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My Cheerful List – Week 14

Welcome back to my Cheerful List. Each Sunday I share with you things that have made me cheerful during this past week. In times where life can feel overwhelming, it is nice to try and find something, even if it is one thing that has made us Cheerful. Week Fourteen.

The week hasn’t been overly full of things which I have done. The week has certainly gone by super-fast!


Christmas Night Out: Take One

Majorette Committee night out was last Sunday evening; we had a brilliant time – well as company; We didn’t go much on the place we chose to spend the evening, without mentioning the venue, we’d most likely not go again. They were very slow in service (minimal customers), and quite pricy. BUT as an outing; I cannot remember the last time I laughed as much as I did, tears and almost struggling for breath. It was lovely. We talk all the time and work together for the troupe; but we don’t really socialise a lot outside; we’re all really busy; it is wonderful when we do.


Carol Concert

My young man is in the school choir, this week they got to perform in our local Guildhall along with three other schools, as per normal it was brilliant; he loves every bit of performing he can. He did also have a DVD showing of a “university” project; but unfortunately bad Mama forgot! But he forgave me.  Once the concert had finished we treated the children to dinner out.


Christmas Preparation

This weekend I had attempted to blitz the upstairs of our house, being ruthless and donating or throwing things which we no longer use. I am looking forward to decorating in the New Year; a complete overhaul I think. Present wrapping is almost completed too.


Girls Day Out

Today (Sunday), a friend and I took our four and three year old out for the day; took them to do a little shopping, some lunch at McDonald’s (their choice), then the best bit – a cinema trip; we watched Paddington 2. Now I will admit; I love the books, I love the bear and even the series growing up; but wasn’t overly keen on the first Paddington. But I really, really enjoyed the second one; so did my girlie. It was lovely.

Cheerful Moments

This week the husband and I decided to perform random acts of kindness, donations to the school, candy cane bombing and a third – which I am happy to stay anonymous for; although it was lovely to watch from a distance to see it was received well. We’re going to do two more, which we can’t decide exactly what yet – but it is of course in memory of Melody. We haven’t found a gift we like for her this year; we simply couldn’t do anything for her; so we decided to do things for others instead. One for each week she was with us.



I hope your week has been kind to you. We have so far had no rain – but I can see we will be needing boats before long as the local rivers begin to burst.

Stay safe. Have a good week.

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