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April Favourites

I was hoping that this month we would finally have some kind of warmer weather settling in. We were incredibly lucky and had three days of sun. I think that was our summer for 2018. Another month which has flown by.


Mum to a teenager.

Well, it has finally happened, my eldest daughter became an official teenager, although she has behaved liked one for years!! She celebrated with a joint party, with one of her oldest friends. They had a wonderful time, although I think they spent more time on their phones than actually dancing! Sign of the times I guess…


Social Life…of a five year old!

The amount of birthday parties that have occurred recently has been crazy; her social diary is a lot busier than mine ever is! It is hard to keep up. I am glad that she is making some friends; there have a been a few moments where she says nobody plays with her, or that she feels left out. But she does seem to get on with everyone. Social little Butterfly.



These are bringing a few more dates to the diary; it is lovely. With her social life, brings people to me too; I am relieved we made the right choice with schools.


Majorette Competitions

The season had just begun when I wrote my last round-up. The troupe have since collected many trophies, with my son and youngest majorette winning best mascot in their sections, and the youngest majorette won herself overall mascot too. We’re all so incredibly proud of them. They really seem to enjoy being part of it and performing; the three of them have made some wonderful friends there too.



This month I am still enjoying being meat-free. I haven’t really missed it, apart from the various party foods; but let’s face it I can do without eating it anyway!

With the few days of nice weather, it was great to drag the salads out! When out on competition days, I have enjoyed taking overnight oats and sneaked in naughty cheese and tomato sandwiches. I rediscovered tomatoes straight from the vine – the smell takes me straight back to my childhood, when my grandparents used to grow the majority of their vegetable stash.


So, during the month of April I have lost approximately 6lb, with a gain in there too. 6lb is a loss, not a big one, but it is a loss. I am working my mind set to now get this weight off, and for it to stay off.

I don’t do the paid diets, I can’t quite get my head around them, so I calorie count. I can keep an eye on exactly what is going in my mouth. I can even sneak in a naughty Freddo bar; still not happy that they’re no longer 10p!!

So, this month I have concentrated on using the My Fitness Pal app, which doesn’t just measure calories but other things that we should watch for, like fats and carbs. My husband over on Shave the Wookiee lost an amazing amount when he first ever used it and is using it again now, but it doing more of a fitness regime using weights. Check out his blog!



I went to the pool once, I don’t swim but I do love being in the water.

Using the pedal machine a lot more; I can watch a film, or feed the toddler whilst doing this which is very handy!

A new app, which my friend (CB) has introduced to me – she is probably reading, so I thought I’d mention her…The app is Lose Weight in 30 days. At the time of writing, I have been doing it for just over a week. It is really easy and gives you a step by step guide to the routines. I hope it works.

Upping the walking too, the weather isn’t brilliant, but a group of us have made a point of going out once a week walking. We certainly clock up the miles, talking loads, we hardly notice.


Then she was gone

Nobody’s Army

Caesarean Section Awareness Month

Getting Through a Caesarean Section

Neonatal Care

My Still Standing Contribution


Excited for what May will bring.

march favourites

March Favourites

The third month of the year gone; it does seem to be flying by. This time of the year is always unpredictable with emotions. My mental health kind of fluctuates, I am very grateful to have my husband and children around.



Snow! And lots of it…twice. We haven’t had it here for many, many years; in fact it is the first time our now five year old (and two year old) have seen the white stuff. I can say they weren’t massively impressed, not as fun as what Elsa made out! The first lot of snow was mixed with an incredibly hard frost, even the cats couldn’t make food prints in it…mind you; they hated it too.

After a couple of weeks thinking that maybe that was our fair share, the snow returned. The second time, although predicated it was a shock! We have had so many snow warnings over the years; it is hard to know what to believe! It does look incredibly beautiful, but it is an inconvenience!


World Book Day

It was postponed from its original date due to a snow day. But it was Harry Potter themed in this house. My son went as Draco Malfoy (or mouthboy, as my daughter calls him). And our five year old went as Hermione, but we kind of cheated and went with her Deathly Hallows outfit – checked shirt and jeans, she was a heroine throughout.


Mother’s Day

Always bittersweet, not only minus one; but that I don’t have the greatest of relationships with my own Mum. My husband always knows how to spoil me for the children and his way to spoil me too. We took a visit to Primark in Bristol – it is huge! And met his Mum for lunch in Zaa Zaa Bazaar – and all you can eat restaurant, which has a huge range of foods from around the world. Perfect if you want to try something, but don’t want to purchase a whole meal.


Birthday Celebrations

One of our little girls turned five. I honestly do not know where the years go. It was her first one as a school girl, so spent the day at school with her friends. She was the only one to have a birthday that day; she was super excited about not having to share her day with anyone else. Snow was lingering for her birthday party; we weren’t sure whether it would go ahead. Thankfully it began with a light flurry and was able to continue. She, along with her friends had a wonderful time. For the first time we had the venue cater for the party, it cost a little bit extra, but it was so worth it – reduced the stress completely.

I cannot believe our little girl is five.


New Friendship

I was nervous about the new school run, and selfishly for me, I was worried I wouldn’t make any new friends. Well it would seem that I didn’t have to worry – as I have made some really lovely new friendships since our five year old started school. Some of us Mums went out for dinner and drinks, which was lovely; and we have made some lovely memories during the snow days. I can’t wait to make plans for the nicer weather; I am pretty sure BBQs and long evenings are in top of the list.


London Baby

One day I commented on a Facebook post, and shared a little bit of our daughter two weeks later we were travelling to London; a Hotel stay an interview and just the most amazing time. We ended up taking the two youngest due to snow days, they struggled with the travel a little but they really were so good. Our five year old love the whole thing, the hotel stay, watching Mummy and then Mummy and Daddy be interviewed on the TV screens.

I don’t really want to say too much, but it is hopefully going to be a step forward in changing the way people including health care professionals treat families who have lost a baby who has lived; because sadly it is very different to how others are treated. It will apparently be their biggest campaign; I am really proud that my husband and I will be a part of this.



Competition season has begun for my children’s hobby. We have already hosted a competition and waiting the next one which is on the 8th April. They’re all very excited.


March Weight Loss

Well, it wasn’t as good as I know it could have been, just over one pound lost – a little disappointed but there isn’t anyone else to blame apart from me. A loss is a loss at the end of the day; I just need to do better! I am still being a vegetarian and haven’t really tried anything new this month; we did have macaroni cheese for the first time in years. It was delicious.


Blog Posts

I haven’t really done a lot on this blog over the past month, I am trying desperately to tidy both this one and Melody and Me up to look a lot more presentable – I maybe spent a little too long than anticipated on this – procrastination at its finest! So this would be the best written post by me in March.




Here are some of my “human-free” photos which I took during March, if only it was more Spring focused, they’re more winter themed than Spring!




monthly favourites

February Favourites.

In a blink of the eye, February was gone. It really was; it is one of our most dreaded months and is slow moving. But it went by super quickly.

The weather has been wet, and bitterly cold; definitely nothing to be excited about. Thought Snow is expected, we’ll see.


Different Things

February saw me and a friend on a regular afternoon out, minus the children. We went to a new to you sale; which I usually a success – purchasing pre-loved clothing at low cost; it is always so nice to get out and be people as well as being mums. There was also the majorette bingo, always lots of fun; we’re a really good team – can set up and put away within minutes. It is the best way to be.

February also is the month of Love, where we enjoy Valentine’s Day. I am not a huge fan, and shopping for it brings me triggers to the time I became poorly before Melody was born. I try and make the best of the day, my husband always knows how to spoil me – I am very lucky.



There’s a lovely project knocking around the UK, where you paint rocks and then hide them for people to find and then re-hide. Through the group I run – Little Daffodils we placed roughly 40 ish rocks around our local town. Not sure if they have been found, but the children loved hiding them.


February Half Term

It was a much awaited week off, we were hit with colds again, but we had reasonable weather – well enough to be able to leave the house. We met with friends several times; the littlest was sick one day so we were unable to meet with one lot of friends. We took a couple of trips to our local nature reserve; we hadn’t been for a while. It was lovely, as always.

Heading to the end of the half term we went to a local theme park – Crealy, they had a half price offer on, so took the chance and went, meeting with friends too. We all had a lovely time, chilly but fun. The children are desperate to go again.


Melody’s Birthday

The end of February saw our little girl’s birthday. I honestly thought the years would make it easier, but really it only makes it more obvious that we have a missing little girl, who should have been six.

I always found the run up difficult, and I have been lucky enough to have a supportive family and a friend from afar to keep me going through these weeks. We went out for two “celebratory” meals; we both worked too for the first time, we usually book it off – but for me, it helped to keep me focused and breathing.


February Weigh-In

I haven’t lost much this month, but more than I had imagined if I am honest – but a loss is a loss. I’ve still focusing on counting calories. I have upped the walking and have taken to just dancing it out. Exercise really does make you feel a little happier. It has been a little difficult for me to maintain anything this month with the above event – but I shouldn’t really excuse myself.

This month I have lost 2.4lb

I plan to work a lot harder through March, more exercise, less car.

Being Vegetarian

I am still maintaining a vegetarian diet, which I am really pleased with, and really haven’t missed meat, with the calorie counting it does make me a lot more mindful about what I am putting in my mouth.

Favourite Vegetarian food: Quorn Garlic and Mushroom Escalope. Sweet Potato fries have become a firm favourite too.

Favourite Naughty Food: That would have to be the new Cadbury’s Mint Crisp Chocolate bar- so, naughty but so yummy.


Best Written work in February

Here are my most popular pieces.

Not Just For Girls. Boys Can’t Dance.

Don’t Touch Me – Part of my Flash Fiction Series.

Then She Was Six over on the other blog I run, Melody and Me


My Cheerful list currently goes live each Sunday. And the Flash Fiction is still Friday, due to illness and unexpected extra work I have not been able to do as many as I had hoped, but I am working hard behind the scenes to get some ready.

The fiction is currently my favourite part of my website – it would seem others agree too, so thank you if you have been reading them.



I thought I would share some of my photos each month which do not feature any humans. Here are my favourites.


Chard Reservoir


Moon, taken in Chard


Have a good March!

January 2018 Favourites

The first month of 2018 is over, it has been a slow, wet and miserable one; with lots of thoughts to the Spring and the Summer! They seem so far away. Here are my January favourites.

In Sickness and In Health

We have certainly pushed these vows quite hard this month; poorly stomachs, anxieties; my husband continually suffering from his leg ulcer and a bout of tonsillitis in the mix too! It has not been a fun start to the year. I really hope it will only get better. I don’t have the patience to be poorly.

New Diet

I made the decision to cut meat from my diet; I used to be a vegetarian but when I was pregnant I craved real meaty spaghetti bolognese; so I ended up returning to eating meat. I have never really been a big meat eater; would rarely venture aware from Chicken. So I decided to remove it altogether. Initially it was just for January but as we have reached the end, I now think this will be a new permanent thing. I don’t miss it at all! I hope by switching to a healthier lifestyle I will feel better and continue that way too.

Favourite Vegetarian Food This Month

Linda McCartney’s Meat-Free Roast; served as a roast with veg, very yummy!

Snacks would be celery and houmous.

Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t all been lettuce leaves and tomatoes, but a calorie counted in WHITE KitKat had to be allowed somewhere!


January Weigh-In

With the new diet in mind, of course being under the weather, plus taking on extra hours, it has all been a contributing factor to losing a little bit. I am not a big fan of the big companies where you pay for the privilege to lose weight, so I calorie count, introduce smaller portions, cut out the crap and drink more water – or at least drink less caffeine too.

This month I have lost 3.5kg which is: 7.7lb.

I am happy with that; it is a loss and not a gain.


Birthday Boys.

Who thought it would be a good idea to have a birthday in January?! Well, both my husband and my son’s birthdays are in January! I kind of feel sorry for them having it so close to Christmas; I know they’re not comparable to those who do have them in December, but it is still too close!

My boy’s birthday was the first out of the two. The up-side to having the January birthdays is if you missed something at Christmas, you can use their birthday as a back-up! His birthday haul included Minecraft Stories Xbox 360 game. Am I the only one who simply does not get Minecraft? Even less the part where they watch other people on YouTube do it?! Maybe I am just getting old.

A dressing gown, books and a stunt scooter; which he absolutely loves so far!

We took him and a friend out for Bowling; they had a brilliant time.

Five days later, it was my husband’s turn. Check out his haul here – plus his weight-loss journey; he is doing amazingly.


January’s Blog Posts – My favourites.

I am trying desperately to find my mojo again, so attempting to continue to blog regularly AND keep up with it.

This month I started Flash Fiction Friday; which has so far gone really well. I have also shared a couple of one-off pieces too.

Take a look!

The Fall of Terra

National Kiss a Ginger Day

Working Mum vs Stay at Home Mum


I also have written on my other blog too

Please Bear With Me.


I hope the start of 2018 been a decent start for you all.

Thank you for reading and sticking around.

Don’t forget My Cheerful List runs every Sunday and Flash Fiction each Friday.

December Favourites. Christmas Themed.

Welcome to this December round up. We’ve reached the end of 2017; I have no idea where the month has gone. It has sped through very quickly.

Looking back it has been relatively busy; which is probably why it feels like it went so quickly.

Ralph the Reindeer

For the past few years we have had a special Christmas Team to make December fun, and help with the excitement. The children love the reindeer the most; well better than the elf or the Penguin. To be honest we haven’t been particularly active with him this year, a little disappointed with myself for not keeping up with him; but we have been busy.

 cheerful christmas

Nights Out

It isn’t something I do a lot of these days; I have low confidence and I just love being at home with my little family; even when they do drive me nuts some times. But this month I ended up on THREE nights out, one with the Majorettes’ Committee, which was such a giggle – including Naughty Secret Santa; which ended in me receiving The Puppetry of the Penis DVD. Another night was with Mums from Reception Classes; I don’t normally go out with people I barely know; but I am pleased I did as it was a lovely evening.


Finally work’s Christmas outing, again another brilliant night out; where we have all agreed we need to do it more often!

School Performances

My son was included in the multiple school choir concert, which was lovely. He really enjoys performing. This month also saw Little Red’s first Nativity; it was all very sweet they were all so good performing.

Festive Trip

We took our annual trip to Killerton House; where they had themed their decorations on Wind in the Willows, throughout December the children loved it!

We then took a trip into Exeter for lunch and some shopping. The children were all beautifully behaved.  It was really nice to spend the day as a family.


Cinema Trip

A long with a friend and her little one, we took a trip to the cinema to see Paddington Bear 2 it was a lovely treat for the girls, the film was really good.

December Inset Day

Little Red and Baby were invited to go to Little’s friend’s house, where other girls were there too, they had a brilliant time, dressing up, giggles and lunch. It has been lovely making new friends.

Majorette Christmas Party

End of the year Majorette Christmas party which was nice, fun to have a dancing partner too.


Christmas Fairy

As an offer from the Charity in which I volunteer, there was an opportunity for Santa to visit children’s homes who have lost a sibling. As Little Red isn’t keen on Santa, we requested a Fairy instead, they loved it, each of them receiving a gift, it was a very special half an hour.


Melody’s Christmas – random acts of kindness

Each year I say to myself that visiting her will get easier, that decorating her will be an “Okay” tradition. But it isn’t 5th one since we lost her, and still as painful as the first one. It really will never be okay that she is in a cemetery away from the warmth of her loving family. Yet it isn’t something we will stop; at least not for now.

Christmas decorated headstone

We usually buy her gifts, garden ornaments or candles, but couldn’t find anything we liked; I am reasonably fussy on what we do get for her. So this year we decided to do random acts of kindness. There are three I won’t reveal, it was nice watching from afar on how much the recipient enjoyed our offering. We candy bombed cars, and benches, even our local café too, that was fun! Finally we donated books to the school in Melody’s memory; the school really loved them. Books and stories are so important to our world.

Secret Santa

A few years ago as there are a few of us in the house; and it can get busy and low funded; we decided to start a Secret Santa – although whilst the youngest two can’t really read or shop alone it isn’t quite as secret as you or I would imagine. Names do go into a hat; we have a budget, and then shop for our selected person. They love it and have asked to do it every year, will be nice when it is fully secret. I was given a notebook, pencils and a diary.

Christmas Part One

This year our Christmas Day is celebrated on Boxing Day. The girls here at home have had small gifts from Santa, but the fairies will deliver Christmas Day night, ready for our Christmas. It always weird when they’re not around for Christmas, we usually go away but this year decided to stay at home, watching Christmas films including Wallace and Gromit (okay not entirely Christmas, but I remember it being on at Christmas), we had pizza for lunch.

Christingle Church

This year we also went to the Christingle Service, wrote Melody’s name on a star for the memory tree, it was lovely going with friends.


Christmas Part Two

10:30 Boxing Day Morning our Christmas finally begun! The children returned, it was absolutely wonderful, piles of presents, which I had collected over the year (spreading it over the year is so much easier. I cannot wait to restart). I’d brought my older two the Instax Cameras, which they love, Little Red also has a camera and Baby Red a Rainbow Tea Set.

They all seemed to love every minute.


I received an action camera, kindle (I can once again play Township!!), loads of books to read! (I know the irony of having a new Kindle AND new books).

My Mum in Law came to lunch where we had a Fry-up (well, grill-up), that was lovely; followed by my Father in Law visiting in the evening, with my sisters in law too. It was a wonderful time.

I really hope you all had wonderful December.

November 2017 Favourites

November went by in a flash! With the busyness of Christmas I think it always seems a fast month.



It feels like a life time ago since it was my birthday at the beginning of the month. I was very spoilt by my family and friends, as well as a lovely trip to Bristol having lunch in Zaa Zaa Bazaar! My husband always knows how to spoil me. I am very lucky to have him.

Zaa Zaa Bizarre


We actually managed to watch a carnival this year, a fairly big one too! North Petherton; it rained for the whole procession, but it was brilliant. The work the clubs put into the floats to make sure the detail for their themes are spot on; so clever.

Days Out

We took a trip to the local Donkey Sanctuary with friends, which was nice; very chilly the temperatures had definitely dropped. Another outing was a trip to Forde Abbey which was lovely – damp but nice. I slipped down a bank, I did get very muddy, was a little sore. But it was funny – always me. I can’t remember ever going there, so it was nice to take a walk; as it was a Wednesday in November it was free to walk the gardens; even better!

Forde abbey

I walked a little more to the school run; at least until we got hit with stomach bug after stomach bug; it has certainly been doing its rounds. Horrible stuff; as someone who has a phobia; really not my favourite thing.


Majorette Event

We had our final Majorette display of the year, leading Father Christmas out for the Crewkerne lights switch-on. It is a very quick but lovely event for their local community.

Crewkerne Christmas Tree

The year has gone quick; won’t be long until competitions begin in the spring again!


School Plays and Christmas Preparation

My son’s school year has spent months preparing for a performance. This took place at the very end of November; it was an incredibly well put together play, with all the children playing an important role; the play was Oliver Twist – no musical, and definitely not sugar coated. He was one of three boys who played Bill Sykes; he loved every single moment of it, from the preparation to rehearsals even to assisting to take the sets and props away.

school play

We put of Christmas Decorations up, a tree and some tinsel around the picture frames. Our Christmas Team arrived, to bring the children some magic.


I cannot believe 2017 is almost over.

Welcome to December.

Here was October.


October Favourites

Another Month over, we’re fast moving forward to reach the end of 2017. October Was no different, in what felt like a really fast month.

Here are some of my favourite bits from October.


We had carnivals galore, the children love doing them; I love them being a part of such a fantastic community. There is a real community spirit when it comes to carnival; not just majorettes but all across the board.


The troupe took home an assortment of first and second place prizes; which they are super proud about. It is my daughter’s 5th year and son’s 4th. I am glad they have found something they love.

light up shoes



Every year for about three years now a friend and I with our youngest children, even before the babies were born have paid a visit to Sidmouth in Devon to do a little Christmas Shopping, it is often surreal, as it is normally lovely weather, so rather than Hot Chocolate, we sit on the beach and eat fish and chips. This year we took just the two youngest. It was lovely, albeit if they weren’t keen on cooperating (general theme with these two year old toddlers).

Sidmouth in October


I love trying new things, changes of scenery and just having a jolly good time. About a year or so ago a made a new friend through the majorettes; have made a few through the years; we have this crazy ability of talking utter crap for hours, and still not run out of things to say…. Earlier this year I was invited to watch one of her daughter’s in a show at her college, and said I’d be up for seeing more.

One evening I get a call asking if I wanted to go and see a show, I pretty much jumped at the chance, it is always a giggle… Then she said “But I haven’t told you what it is.” I replied, “Ah it’s okay I’m sure it’ll be great.”  To then find that it had nothing to do with her daughter, that I had just agreed to watch – Puppetry of The Penis. Yes it is a thing, and no there are no puppets of the Kermit kind. They really do make puppets out of their…um – Yeah!

It was hilarious, would definitely recommend going to watch them.



sorting hat tattoo

Same company as before – I had an advert pop up in my news feed about a Charity event which was in aid of three charities. BiBiC Centre, RSPCA and the one which caught my eye Towards Tomorrow Together. For £13 for a small amount of set designs, I thought why not; this friend her other daughter and son came down to be tattooed. Unfortunately the studio was incredibly busy and her son was unable to at that point. We stayed and was eventually tattooed at half past midnight. I love, love being tattooed; and haven’t been able to recently due to not being able to afford it. We’ll be doing it again at the next Flash Day!


Butterfly Awards

I had been nominated and shortlisted for a Butterfly Award, an event which celebrates the people who are effected by baby loss, either as parents, health care professionals or as organisations. I was able to meet another Mum who I have spent years talking to through the loss of our babies. She as well as my husband really helped me that night; I am very grateful.


Butterfly Awards

It was very difficult towards the end of the night, but it was lovely that we got to be away for the night and be a couple; which is really rare.


October Randoms

Mini was able to try on my wedding dress and was completely gutted that it wouldn’t fit her. She looked lovely in it. She is such a princess, and I suspect will have a huge princess wedding when she gets married. One of her favourite things is playing dress up.

little girl wearing her mums wedding dress

Fairground visit with the eldest, she wanted to meet her friend and I wasn’t too keen on letting her go without me. It did make me feel old, took me back to some lovely memories. She had an amazing time.

We also saw an incredibly strange colour sky, which included a Red Sun. Amazing.


Half Term

October half term was quiet, we spent a lot of the time just chilling at home; it was mini’s first official half term and she was shattered, so we chose not to do too much with them. We were lucky that we had dry days, so we took ourselves out to Montecute House near Yeovil and had a walk around, it was really lovely, the Autumn leaves everywhere makes everything seem so pretty.

National Trust


I also took part in my first Blogtober, here is a recap of Day One 


Thank you for reading.

Another month done.


The Red Head Diaries


The Red Head Diaries


This month has flown by, I’m looking through my photos, and I can’t believe how quickly it has gone by.

We were lucky enough to have some beautiful weather over the month, but also not so great, it is nothing new.

Our month kick started with a majorette display and a lovely BB with friends, to celebrate their daughter’s 18th birthday; I must admit I had been a while since I’d had that much fun.

We managed to squeeze in some strawberry picking and a trip to the park, the ground was wet and muddy but we were able to do one of our favourite annual things.

I’d picked up a couple of shifts at work, ones which will become more permanent in the new term, in between them I was able to visit our girl on a weekly basis – it isn’t something we do any more, in fact it is quite rare that we do visit, unless for special occasions or if her siblings ask.


A few things going on in the writing part of my life, as well as becoming a contributor for Still Standing Magazine, I’ve been once again shortlisted for a Butterfly Award. I am very honoured to have gotten this far again. I know there are far more deserving winners, but it’ll be a night away, maybe this time, I will brave a bit longer away. Last time we left the hotel by 6 am, I was nervous about leaving the children – with no reason to be. It is an experience, and a wonderful one at that.

My lovely new camera arrived this month too; I have been very lost without one. I love taking photos from my phone, but there really is nothing like taking them from a proper camera. It isn’t top of the range, but it will do me nicely for now.

I was lucky enough to be invited to watch a friend’s daughter on stage, a production through her college – Spamalot, it was brilliant I loved every minute.

July saw the final month of 2017 majorette competitions, we all had such a wonderful day –  the best even, the troupe members were all treated with a McDonald’s Supper followed by entertainment by their trainers and committee…singing our way home. Not forgetting the Piggy Back Races during the day.

It was a perfect ending to a brilliant competition season.

We took a trip to a National Trust Property, to make the most of the sunshine, a place for the smallest two to have a run around. We love Montacute; it has the loveliest of grounds, easy distance for us to just ’pop’ to for an afternoon walk.

End of term for the children. My eldest left her first year of secondary school, my son moving in to year five, and Mini moving from play school to Primary School in September.

It seems like such a long time coming. Although I have children already at school, due to co-parenting I have never really felt like a “school-run Mum”. Standing on the outside while my Son took his first day at school, it has never been what I had imagined being a school mum would be.

As our daughter begins her journey, I feel like I am beginning this new chapter with her, most siblings follow older siblings in classes at the school, but she won’t be; not that it matters– for us it really will be a whole new experience, new teachers, new classes, a chance to be that “school run mum”. We’re still keeping our options open about whether to keep her at the same school, but for now we’re okay with the choice we made, we know Mini will be happy.

I’m just glad that she gets to go to school.

Afternoon Tea with a friend filled one Saturday afternoon, it was wet, but we had a wonderful walk around the property, head over here to see some of the photos I took. It was nice to have such a relaxing afternoon.

My relaxing Saturday afternoon was followed by a mini fundraiser, in the form of two Tombola stands. One was for Majorettes and other for charity. It was incredibly wet, but worth it to get a spot of fundraising done.

My two older children went away with their Father for the week, I have been missing them terribly, I’m looking forward to the summer adventures ahead.

Final Saturday of the month brought the rain – again. A wet and very soggy Saturday. We did manage a morning out to the very lovely Pecorama in Beer. We didn’t stay particularly long this time due to the weather, but it is one of our favourite local attractions. It was strange going without my Biggest and the Boy, but we had a raffle prize to collect for our up and coming Fund Day, so we decided the girls may have liked a trip out.

Although the weather wasn’t in my favour, there are some amazing views from the attraction.

This pretty much rounds up our July 2017.

My first Magazine article over on Still Standing Magazine will be published on the 17th, while I have a post on Melody and Me scheduled in.

I’m looking forward to our August Adventures.


The Red Head Diaries

The Red Head Diaries


I cannot believe when I write my next monthly entry we’ll already be days in to the Summer Holidays, this year is whizzing by incredibly quickly. Flying through the longest day with a heatwave, which lasted a good few days. I had read somewhere, we’ve had the hottest June since 1995, however ‘they’ do say this often.

1995, does seem like such a long time ago, June of that year I was in year seven (first year of secondary), and probably counting down the days for the Summer holidays. This year it is the turn of my eldest daughter.

This time last year we (mostly me no doubt), were nervous about the transition from Primary School to Secondary School, looking back we needn’t have worried. More of that next month.

With the weeks moving by, it has been hard to keep up and remember, looking back through the photos, I don’t quite believe where the time has gone.

As I was saying earlier, we have been incredibly lucky with the weather this month, which meant there were more things to do. We were able to spend time in the garden, we’re still in the midst of giving it a makeover, but it isn’t something we can afford to do in one hit, so it really is one step at a time.

Garden Fun

Paddling Pools, Pop up tents and tunnels, we (I mean Mr Red), even built the wooden play house. We had purchased it, roughly two years ago at a bargain price of £31 (down from £60), we just haven’t had the time, space or really the decent weather to put it up.

The littlest girls love it, although Boy Red has had his fair share of fun it in it too. We’d brought it from our local Asda store in Taunton, where my husband had to abandon us in the store to take it home, where he was then caught in traffic, the usual accidents along the way and the way back. It was very worth it.


The children found it amusing.

Family Outing

The beginning of June took us on an adventure to Haynes Motor Museum situated in Sparkford, Near Yeovil in Somerset. We were given the opportunity to visit thanks to my Mother In Law, who was very lucky to have won the tickets at a Charity Barn Dance back in February, so she invited us to help her use her ticket.

There were many, many types of cars, classic, vintage, sporty, tiny ones too.

My son was in his element looking at all of the cars, for me seeing the vintage types brought back many, many childhood memories. My Dad owned a vintage – Jowett, he’d take it to Steam Rallies during the Summer. He began the process of a new restoration but he died before he completed it. My brother took on the role, although I no longer have communications with him, I know he had restored it somewhat.



Yellow Car!

Do you ever play this game?

Can be fun providing the punches aren’t too hard…

There was a lovely outdoor area for the children to play, safe with Coupe Cars, scooters and small pedal Go-Karts, there were some small motorized ones in the play area too.




Children’s Hobby

The children had Majorette things going on over the month, open evenings, competitions, there was even a Bingo too. My Son very proudly got second prize medal for twirling, he’s not always had the confidence to twirl, but somehow that day he nailed it, with a fantastic outcome.

We made the decision to take Mini out of Majorettes, she was enjoying it, but various factors came into it including her not sleeping made the decision right. May be one day she’ll rejoin, but I didn’t want to push her into something that she would hate.

We all know when it gets to that point, and it just makes life uncomfortable, life is too short for things like that.




With the weather being the way it has, there have been lots of opportunities for outdoor play, visits to parks, National Trust Properties and the beach. Paid a visit to Nine Springs in Yeovil, French Weir in Taunton, both very lovely clean parks. The children loved them, although we couldn’t stay at Nine Springs for too long due to the heat, the soft tarmac beneath our feet was super hot, definitely worth a visit to them both.




Birthday Girl

June saw us celebrate our youngest daughter’s second birthday. The years have flown by, hard to imagine that she is now two. When my last child was two, I was pregnant with her. Baby Lolly was wonderfully spoilt for her birthday, I think she had a pleasant day.


We celebrated at the weekend at a carnival, where the older two displayed, we enjoyed a picnic with friends before, and a couple of Pimms after the carnival, which was lovely.




The Longest Day

As the month rolled by the temperatures went up, although lovely it was also quite intense. I know us Brits have a habit of moaning about the weather, I guess we wouldn’t be Brits if we didn’t, I also know that there are hotter places on the Earth than what we had during our heatwave, but if we’re not used to it, then we’re okay to be a little surprised by it.

The best thing, was that for a moment it stopped the talking about politics. Another thing which is never right…But I am certainly not talking about that here…

During the day we visited the woods, open air –  fresh air but not in the heat, lots of shade for our rather fair babies.


The evening was still just as warm, so we took ourselves off to Seaton for chippy tea. It is such a lovely beach, and it wasn’t a surprise to see it quite busy, even in the evening, swimmers, paddlers the BBQ pros, they were all out making memories, yet we were all in the same place.

I love how that works, how locations have many meanings and thoughts behind them. Some filled with hate, some with love.




Big school News.

Sports Day madness for my boy, I think it was the first year in a while where the Sports Day was on the first set date, although even then there were talks of cancelling due to the heat, but by the time the day came, it had cooled a little. Followed by his Summer Concert, which Mr Red went to see, he said it was fantastic –  that I can believe.

Mini has been having her “big” school visits, we’ve been to see the lay out with her, she wasn’t keen on trying the food, so September will be interesting . She seems to be very excited about the whole thing. She certainly needs it, she loves learning, and is very bossy. They will certainly know she has arrived.

The biggest had a Year 7 subject evening, it was fantastic. There were a few subjects where she lacks confidence in them, things like Drama and French. But that’s okay. All the teachers were very pleased with her. Maths, they’d like her to go up a set, she is very good at it, it would seem. She does need a little more confidence, but she is flying through her Maths lessons, the set that she has been in has given her a chance to grow and learn, which is fantastic. Music, I learn that she has a natural talent for music, which really surprised me, it is a subject she seems to really love, and should she choose it as a GCSE subject she is likely to do really well. English, the students were given a task, where they had to pick a charity of their choice and write a letter requesting (I think) funds for the charity, it was to include information and a bit of a story. She chose to write about her little sister, and the charity in which I volunteer for. It really was her choice, she was a little nervous about asking, I could tell, she was hinting about what I do, and about the charity, so it was completely down to her. I have always been honest with them, open as much as we can be. Never want to push anything onto her, so it was a lovely gesture for her to pick it. A lot of her other friends had chosen well known bigger charities. I found out at the subject evening, that she has been awarded an honorary award for bravery, because of the nature of the charity, and the story behind it, of course how awesome she is at putting the piece together.

I am so incredibly proud of her, of them all.

It hasn’t been easy, but there have also been the easiest best times too, I’m so glad these tiny humans are growing into decent humans.


Visited this one a couple of times in between shifts at work.

DSC_1526I wish I had something new to report.

She was given these beautiful flowers by the lovely florist in town.

Nothing will change here.


Thank you for reading my June Blog.

Looking forward to the next month.