My Cheerful List #3

Here we are again, week three of My cheerful List. (Here is #2).

Mini is still doing endless amounts of half days at the school; as much as I don’t want her to go full time yet (quite selfishly), it’ll be nice to have a full day to do things with Baby; however I am hoping to do an extra couple of shifts at work.


One to One

Went along to the musical playgroup – Moo Music again this week; baby is really beginning to get to grips with it, she seems to enjoy it. She loves the cakes afterwards when we pop into town. It was a lovely warm day.

Did meet up with a friend and her daughter in the afternoon, once Mini had finished school, which was lovely, it is always nice to have some adult interaction.


Sleeping through the night.

Mini has always been a terrible over night sleeper, however for two nights we celebrated the fact that she slept through…only for it to be very short lived, the celebration probably was a little too soon, currently as I write she is still not sleeping over night. We have tried EVERYTHING possible, she’ll go to sleep fine, (occasionally fights bed time but not often), it is the staying there, and sleeping.  We are really hoping that when she goes all day to school that it might work…I doubt it though.


Day Job

Short one, but an opportunity has arisen for me to up my hours, only by three hours a week, but it is something. We tried to look into child care, but due to Mr working “just enough” hours with rates of pay, we don’t get child care subsidized, plus I don’t feel comfortable leaving her in a setting just yet…unless something really amazing crops up then I may consider it. But I am excited.


Cheerful Saturday

Carnival Season kicked off once more for the majorettes, it was a stressful 24 hours, but all turned out well in the end, where the troupe won first place in their category. They really deserved it too. A lot of hard work goes in to running a youth group (maybe I should do a day in the life of…), the trainers work really hard to get them out looking good, but with 22 years experience, they’re a bit of a dab hand at it.


My children love it, we’ve been part of it for five years now. It was the one thing I remember wanting to be part of something new after Melody had died; at the time the team knew nothing of our story and we could be normal; of course eventually they have gotten to know and understand Melody’s story. I won’t lie there have been times where I almost felt like enough is enough, but I feel attached; sentimental I guess.

I have made some lovely friends.


Hotel Booking

We finally got around to booking our hotel room for The Butterfly Awards. A ceremony to which I have been shortlisted for an award for blogging my journey about the loss of our daughter. If you’re interested, here is my profile.


Five Pence Sweets

Didn’t know these still existed. Very small moment I know. But they were 5p! I purchased myself some Black Jacks! One of my favourite sweets. Although I do remember when they were 1p!

What were your favourite “penny” sweets?


What has made you cheerful this week? I hope you have managed to find something.


Have a good week.


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