My Cheerful List #1

I’m aiming to share a cheerful post each Sunday, with positive things from my week, whether it a big or a small thing.


We hit a couple of ‘firsts’ this week. It was the first week back at school for them all, although one only did two days, and another did half days.

First day of Primary School for the 4 year old, although only half days these next few weeks; she has certainly needed the start. So far she has loved every moment. I’ve been a little apprehensive, I now have to share her with teachers. Although I’ve already children at school, this time is so different. Co-parenting the older two and having only half the school runs it is hard to build up relationships with other parents. I’m not expecting to meet lots of new parents; I am shy when it comes to face to face meetings. But it will be lovely to feel part of the school run mum life.


Mini has rarely had any time away from us, at least not on a daily basis; she’s never been on days out with other people without us (apart from when a friend took her off our hands when I had Hyperemesis), so for this big (for Mama) leap to happen now, it has made me feel quite emotional this week.

I have been really struggling this week; for which I am so grateful to have such a wonderfully supportive husband. You’ve only had to say boo to me and I would have cried. I’m not really going to talk mental health here. This is my “happy” post.


Carnival season has begun, we had our first last night (9th September). They looked absolutely amazing. They have worked really hard too. Couldn’t be more prouder of my biggest and my boy. Mini, I think has seen what she is missing out on. This time last year she was a majorette; she had competed at 3 years old, she did the carnivals last year; but due to her lack of sleeping, she gets really grumpy at certain times of the day, which at the time included competition days; she would refuse to go onto the arena, so enough was enough. I felt embarrassed (although her trainer said there was no need to), she was becoming a little hard work; we decided to pull her out, at least until she begins to sleep at night, and settle into school.



This week in my blogging world; I’ve been a little overwhelmed by the switch; it stressed me out somewhat, which in term a great piece of writer’s block hit me around the head, I lost momentum. However due to the Duchess announcing her third pregnancy – her third Hyperemesis pregnancy it lead me to reviving old post, working with the charity PSS, and bagging myself an interview with a journalist for a magazine. Raising awareness for Hyperemesis is so important, and really should not be left to only when someone of importance gets it. It isn’t how it works. Normal, everyday people suffer, we suffer terribly.

Then there is the Butterfly Awards voting links have now gone live. It is such an honour to be part of such an amazing event, but very scary. I question myself a lot about whether I am really good enough. I have a lot of self doubt. But really I shouldn’t.

Something I definitely need to work on.

Hope your week has been good.


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