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International Children’s Book Day


We have only recently had World Book Day, a fantastic day of awareness to get people to read more and talk more about the books we love.

Today however, is International Children’s Book Day – it is inspired by Children’s author Hans Christian Anderson. If you didn’t know his tales, to name a few includes; The Snow Queen, The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling.

Today is about inspiring children to read, inspiring children’s authors to write; to find that love for reading from an early age.


Reading Memories

It was one of the few childhood memories I can remember; reading to my Dad and him reading to me. Visiting our local library, it used to be a stand-alone building full of books. The smell and the excitement of picking a new book to borrow always felt so magical.

I must admit we don’t visit the library as much as we should but we do buy books often, the children seem to love that too.


My Favourite Childhood Books

Some of the books I loved as a child were Treasure Island, The Hodgeheg, The Ugly Duckling and Alice in Wonderland. Alice is still one of my all-time favourites. There are so many characters, lots of adventure – so different.



It is such an important thing to learn from a young age. Reading can take you places, teach you things. Even if reading doesn’t teach you new things it can teach you more, from different angles. Books are magical.

They have a way of helping to heal, to give a form of therapy, to aid you to get lost in a world when your own life feels difficult. It certainly is one of the best gifts you could give a child.


My Children’s Favourite Books

I’ve four children, all love books in some form; we do our best to help our two year old fall in love with books too. Gruffalo has been a firm favourite for many, many years. The older two love the Harry Potter series; along with David Walliams collection of books too. We have done our best in trying to introduce some of the older authors like Ronald Dahl and Terry Pratchett. It’s important to also let them love the books which are also films, like Hans Christian Anderson’s Little Mermaid. Finding an imagination is wonderful.

international children's day


If you don’t already know, but I also love fiction writing and have a couple of books for a children’s series which are almost in their first draft form. The first two are set in local areas to where I live; one is history coming alive and another is a local attraction which brings more than the usual summery adventure. There are several more with the same characters, but these adventures waits a little longer.

I am nervous as always about these, my fiction I have shared already seemed to have been really popular; so I hope these will too.


International Children’s Book Day

Today, maybe introduce your child to a book they have never read or heard of. Have a day of reading, talk about the books you love. Get lost in adventure; celebrate this amazing author’s birthday. Discover something new, and old!