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Not Just For Girls. Boys Can’t Dance.


In the times where people are fighting for gender equality – equal rights as adults to allow women and girls the same rights as men, in the work place and how we dress. It is a slow movement, but the little things like, equal choice of clothing for little girls are beginning to change. 13 years ago I wouldn’t have dreamt buying a cardigan with cars on – aimed at little girls, yet there is one currently hung in the wardrobe, or dinosaur clothes designed for girls. It is brilliant.

While we’re looking deeply into what clothing line these big companies have, making a stand, there is another little corner that seems society turns a blind eye to; that gender stereotypical jobs and hobbies are still very much obvious.

Football for boys, ballet for girls; this has stuck; and is something that is currently on my mind. Let me tell you…


In 2012 my eldest daughter took the steps to join a local majorette troupe; she didn’t enjoy gymnastics or country dancing, so I wasn’t sure if she would even enjoy this activity either. But she did and this year we’re nearing her 6th year and still loves every part of it. She also occasionally participates in football and hockey with her school; all activities very much supported. As long as she is enjoying it, nobody seems to bat an eyelid at her activities – quite right too.


Not Just For Girls

My son, he’s an absolute Gentleman, he’s very kind and is thoughtful towards others. He is also a majorette. One very hot summer’s day in 2013 whilst watching his older sister display, he asked if he was able to join in; I enquired and he was welcomed with open arms. I genuinely believed he wouldn’t stay for long I, myself assumed he would stop when he realised (at the time), there were no other boys, and just how much hard work goes into training. He surprised us all; he is now currently going into his 5th year.


The kicker – The Not-So Gender Equality

I have been questioned many times over the past five years from different people about my son doing majorettes. That is deemed too girly for him.

Where I have never been questioned about my daughter doing it, or that she also plays football (and is a fan of football too, might I add – both my son AND my husband aren’t bothered by football!!).

I am not really sure why people, in today’s society – where people are fighting (and rightly so) over women’s rights, that this hobby is deemed “too girly.” Yes it obviously is predominantly a female activity, but that shouldn’t stop any person male or female having a go. The stereotypes are still there, and are a long way behind what it should be. As I said nobody seems to be bothered by my daughter playing and liking football, yet it is EVERYBODY’S business whether my son twirls a baton.


Fighting the Corner

Where is the fight for the boys who want to dance? We’re still no closer to having the freedom for more Billy Elliotts.

The fight for those boys who do want to put on ballet pumps and pirouette.

For the boys, like my son as well as many other sons, who want to pick up a baton and NOT want to injure someone but to show off a skill, or a set of poms to show off his team building skills?

These boys need this corner too. There have been times where my son has been alienated by friends and classmates because of his hobby. It’s unfair.

To me, it is the adults – the parents who need to help change this stigma where boys can’t comfortably enjoy something that is not the usual football or scouts.

Sadly I have seen it with my own eyes where people point at the boys at carnivals and displays (although in my son’s case it is friends who point more…), at the end of the day they are children; children who are out to entertain doing the thing that they love, the boys should never feel like they’re inadequate. There are some amazing male twirlers in the world – you’ve just got to open your eyes and see the amazing things these guys do, ignoring the rudeness.

I would rather my son pick up a baton and twirl or a set of poms and rock out to Bon Jovi; than be the mean judgemental humans out there, who think it is acceptable to ridicule someone because of their gender.

It is time to stop.

So, unless your hobby is porn or of a sexual nature, then gender should NOT have an effect on a person’s hobbies, jobs or activities.

Leave our boy twirlers, boy dancers alone.



I am incredibly proud of my son, of all my children. We never push them to do their hobbies, in fact sometimes it would be nice to have a Friday off (joke 😉 ), we weren’t expecting him to enjoy it so much, to still be doing it nearly 5 years on. I do ask him every now and again if he still wants to continue, and every time his answer is yes. I would never force him or any of them (I have three twirlers) to continue if they didn’t want to.

It really is a great activity, something different. He gets on with every single person on his team.

(Check out the behind the scenes post coming soon).


Somerset Majorette Troupe are looking for new members.

Merriott Majorettes are recruiting.


Juliet Mckelvey and Sarah Foley set up the troupe 21 years ago when Juliet’s daughters Samantha and Hannah showed an interest in wanting to be Majorettes.


With both girls continuing until they were of an age where they could no longer compete, and Samantha took on the role of training the Tiny Tots Section, while Sarah and Juliet continued to train the Junior and Senior Sections, training once a week in Crewkerne’s 1610 Sports Hall and The Tithe Barn in Merriott.

The troupe is made up of three sections.

Tot Section where the ages are from five until nine.

Junior Section Nine until thirteen

Senior Section aged Thirteen and above.

Merriott Majorettes are excited to inform you that an opportunity has arisen where the troupe are now looking to welcome new members, to join their very talented team of boys and girls.

The Majorettes are currently in their competing season, where they attend various competitions throughout the South West, together they have brought home a number of trophies this season, with competitions still to attend.

As well as the competitions the Majorettes spend time displaying at various fetes and events throughout the Summer months, then, of course, the Somerset Carnivals, with their final procession of the year leading Father Christmas to the Crewkerne Christmas Light Switch on.

Merriott Majorettes Train once a week, Friday nights.

The Tots Section train at Merriott Tithe Barn 6-7pm

The Junior Section train at Crewkerne 1610 Sports Hall 6-7pm

The Senior Section also train at the Sports Hall 7-8pm


Are You Looking for something FUN?

A chance to make some wonderful childhood memories.

To make new FRIENDS?

Like-minded people, from the youths themselves right through to the parents making life-long friendships.

Learn new and unique skills?

A way of learning an incredible skill of using a baton in a coordinated way, which can be mesmerizing to watch, particularly any aerial work they achieve.

The children get a huge sense of pride when they perfect such skills, to show them off to their family, their friends and of course anytime they compete and display.

Get regular exercise?

Both Baton and Pom Pom routines are a fantastic way for the children to keep fit, not only whilst having fun, but most importantly whilst wearing some fantastic costumes while on display.

Be part of a team?

I say team; it is more like family, working together, supporting one another, forming ideas for routines and our all-important fundraising events.


They’re currently not sponsored, so do their own fundraising for uniforms and equipment, with parents and troupe members support.

Aside from everything they do as a team, and supporting various events, they have also put together their own Charity events, their most recent in 2016 raising £1000 for two charities of their choice… Brain Tumour Research and Bristol Children’s hospital, following that success, they’re in the midst of organising another this coming August for St Margaret’s Hospice and Towards Tomorrow Together.


An exciting and fun way to be part of the community.


All of the Trainers and Committee Team are Regularly DBS (Disclosure Barring Service, Previously CRB) checked; also First Aid, Child Protection and Safe Guarding too.

The Majorettes are proudly part of South West Associated Majorettes – S.W.A.M, currently the only troupe in the local area who compete within this association.


It is a fantastic hobby, gives so much to the children, building confidence and social skills making way to adulthood.

Merriott Majorettes’ Open Evening

Friday 30th June 6-8pm

Crewkerne Sports Hall (1610, on Wadham School Site).

This will be a great opportunity to come and meet the trainers and their team in a relaxed way. It is a chance to ask questions, whilst your child can have a go at Marching, Pom Pom and Baton and of course see the Girls and Boys in action.

Any questions please find their Facebook Group and Event Information.

Or Contact Juliet Mckelvey on 07984063122 or Sarah Foley on 07867517199