My Cheerful List #21

Welcome back to My Cheerful List. A chance to share with you something which has made me cheerful during the week, whether it be large or small, it is important to find something good even when it feels impossible. Thank you for joining me! We have reached week 21!


Final Week of January!

We have had our final full week of January; what another dreary week! I am so over winter, and completely impatient for the Spring and the Summer to arrive; to be able to do things with the children; which doesn’t include nursing coughs and colds!


Wheezy Baby

Took Baby to the Doctors this week; I have been meaning to do it for a while. She suffers from wheezing; either through a cold or something she is intolerant to slips in; making her have a reaction. Sometimes she just has a bout of wheezing. The doctors wouldn’t diagnose asthma, due to now liking labelling children under 5. They have put it down to viral wheezing, with a complication from the dairy intolerance – whatever that means. She has been given an inhaler to take four times a day; and had a three day round of steroids; which she has completed.

I hate I when she struggles to breathe, but she is usually in good spirits with it.



Ten days ago, I finally plucked up the courage to have my smear test. It wasn’t the actual procedure – I have had PLENTY of internal examinations during my time of carrying babies; they don’t worry me. Stupidly, I guess I was terrified of the results. Intrusive thoughts; make me worry more.

I am relieved to find when I opened the post; that my results are normal. No more tests for another 3-5 years. Fear of the results or not I won’t put it off again.


Cheerful Part

So, there isn’t a lot to be cheerful with my posts again this week. But the one thing which has made me cheerful; is the amazing feedback I have received about a piece of fiction I wrote. I had written it as a guest post for my husband a couple of years ago; chose to place it on my own blog. Now; I have been encouraged to take to piece further – maybe make it into a novel or at least a longer piece. Sci-fi isn’t my usual genre, but I will give it a go!


I hope you have had a lovely week; and that the next week will too bring you at least one thing that makes you cheerful.


Here, is this week’s Flash Fiction in case you missed it.

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