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My Cheerful List – #16. Christmas.

Welcome back to My Cheerful List. Each Sunday I share with you things that have made me cheerful during this past week. In times where life can feel overwhelming, it is nice to try and find something, even if it is one thing that has made us Cheerful. Week 16.

I am once again unsure of where this week has gone; there hasn’t been a great deal of things I have done this week. But what I have I will list.

Final Week of Term

Once again the week has gone so quick. Which is good as the term has been an incredibly long one, and quite hard on the children too. Still we’re glad it is done, and that they’re now home for a few weeks; which is the best part.

Christmas Work Do

The Dinner Ladies all went out for the evening, it was lovely; not something we do very often, but it was lovely and we’re planning on doing more. They really are a lovely bunch of women.

Christmas Crackers

Final Work Days

I know a little work related, but it was a real lovely time at work this week. The children all very excited for the coming week; but most of all was that the fundraisers for the school (“Friends of…”) had raised enough money for all the children who don’t normally have hot lunches to have them and not charge the parents. They each had a lovely Christmas Dinner, followed by Chocolate Cake and Custard. Was busy trying to feed the whole school in a short pace of time, but they really did seem to enjoy every single minute. It was lovely being a part of it.


Cheerful Festivities

On the final day of term a friend and I went to our local farm shop for a spot of cake; which was lovely; followed by in the evening with my eldest and different friends a spot of late night shopping. It was crazy; I am definitely relieved to have not needed a lot, I have really enjoyed shopping throughout the year and will do so again next year – it certainly made things a lot easier; although I will do the stockings earlier, as it is my least favourite thing to do; I don’t even know why!

Christmas Play

Mini and Baby were invited to have a play around Mini’s friend’s house, with other children. They both had a brilliant time, food, dress up lots of giggles and fun, neither of the wanted to leave.


First Gift of Christmas

Another year of visiting of a grave of a daughter we only got to know for a short while. It generally hasn’t gotten easier, especially this time of year.

grief at Christmas

Christmas Eve today, although we’re not having our Christmas Day until Boxing Day this year, so we have an extra day to wait.

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you all, thank you for reading.


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