My Cheerful List #6

Not a lot happened this week, I am sure my updates are getting duller.

Cheerful Number Six

Carnival week begin in our town this week, with the Fairground arriving too. I am shocked by how much the prices have raised. I remember (Gosh I will sound old) when cheap night at the fair was actually cheap. Rides were no more than £1. My eldest wanted to go with her friend so I took just her, my son didn’t want to go; I wasn’t going to force him.  The cheap rides are now £2.50-£3.00; which is a fair amount if you or your child wants to go on more than just one ride.

Still she had a wonderful time.


There was an advert on social media about a Friday 13th Flash Day at a tattoo studio in the next town. Where they had set designs for £13 each.  I hadn’t had a tattoo for ages, I do love them I just can’t afford them, the best part was for all monies raised would go to charity – RSPCA, BiBiC and the one which swayed me – Towards Tomorrow Together. After majorette training myself, friend and two of her children (adults), raced to Taunton in the hope we’d get there before closing – we made it. Arriving at around 8pm, there was a room full of waiting people for their tattoos; with a few more turning up after us. One of my friend’s children unfortunately didn’t have the time, due to work.


But we were able to have ours done at about 12.30am. It was the most surreal experience to have a tattoo at that time of the night, but it was amazing; I am so please we stayed and had them done – only problem now, is that I want more. Soon maybe; thank you Indelible Ink

Butterfly Awards


Butterfly Awards arrived, we spent the night away; I was able to meet another fellow loss Mum who I had been speaking to since the beginning of her journey . I didn’t take home an award, but I wasn’t expecting to either. It was very nice to be away with my husband for the night, a very rare opportunity. The night set off some emotions I had forgotten I had, you can find out here how our evening went.

If you missed it here is #5

Thanks for reading My Cheerful List, what has made you cheerful this week?

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