My Cheerful List #8

Welcome to My Cheerful List Week Eight. (Here is last week’s)I feel in hard times it is nice to try and find something that had made you smile in some way during the week. Even if it is only something very small.

Cheerful Half Term Week

We have been reasonably lucky with the weather this week. Although we didn’t do a great deal. I took the younger girls out for a McDonald’s Lunch, although the restaurant was busy, so we ate in the car. We paid a visit to The Range, as I wanted to get some advent candles I had seen advertised somewhere.


We always buy Melody an advent candle, usually one of the pillar types, but they take forever to burn down to the next day. So we thought we would give these ago. Worth a try.

Baby Lolly had the most epic of meltdowns – no pictures for that pleasurable experience. She has to be going through some hormonal crap right now, for the level of tantrum she had in Mothercare, lots of tuts I could hear, very much ignored! Little sausage. All because I wouldn’t let her her have the bracelets in which she had covered BOTH arms with, then she needed the pushchair that’s left randomly placed. No! So screaming, flailing arms commenced. Good job I bloody love her.


National Trust

We took a trip to Montecute House here in Somerset. It was such a lovely Autumnal Day. it was even almost warm. We had a lovely walk, the children burned off some energy; they said they really enjoyed themselves.



We brought Pumpkins this week, only at our local Aldi, the children had fun choosing them from the large cardboard box.

We don’t really do all the Halloween stuff, as our own little family; we’re not that bothered. I know the older two do things with their Dad, that’s great. But it isn’t for us. I have my own reasons. If any of them wanted to join in with the Halloween things then may be, but for now whilst the littlest girls, aren’t too bothered, and the older two have Halloween away from me this year. It isn’t something we’re worried about. They do like pumpkin carving though!


Lovely evening with friends at the end of the week. I just wish the half terms were longer. Not long now until the Christmas one. I can’t wait!

There is a new post this week on Melody and Me. Pop over and have a look if you haven’t seen it.

How has your week been? What has made you cheerful?

I’m trying to decide whether to make this a linky link. Let me know what you think?

I’ve felt a lot better this week, still bloody tired though.

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