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Christmas Outing – Killerton House and Exeter.

For the passed few years we have embarked on our own family tradtion by visiting a National Trust Property with friends. This year it was just us; although missing our friends, we had a wonderful day.


Killerton House

Each year Killerton House decorates their property with a film, which so far seems book themed. It is always lovely. The people who put it together work really hard and pay a lot of attention to detail. Last year it was Fairy Tales; which included a very creepy Sleeping Beauty; the children remembered her well.

This year is Wind In The Willows. Used to love watching and reading it as a child; we have some of the series on DVD now.


Pretty Grounds

Walking from the entrance to the house the trees are beautifully decorated with giant baubles, and statues. Every year the children always like to pose with them. Each year we say we will visit when the weather is warmer; each year we forget!


Killerton House Christmas Tree



We were greeted with a very lovely volunteer, who spent a moment explaining the theme and the various badgers which are hidden around the property. The house is transformed into a magical fairy tale.

Each room has a beautiful Christmas tree, matching colours or themes. Making eyes wide with excitement.

Toad Hall

Toad of Toad Hall

Train Station

Dining Room with naughty Weasels – Bullet Holes all over the room.

So much effort, and if you’re a National Trust Member then, there is no entry fee.

We only did the house today and not all of the grounds like we usually do. But we still had a brilliant time. The children loved every moment exploring the house.


We decided against a picnic at the house – too cold. Although it has been known before to picnic in the cold or rain!

We had a naughty KFC, followed by some Christmas Shopping.

We took visit to the Christmas Market, where there was a steel drum band, who were awesome. The youngest slept through it on Daddy’s front (in the sling), whilst the others either hppily watched or danced.

It was such a wonderful atmosphere.

The children were all really, really well behaved too. They’re not bad children, but sometimes especially baby – run wild a little; making it almost impossible to do a lot. But I really wouldn’t want it any other way.



I love our Christmas outings, I do wish we could do more with them sometimes, like Santa visits, Lapland or Disney – but it just isn’t possible. But I know that they do seem genuinely happy with what we do with them.

What are your favourite festive family days?


Three weeks to go!

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