My Cheerful List #4

I’m quite enjoying getting this post together each week, although I am only on week 4, this may change. If you missed My Cheerful List last week here is #3

Work Things

This week I’ve been able to agree to extra hours at work. It is only over the lunchtime period but I really do love my job. It is a busy couple of hours, with no time to take a breath almost, but it’s lovely. So I’ll be able to do Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Fridays.

Which meant I have had to put Baby Lolly into a nursery setting, it is a huge thing for me to do, as I’m not overly keen on trusting people I don’t know to have them.
We popped into visit one on the Monday, and then the Wednesday, she loved it. The Thursday she started, she’s oy going in for a couple of hours a week, I’m not ready for more, plus we can’t really afford to do more.
She did look sad when I left I had a couple of tears in the car, but once I returned after work the playgroup gave me a sheet of photos of the activities she really enjoyed, and she truly did.

Cheerful Learning

Mini has come home and learned more letters “Maisie Mountain Mountain” and “Ssss”. It’s lovely to see her develop beyond what we can teach. She’s doing great at school, and will begin full time this coming week. She had a progress meeting at school ahead of her switching to full time, they are really pleased with her; she has made lots of new friends and plays nicely as well as taking a liking to learning.




Had our third Carnival – Wellington, it rained, it was fun and best of all they came SECOND! I am so proud of the children. My son was really getting into it last night, shaking his hips putting loads of effort.
I’m planning on doing a “night in the life of a youth group Mum”. But ironically we get so busy there’s not always a lot time to do a lot else. As we have three (two for me) carnivals left, I best get cracking.


I am participating in two Blog Projects this month.

One is an annual one I have joined in since 2012 and involves talking about our darling girl, raising much needed awareness for the baby loss community. Here is my Day One.

The Second is a new one on me Blogtober. I’ll add the link to this shortly.


Have a good week, what has made your cheerful list this week?


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