My Cheerful List #10

Welcome back to My Cheerful List, number ten already! Did you see week nine? It is a chance to share with you what has made me cheerful during the last week, whether it is big or small. In a world where life can seem overwhelming at times, it can be hard to find things which have made you cheerful.

This is my week.


Winter Colds

They have appeared to have moved in this week. With Mini having a nasty cough; enough to have a day away from school. I am not keen on keeping them off; but she really wasn’t feeling particularly well. A day a way- although having to go to her Grandparents whilst I worked did her some good. Whilst Baby ended up with it too, unfortunately it always seems to affect her chest in a different way, making her struggle to breathe, and wheezy. With a trip to the Doctors to be told it is viral wheezing, with a view that maybe in the future she could need an inhaler. Absolutely hate it when they’re poorly.



I have almost completed my Christmas Shopping, and have now begun the wrapping. There are some items still to buy, but not a lot. I cannot believe it is just next month. There are just 49 days left of 2017. Where is the time going?



Visited her this week. I was in the area and felt the need to visit. Took her some artificial flowers, which I swore I would never give her; but here I am having left her some in the hope they will last and look prettier during the time when I’m not feeling particularly brave about visiting. I feel guilty when I don’t; you know in the way where you miss out on a school play or something. I know people don’t understand why I feel guilty; because – well she is dead and has been for five and a half years I probably “should be over it by now”. But as much as she isn’t here, I still want to parent her, she is still my child. I do not believe she is everywhere; I guess this is the part I struggle with. But I am okay with that. Because it isn’t a particularly hard struggle. It is just me, the way I feel. I felt her life leave her. I did over the Summer feel her, it was wonderful. It is definitely changing.



Cheerful Journey

We finally got around to watching a carnival this year. I think our last one was about two years ago. We went to watch North Petherton; it was amazing. Completely different to the circuit the children do with majorettes. It is a lot bigger, with more extravagance in the floats; with no majorettes.

It pissed down. It was that fine wet rain (if you have ever seen Peter Kay you will understand), the stuff that soaks you through; even my bra was wet after having a t-shirt, thick fleece and a waterproof coat on. But it was absolutely worth it. The journey there, where my lovely friend drove; I witnessed my older two (I only took the older two to watch), laugh together for the first time in a long time, where they weren’t bickering. Proper full on belly laughs; for a good 10 minutes. It was a simply due to seeing a slightly older passenger in another car nodding her head along to (possibly) some music – not in spite I must add –she was having a great time, she reminded me a little of Flat Eric; Do you remember him?

It certainly tickled them a lot. It was wonderful to see, and definitely a “had to be there moment”.



The carnival itself, was amazing; I am so pleased we went, the floats were amazing. I cannot believe we have never been to this one before. We’re going to take the little ones I think next year. If you’re on my Facebook Page; I did go live with a couple of the floats. If you’re on my Page please take a look. The clubs all work so hard, and the details that goes into making them look perfect. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to get them moving.

It is a unique experience, and is definitely worth a visit. There’s still a few more to go this season, if you haven’t been go…Here are a couple, due to the rain, I chose to just use my phone, so most didn’t come out very well.


With the carnival theme; it brings a great way to make friends. Meeting these guys through Majorettes, I hope lifelong friends. So many people do moan about carnivals and in particular majorettes; but it is friendships I’m so glad I have them in my life.


What has made you cheerful this week? My husband has made a new blog – why not pop over and take a look.

Hope you have a lovely week.

Tomorrow I share my 12 year old daughter’s Christmas Wish List, be sure to check it out!

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2 thoughts on “My Cheerful List #10

  1. Emma

    friendships are life changing – I’ve had some disappointments friendship wise over the last week or so but these have been outweighed by some people really stepping up and making me grateful to have such awesome people in my life. Love really does make the world go around xx

    1. The Red Head Diaries Post author

      Aw sorry to hear that. I don’t trust very easily, I do find it hard make and keep friends. When you find them, they are like liquid gold xx


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