My Cheerful List #18

Welcome back to My Cheerful List. Each Sunday I share with you things that have made me cheerful during this past week. In times where life can feel overwhelming, it is nice to try and find something, even if it is one thing that has made us Cheerful. Week 18.

The first post of 2018.

I haven’t a lot to say as we haven’t done much this week. We have made tiny steps to change our home, to decorate it and make a change. We’ve purchased new storage units, gotten rid of one of our sofas, and made a decision to use laminate flooring. We’re getting a new kitchen shortly so we’re not sure when we’ll do the floor as we don’t want the workmen to muck it up.

An afternoon with friends.

Mini’s friend came to play and then a few of us went to her house; our house has scaffolding and workmen in, it is loud and annoying; so it was nice to escape that for a couple of hours. The children loved it, albeit very noisy.



We’ve been struck with illness, I say illness but it is ongoing – the husband with his leg ulcer, and neuralgia. I’ve been suffering with really bad cramps. We’re doing okay, I am grateful to have him, to process. I just wish it would cut us some slack now. Back to health and pain free; that would be nice.


Happy Children

We have had a pretty chilled week; probably a little lazy. A trip to the cinema for my eldest broke it up a little. I purchased an Xbox 360 which has brought lots and lots of fun for them, I love to see them smile and laugh.



I am trying to find my blogging mojo again; I am fast losing interest in the whole thing, which is something that I do not want to happen. My readers seem less and less, and the support is going the same way; so at times it feels like I am just speaking to my husband via the computer – I do that face to face anyway!

I have this week started a new series on the blog and have written a new post for Melody and Me, plus working on articles for the magazine Still Standing – but I really am in a slump; which I do want to climb back out from. This doesn’t sound cheerful, but it kind of is, because I have written something this week, which isn’t “just” this cheerful post.


I hope you have had a better week. 2018 is going to be great – at least it better be!



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