My Cheerful List #11

Welcome back to my Cheerful List. Each Sunday I share with you things that have made me cheerful during this past week. In times where life can feel overwhelming, it is nice to try and find something, even if it is one thing, that has made us Cheerful. In case you missed it here is #10.


Unfortunately, sickness has hit us. With Mini missing Thursday and Friday due to vomiting; Friday night baby’s vomiting begun.
Unfortunately I am an emetiphobe. As well as a fear of Spiders, being sick and seeing sick leaves me in fear too. It’s horrible, I feel a little useless when it comes to being a mum!
Of course baby only wanted Mama.
It has been a very long few days.

Forde Abbey

Before the bug hit, we managed a trip out to a local house and garden.
Although I’ve lived here most of my life, I don’t recall ever going. During November it has been low cost opening, with Wednesdays being free.

Forde abbey
Forde Abbey was a hit. Baby wasn’t overly cooperative, wasn’t in the mood for listening, but she did seem to love it.
Mummy slid down a hill, managing to get mud EVERYWHERE! Was okay initially but think I’ve maybe knocked something in my arm.
I couldn’t grip to get up.
Only me.
Would still go again,their fountain was beautiful.

Definitely worth a visit. I hope to return in the Summer; although the Autumn colours are every bit as beautiful.

Forde Abbey


Friendship. Cheerful times.


A friend and I took a visit to a new Aldi store in the next town, although it was almost 7pm when new arrived the shop was really busy, definitely a much anticipated store opening. I think I prefer the one I usually go to. But it is handy to know there is one there. It is always good fun going out with this one.


The husband and I managed a couple of hours away – together no tiny humans! Meeting with friends it was lovely to just be out, we could definitely do with more of those! Love this guy.




Few written pieces involving her this week. Children’s Grief Awareness Week, World Prematurity Day. I decided to talk about her on my personal Facebook page, I don’t very often these days, because I worry too much about what friends and family think –  I shouldn’t because she is our daughter. It was nice to get lovely feedback, and encouragement.

It isn’t attention seeking, which is what I worry about people thinking; and certainly isn’t the sort of attention I would like. I am just a Mum talking about ALL of her children.


What has made your week, cheerful? Even if it is something small, it always worth celebrating.

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