.
To never hear their voice, their giggles or wipe away their tears.

No parent deserves to have to bury their child.

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