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Welcome back to My Cheerful List. Each Sunday I share with you things that have made me cheerful during this past week. In times where life can feel overwhelming, it is nice to try and find something, even if it is one thing that has made us Cheerful. Week 17.

It New Year’s Eve!

This week of course saw Christmas Week.


Christmas Eve

I took Little Red to our local Christingle Service with my friend and her daughter; it was a lovely service, Little was a little overwhelmed by it all, the church was busy with many adults; as well as children. Maybe next year she will understand it a little more. Returned home my older children as I have mentioned before were at their Dad’s for Christmas Day this year. So we just had the two girls to put to bed. It was quiet.


Christmas Day

Mr and I were excited about the morning ahead, to see the girl’s faces when they find a couple of presents had been left for them. But we were awake an hour before them; the one day we could have done with a lie-in the girls SLEPT! Maybe it was their Christmas present to us!! They only had a few parcels as the main Christmas Day would be when their older siblings returned. The girls loved their presents.

We had Pizza for lunch!


Cheerful Boxing Day

The children returned at 10:30am but it felt like forever waiting for them to be collected. It felt so wonderful when they turned the corner towards the car. Our Christmas period could begin.

A mountain of presents; nothing really expensive, just little things I knew they would love. Father Christmas had brought them “boring” things like socks and underwear – why should he get all the fun?!

My Mum in law came for lunch and spent the day; which was lovely. Followed in the evening my Father and Sisters in Law popped in for a visit for some supper. It was really lovely. We don’t do it nearly enough. Busy lives I guess.


Family Time

We had the most wonderful of days as a family, we had no plans. Unfortunately I had stomach pains for most of the Christmas period, and my biggest had been struck down with viral flu, feeling groggy; so planning anything wasn’t really in our thoughts. I did see the GP, but it wasn’t until my pains had almost settled. I’m not particularly forward at visiting the GP.

These winter bugs are crazy this year. I really hope no more will come.


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

This is my final Cheerful post of 2017. I have some great things lined up.

I have been a little lapse with it all recently; having some time away – apart from this regular post; I hope I can return with a good clear head.


Happy New Year. Have fun and stay safe.


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