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#100happydays…ONE HUNDRED DAYS

We’re here….100th Day.
Boxing Day.
A huge thank you to people who have kept with it, if you have.
Listened to my waffles, my ups and downs.
I completed it. #100happydays.

I’m sure I’ll do another.

So here is my 100th happy day.
For us it was Christmas Day.

We collected the biggies, and begun our day.
We’d done a lot of bargain shopping, i also started in July!! So was able to spoil them a little. See their faces,was perfect.
The surprise expressions,as the surprises came more and more.


Her first frozen doll
With her new mace


Mid being a diva,with her Anna hair..


Cross between Hiro and Darth Vader.


Queen for the day..
Today has been perfect.
Nothing about gifts, but happy faces.
Excitement filling the air. Adults and children alike.
Miss C has been very overwhelmed. Hoping she’ll be less fractious tomorrow.
She did proper crawl today though.
On all fours once back once forward.
Caterpillar has been the main movement so far.
Guess Christmas tree will come down before sixth then…

That’s it. One hundred days complete.
It’s been good.

And this has been the most amazing climax..

Thank you again.
Happy,happy days…



#100happydays…Day Ninety Nine

Christmas Day.
My big children are away with their dad for today.
I dislike being at home when they’re not.
I have to do it without M,every day. But not without them too.

I know I need to change this,my thinking.
It’s Christmas, my favourite time of the year,but damned hardest too.
It should never be this way. But it is.
So we go away for the day to my mother in law.
She’s so lovely,so welcoming I feel at home.

Had a lovely,lovely time.
Calliope’s first Christmas. Kelsi still unsure what was happening, loved the one present we let her open…Frozen Contents.

Her first Christmas lunch..
Chasing Cauliflower…
Festive Days….



#100happydays… Day Ninety Eight

So,Christmas Eve is here.
It’s strange that I’m ready,no wrapping no real shopping.
Ready. Just missing the older two for when they return on Boxing Day, as we’ve done every other year since 2011. Eagerly waiting for 2012 to have that new baby.. Only is happened instead.

I don’t like to visit much,but make sure we do around Christmas and her birthday…. Today it broke me.
Christmas Eve, she’s out in the cold and wind.
I had some tears,something again I don’t do often these days.
Special occasions like now,is when it’s most obvious.
The empty chair, the unused PJs.
The missing pile of presents…
But as always,as I do every time I walk away from her,to dust myself off wipe away the tears.
And smile.
I have to..
I’ve two little girlies ready for the rest of festivities.
And two people returning as I said Boxing Day.
There’s no time to think, to cry to be anything other than joyful.
Did take car for new tyres, a Christmas Present…
Kelsi was very worried about her car flying away, though think she was more worried about her crisps and Elsa in the boot than the car itself.
ATS selfie…
Almost there!!

#100happydays… Day Ninety Six

A day where I thought too much.
A day to realise just how little I mean to people who really should care. It can be unbelievably draining,constantly worrying about other people’s feelings,when they have little care for mine.
I need to change this, I need to change.
But how do u stop worrying what people think of me?

Forget them.

The happy would be finding these on the table.

A post-it. John leaves me one at least twice a week.
Little messages,to brighten up my mornings.
To kick start my day.
He’s so lovely.
I’m so lucky.


This morning the note was attached to my new Christmas mug!
How cool is this?!



#100happydays…Day Ninety Five

Chilled day at home, absolutely shattered at the moment,catching up with me the baby’s poorly nights last week.
She’s much better than she was,so reattempted the start of her weaning journey.
Porridge was evil, slight lump on her tongue made her gag…a lot,such a drama queen, she likes toast,so not smooth. Carrots taste and some fruit,the fruit she loved!

Kelsi playing with her and the bib


Trying to help feed,
 when all Miss C wanted was to feed herself


Miss K picked these out for our Melody today.


Completely off her own back.
Makes me so proud of how they all are.
Bigger two went off for their Christmas celebration today,I’ll not see them until Boxing Day.
I can’t wait!!
Finally found this, reminded me of my first,and really only birth board.
Melody’s board.
They’re amazing. Miss talking to them often.



#100happydays…Day Ninety Four

Decided on an impromptu trip to the shops. And of course a trip to Costa. Think the children are beginning to see it as a little shopping tradition…
Which I can’t grumble about,as I can actually have a Costa drink too,as they do dairy free alternative. Shame other places can’t do the same too..


Loving their “babychinos”.
The bigger children go to their dad’s for Christmas day/eve this year,so our Christmas Eve box/hamper arrived early.
Filled with PJs,chocolate hot chocolate and a Christmas DVD..
Nativity Three!


I know we’ve still got Miss K and Miss C here Christmas, but it’s just not the same without them all here.
Even managed to get her another crazy hat…
No pictures for next part as I forgot my phone.
Had my first committee night out,not had a ” work” Christmas do in years,it was lovely!
We had such a giggle.
Lovely food too.



#100happydays…. Day Ninety Three

Day at home whilst hubby went to see a certain Star Wars movie.
Baking that went wrong,although Mr J enjoyed it.
Miss C still poorly,although in good spirits, with a heart breaking moment this evening,whilst she was coughing she coughs,making a choking noise,making my little man fearful that we’ll lose her.
I hate,HATE that he knows babies die.
Few tears and hugs later, hoping we’ve restored some innocence.

It’s not fair…

These guys did crafting

These guys did selfies…
Final weekend before Christmas.
I am so looking forward to Boxing Day.

#100happydays…Day Ninety Two

Day if being shattered,that I’d given up figuring out which way is up. A baby not well for past few days, lack if sleep taking it’s toll.
Still my little job and of course Christmas jumper day,final day of term. Have been looking forward to,today for ages.

Before work I ventured into town with two of my girls,walking past the cemetery Miss K declares she’d like to see Meldee (as she calls Melody), off we went to visit her.
She stood and chatted to her, most certainly unaware to who Melody is. She sees Melody as a headstone….one day she’ll learn.

She wanted to blow her a kiss, she’s always loved blowing her kisses…

Tip toe to kiss her big sister.
End of year Majorette Christmas Party was today too.
Before this we took Miss C to DR’s to check her chest.
Chest clear,nasty cold. I feel helpless.
We decided we’d try the party, the children had been so excited,it was something we should do.
Turns out Miss C loved the lights,the dancing and the fuss.
Miss K took centre stage on the dance floor,loving every single minute.
We barely saw Mr J or Miss L through socialising with their friends. Mummy and hubby even managed a dance too.
Haven’t danced like that in such a long time.
I had an amazing time..

#100happydays Day Ninety One

Of course it was that day again,the bigger two returned home,as always a favourite day for us.
Miss K had really missed them this week,well she does every week.
Christmas food shop almost completed today, with just veg to go,we’re good… I think.

My wonderful friend had her baby today, met because we have had neonatal deaths, I can never thank her enough for how amazing she is.
I’m pleased her baby is here..

In other news Miss K wasn’t sure which season or time of day to dress,so we came up with this…